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    Conjueror gave it a bad review, so no thank you.
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    Reborn as a censored goat in another world.
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    Kickstarters and delays for physical releases

    On average, the estimated time to delivery (ETD) is 255 days. On average, the actual time to delivery (ATD) for companies that already delivered is 633 days. On average, the tardiness in delivery (tdd) for companies that already delivered is 401 days. The slowest company (taking into account realized deliveries) is Frontwing, with an ATD of 716 days and tdd of 532 days. Despite this, their ETD is 150 days, with games from 2016 and 2017 yet to be delivered. Optimistic much? I was bored, so here's a pie chart...
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    I understand your preference for these type of works (VNs with plenty of choices), as this medium distinguises itself by how much agency is given to the player through forking paths and alternate endings, and it is surely one of the main draws of the medium. However, I believe that agency can be given in different ways other than choices. For example, Umineko is engaging because the many different elements come together to draw you into the atmosphere and it gives you a mystery to solve, while Swan Song forces you to think by yourself by presenting you with the idea of how people and society as a whole would change if they were thrust into catastrophe. How would your own life change if the rules and guidelines that keep society together had no one to uphold them? In fact, I dislike VNs with too many choices. They can often be meaningless and obscure your path towards reaching your desired ending. I'm not talking about games like Canvas 2 where you're presented, with dozens, hundreds of choices, but perhaps games like Clannad and Kara no Shoujo that leave you wondering how a seemingly meaningless choice you made many hours ago happened to lead to a Bad End. Thus, perhaps I'd say I'd rather have no choices than bad choices if that's the alternative. In conclusion, I think a balance is necessary, and choices should exist if they make sense in the story, not just for the sake of being there. Either way, hope you enjoy Swan Song, it's one of my favorites.
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    SoulSet (Western VN Review)

    5 stars from me ☆☆☆☆☆ Personally I wouldn't call the visuals good in a general sense, but they are above average tier for an EVN. I like being able to romance both genders and platonic friendship endings are a big big yes from me. It's something I'd love to see more of. idk if anyone else on the planet would tho... 0.0
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    No One But You (Western VN Review)

    Also, timeline in Megumi's route doesn't compute at all. All those things, that are described like they shoudld have happened over the years, would have to happen over few months or even weeks. Completely illogical. I think some of the reviewers already pointed it out in detail, but cannot find relevant text right now. However, there's simply no time when all of this could happen. It's just physically impossible, especially with 6+3+3 school system. Well, maybe if it was one of those schools that combined both middle- and high- school branches in a single institution, it could be a bit plausible (setting aside the degree to which the school system is or isn't corrupted*), but as it is described in-game now, it's enormous plot hole. *And if anyone wants to see more realistic darker side of VN high-school setting, Aeka's route in Yume Miru Kusuri is the way to go.
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    VN of the Month December 2003 - Saya no Uta

    87 vs 32 ... I still wish I saw this earlier, would save some time on summaries.
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    kivandomtl BTFO
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    My Little Pony fan VNs, part 1

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    Actually it's not that much different in Japan tbh See, the thing with your quote is that it's Tara Strong. She's well know, of course she wouldn't do any random pornographic scene. Now back to Japan. Did you tried to look for eroge voice actresses? A lot of them go by alias and good luck if you happen to find a single pic of their faces (Of course there are exceptions, like Aoba Ringo). They mostly do eroge and eroge only. And actresses like Sakamoto Maaya and Kawasumi Ayako don't do eroge, except in all ages versions console ports. They're also more well know and they show their faces in events and such.
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    Kokuhaku review

    I enjoyed this, thank you. Quality review right here :thumbs_up:
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    Kokuhaku review

    Perhaps it's possible to enjoy this if you listen to all the heroines with Horie Yui's voice. Too bad that she didn't get anything decent to voice, huh. Also, amazing video. Everyone, please be sure to check it till the end...
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    SoulSet (Western VN Review)

    I see you're a man of taste. This was on my radar for a while because of the otome and multi-route mystery aspects to it, good to see it has a lot of quality to it and interesting bad ends are always a big plus for me anyway, kek. Nice to see you're still hard at work on doing EVNs reviews, keep it up. 7
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    SoulSet (Western VN Review)

    I never moved something up in my backlog faster. I love games that let you do something like that aaaaa
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    SoulSet (Western VN Review)

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    SoulSet (Western VN Review)

    Make it 3 And I also super agree about the art bit. Something I love in those indie games is how stylish they can be. And since it is a visual novel, visuals are important!! And Marco and Shira are nice in the visual department.
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    SoulSet (Western VN Review)

    Well, I wouldn't mind it too so there's at least two of us. :] The art can look a bit mediocre when you just look at screenshots, but the expressions and variety in visual design make it much more enjoyable while actually reading the VN. I think it does a better job of communicating the story than some "objectively" prettier games and this is something I feel few people ever talk about. Good stylizati9n can make a huge difference, especially with limited resources.
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    Was 2011-2016 the "golden age" of otome games?

    The deviation part was what really made me think about this time period as a golden age. I guess i got too influenced by Clephas' definition of what a golden age was and tried to apply it for otomes specifically.
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    I never really stop to actually look to the release dates, but I think the time period you mentioned it's the one the genre really grew a lot, started to look prettier in HD and started to deviate a little from the basic formula of dating sims. And if you look at it, it was right around the time the PSVita was released. Older title tended to be either PC or PS2 games, like Kin'iro no Corda (2003). And the most popular ones, like Heart no Kuni no Alice (2007), later got ported to PSP. Maybe they grew along the mobile market? Otome fans surely love their mobiles, huh? So much that if you take only a tiny peak at google store you probably find several otome VNs and gachas. Hell, the Uta no Prince-sama VN (2010) and its sequels was never localized (because it's for the old dead PSP and it was never ported to Vita? No one would try to localize PS2 or PSP games in this day and age) but its gacha was (and it have a considerable fanbase of anime only secondaries, myself included, please don't judge >.<). And do you know Illusion's VR Kanojo? Yeah, they're planning an otome version VR Kareshi for mobiles only (at least for now). Of course, you could argue that more games and mobile trash would lower the quality of the releases as a whole. As if. The competition seemed to got even fiercer. So much that QuinRose, an otome developer that made a lot of games during 2006~2010, suspended all business. And Rejet (of Diabolik Lovers fame) is not doing so well lately, after some generic gacha they tried to make failed. We may not look like it, but we're a picky bunch, we'll not buy any crap. Usually. Outside of this range, we can't not speak about Hakuoki (2008). Probably part of the reason Otomate, that later made Code Realize, Collar x Malice and other great quality otome games, grew a looooooot. And I do agree that VNDB is not exactly the best source to gauge popularity, because a) as Dreamysyu said the translated works are severely favored there because it's what is available to the majority; b) from what I see, the otome fandom is not as present or vocal as the galge one in VNDB. IIRC the JOPs really like Shinigami to Shoujo, and it DOES manage to have a good rate even on VNDB, so maybe our opinions aren't thaaat different (unlike say BL games, that most of the translated games have almost 2 points less in Japan). And for an ending note, F*** me Royally looks terribad since it have absolutely nothing of what I like in otome games and I honestly think that it was made for a male audience to fap instead of a female one interested in 18+ games. But to each their own.
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    VN of the Month December 2004 - To Heart 2

    ^There is a two-route english playthrough of To Heart 2 on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1AzECNGnl5bBHlOdAxTdRciJ_KOz5yYE
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    Gin'iro Haruka general thoughts.

    Um, who are you? If you don’t mind, I’m waiting for a reply from my good friend Tiago. I’m sure he’ll be back soon, it’s only been three years.
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    Sakura MMO Trilogy (Yuri VN Review)

    Lmao the summary. They ripped off Overlord so hard haha.
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    VN reading speed, some tips and my own thoughts

    A 'coworker?' Well, really a subcontractor I introduced to VNs about a year ago... He isn't particularly brilliant (if anything, he's on the downward side of human intelligence), but he's been a bookworm as long as I've known him (about twelve years now?). I gave him a copy of Dies Irae and he managed to finish it in about forty hours (the English version). He was also able to have a decent conversation on the events that occurred and seemed to grasp most of the twists. Part of that comes from him being a fiction specialist normally, but it is also proof of concept. He did miss some things, but then, very few people grasp every single nuance of what happens in that game the first time around (I certainly didn't).
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    Mr Poltroon

    Shining Song Starnova (Western VN Review)

    I 100%'d this game. And quite loved it, in fact. Yes, weeb stylistic choices and all that, but I was otherwise fond of the writing. Super cynical view on the idol industry, but all is well because Starnova represents the good side and they always win in the end (Bad ends? What's that? Can you eat those? I skipped through them.). Even I mean, this isn't necessarily a commentary on the actual state of the industry or anything. It's an hyperbolic version created specifically to make the main girls an even bigger shining beacon of hope and all that. This is what'll save the idol industry. Even if reality tries to get in the way. But yeah, the girls are good, the producer is good(?), and in stories the good will win in the end. Sometimes it's more like this, but whatever.
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    NaNoRenO 2019 Highlights, part 1

    @Plk_Lesiak I didn’t even see your response until now. Well since the VN is done, I can tell you everything. It was largely Wolf’s idea our studio director. I didn’t contribute much to the design of her character. The idea of Cheshire was to be a memento. I wanted a memento of Ji-Min like a museum of memories kinda thing, and someone brought up an avatar like Budapest from Watercress’s previous VN Palinarus. But, if you were expecting some meaning behind the story, sorry, the story doesn’t have any meaning outside of Grief. Personally, I don’t like writing stories without an arc or resolution, but the goal of “This was for you”, was for the reader to experience that grief has no resolution or arc, or any motif on it’s own. In your review, you brought up that you didn’t like the interactions with Cheshire and her twist. I agree with your criticism, however, giving her some poetic meaning seemed to antithetical to the whole theme of This Was For You. I thought about it too when we in our writing meeting, because I wanted the relationship to a bit more pronounced with flashbacks of Ji-Min or something however, the goal was for the relationship to be exclusively online. The characters just knew each other online and used Cheshire as a joke. In fact Cheshire is the joke, she was created by Ji-Min to troll MC. That’s why Cheshire is so damn annoying. She was designed for MC not to like her. Even giving her sentience, would’ve taken away from the whole grief theme we were going for. Honestly, our VN has no story. It’s the MC griefing for 30 minutes. Our goal was for the reader to experience that feeling of lost and not be so captured in a narrative arc. That’s why MC has no gender, no identity, etc, they are a self-insert. Imagine if you were there. It’s funny because as soon as I joined the studio in February, I was like “are going to make another depression simulator?” Everyone laughed on the Discord voice chat. Because This was for you is the quintessential Watercress experience. It’s our most polished VN to date. I contributed 25% of the writing. I did the audio splicing work lol. I did some of the GUI work. So yeah. Is that why you recommend it vs highly recommended it?
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    Yes, I'm still among the living

    Well, I read it and quite enjoyed it! ^^ The story is pretty well written, creating a situation with a tough decision to be made and no obvious villain. Both heroes have their good and bad points and are likable characters overall (but I'm team Alto). Bonus points for the little MC customization (adds a personal touch to story) and the music that, while very simple, fits the game really well and I love these kinda things where there are subtle changes to the track when the mood of the scenes shift. Another good point is that even if it's short, the story feels more or less complete, and not just a prologue to some bigger project. My biggest complaint is not even something generally bad, just a stylistic choice that I particularly dislike: too many choices one after another, coupled with an affection points system. As I prefer to play without walkthroughs, figuring it out where something went wrong with this type of system is usually a nightmare (okay, this game in particular is pretty short so no real damage, but I kinda like when I see the results of what I picked before my next set of choices, I'm spoiled ), so I usually prefer less choices that activate some flags system or instant bad endings (I know the latter wouldn't really work here though). So guess in the end is kind of a tie? www Mnemonic Devices definitely have a better plot, development and conclusion, but I preferred Monochrome Blues art and choices (hey, we can give snarky responses to a bunch of 5 years old, what's not to love? ) But both dev groups have talent, cheers to them. I'm not giving a score just yet though because I still have a few endings to catch on Mnemonic
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    Hello, world [Nitroplus]

    I don't know what exactly went wrong for you, because in this (incomplete) playthrough in japanese, the voices kept going well into the second act: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLcETwoMH25C-EatAEUQ3GO8tti7eTjdvH On the VN itself: i liked it a lot more than you did, but it was disappointing considering how ambitious it looked. Also, the promotional material on it was seriously dishonest, showing scenes from the last few hours of the game. I thought all that action was gonna be on the first half of it.
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    An attempt at classifying protagonists

    Wouldn't Fate's Shirou start as a full-on useful idiot, getting more competent over time? Another thing coming to my mind are some protagonists in comedy anime, especially Konosuba's Kazuma. There would probably be some kind of equivalent of that in VNs?
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    Heart of the Woods (Yuri VN Review)

    I strongly believe there's never a need to hurry when it goes to games and VNs, but yeah, I think this one is worth checking out at some point, for anyone that's not fully against yuri and slight LGBT drama. The core story and characters are just THAT GOOD.
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    Heart of the Woods (Yuri VN Review)

    You know, the way you describe it, it sounds very interesting. I think, it sounds like the type of story I tend to enjoy quite a lot. Right now I'm trying (and kind of failing ) to prioritize my backlog over getting new VNs to play, but, I guess, I'll take notice of this VN and probably buy it at some point in the future when I feel like it.
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    My Magical Demon Lover (Yaoi VN Review)

    Life just been really busy recently so nowadays I don't have as much time as I'd like (Maggie seems to be in a similar position) barely have been able to play any VNs or even any games for that matter, though I do have some guides and a review planned, I'm almost finishing The House in Fata Morgana and I'm throughly enjoying It!
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    I have to wonder if someone at Navel has brain parasites... the two series only share a genre, not a style... Edit: Agobarrier's style was the 'true harem', where the girls are always sort of ok with sharing him but compete for the first slot, lol. This 'exclusive romance' thing is completely counter to the entire concept of the setting, hahahaha.
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    Yeah, like a living world where certain parts of the setting seem to be moving their own way. I can only think of one story I've read which fits that bill. Even in a story with much smaller world-building I think a setting and it's characters needs to be something the protagonist wanders through and bumps into, not something they finish like an RPG dungeon. I enjoy stories focused on a cast of characters because they tend to naturally fulfill this criteria. Perhaps having primarily consumed VN's and JP media, I'm not that picky about behind-the-scenes logic and minor plot inconsistencies, but when a story breaks its own rules... that just weakens it.
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    My Little Pony fan VNs, part 1

    Agreed... I suppose VNs are beginning to again widespread acclaim and popularity nowadays compared to in the past. Popular enough that got the attention of those SJWs idiots on Steam and initiated a Waifu genocide Heck even GOG.com acknowledges them now as "genuine games" due to their potential which was hesitant to host these games in the past due to not having enough gameplay aspects to it... I daresay the future of Visual Novels, whether Western or its original Japanese counterparts is shining brightly above the horizon and things well just get better and better as time passes by
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    My Little Pony fan VNs, part 1

    What the heck....... My little pony.......... There's Visual Novels for them too.... What happen to the world?!
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    Hm. I'm actually glad to hear this. I really might try it, then. That said, I have Steam Prison to get through. This forum's lacking in posts about japanese otome games lately.
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    Well, this is something I've always wanted. But now that I know it exists, I'm too afraid to go ahead with it, given the tone of the original by the end. I wonder why I have such a bias against fanworks when I make fanworks myself.
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    Reading Ginharu Very Slowly #17

    Thanks for the shoutout there. Anyway now that I took a look at Emir and tone work's male character, I think we find anther tone work's interest in which they like to draw handsome male (From the look) with glasses (Kishi and Sugiyama in HatsuKoi, Shuuchi in Hoshiori, Emir in Ginharu, and Tajima in the 4th VN (Tsukikana)). It's not like I have any problem with that though, just something that I want to point out here because the designer may like male with glasses. I like that in Ginharu we have more side characters get the sprites while at the same time keep the Hoshiori writing (Presumably), because while HatsuKoi here is infamous to be bad at the writing actually they did the good job for designing sprites for side characters while in Hoshiori we only saw three side characters got the sprites. Abut the image songs, I think they also learned from HatsuKoi as well in which they understand that they couldn't force the karaoke scenes for each heroines in order to promote the image songs (The image songs is good though and it's logical to have the heroine singing), so that they tried to insert when the story abut to enter the climax at Hoshiori (Except Misa's in which it's her mid ending song) and that apparently they decided to use Hoshiori's approach for Bethly's route here (I can't say about the other routes though). For the last word here, once again good commentary.
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    Reading Ginharu Very Slowly #17

    (`・ω・´)/ッ 頑張れ〜
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    I think it has more to do with a different approach to fiction than being more open minded about sex. Most western magazines for women below a certain age contain sex advice and some cheap erotica like Fifty Shades of Grey can become a mega-seller in western countries. Japanese culture values personal space very highly and prying into someone elses business is considered impolite, so people don't complain about fiction they are not the intended audience for. And Japanese media seems heavily targeted at certain demographics. So when companies release a game or VN they think more about what the target audience wants than what is socially acceptable. Most Japanese young male shut-ins (as seems to be the way eroge-readers are seen) like porn scenes with their waifus so developers include them because they lead to higher sales and nobody who is not part of the target audience is going to complain, like it would happen in western countries. That doesn't mean there is no social stigma towards these things in Japan, it's just that it affects consumers (by getting socially isolated) of such media, not the creators. As to why some voice actresses do porn scenes, my guess would be that it's hard to make a living in this job in Japan if you don't do it. edit: Reading my post again I think I didn't get my point across that well. What I was trying to say is that in Japan disapproval against certain content doesn't show itself through public outcry since that would mean openly shaming consumers which would be considered overstepping your boundaries. Instead these consumers suffer from social stigma which has more subtle consequences.
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    What Maggie said. They usually go by aliases, so it's not like they absolutely don't care about being recognized as eroge voice actresses. However I think it's true that there's a big conceptual difference in the way Japanese people see their porn in VNs. Because yeah, most of the times, h-scenes are just porn, the cases when it actually adds something to the story in any form being pretty rare. Let's call it what it is, and it is porn. The thing is, in the west in general (and EEUU in particular, I dunno, I'm not 'murican) we kind of have a really hard time wrapping our heads around how porn could be anything more than porn. Either it's a porn movie, or a 'normal' movie. No in-betweens. That doesn't seem to be the case in Japan. You can have an amazingly written story with some porn on top of it to spice things up a little, and nobody bats an eye. And honestly, being so used to it nowadays, neither do I anymore.
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    Yeah, I did have a hunch it was along the lines of something like that, considering that the more popular Steins;Gate and Fate/Stay Night either didn't have any sex scenes or, in the latter case, voiced sex scenes. Grisaia was relatively obscure compared to those two. Well, it makes more sense now. Still, it's kinda funny, people being asked to voice porn games with serious plot. It's just hard to imagine, considering most American porn stars aren't really talented actresses in the first place. Sure, it's just voicing but... it's just an amusing image, voice actresses asked to act and moan. Obscure eroge actresses or not, they do still offer a decent amount of acting skill in eroge games. It's not something half-assed like in a nukige, where you could tell that the actress barely put in any amount of effort at all. You get stuff like G-Senjou no Maou or even School Days, where a certain amount of convincing emotional voice-acting is required. I guess it's because I've associated "porn" and "sex" with the more westernized kind of ideas and images that went with those keywords, so it's rather difficult for me to take "porn with serious plot" seriously. Whenever I see a "serious" VN like Kara no Shoujo suddenly pull up a h-scene on me with all the moaning that accompanies it, it's just hard to take it seriously and throws me off the story. It feels like unnecessary filler and could have easily been trimmed down to tighten the plot. So it only makes me wonder what eroge actresses must be thinking. Are they comfortable with it? Or do they simply not care? With many "eroges" having serious acting, you could hardly sum it down to companies hiring half-talented actresses for sex scenes that could easily be acted out by porn stars. Then again, on the other hand, I guess you could also say that Japanese people take their sex scenes seriously, and they put in that much effort to ensure the love-making scenes contain that much passion and believability. It's something that I could picture Japanese people thinking.
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    Thank you, I feel like Coco’s route came out of nowhere. 16 year old me was whiplashed because it got meta for some reason. I don’t mind metanarratives like DDLC, but using that as a true end came across as an asspull to me. Like when You said that she wanted to unlock Blick Winkel I was...just...eh... Personally, I felt like it gotten way too out of hand for a simple story of several teenagers trapped inside a underwater amusement park. (Wow, that sentence is so fucking surreal after reading it lolz). Another problem, is that once BW is unlocked they are basically God. BW can do anything. So, the last moments of saving Coco’s life is basically going back into a literal previous point in space time to save her from her “inevitable” demise. Sigh.... Despite that, this is one of the reasons I cannot recommend Ever17 to newbies, because unlocking the true route without a walkthrough is hard as hell. I spent days just trying to do that. Plus, you cannot tell which choices lead into certain routes or not. They don’t really seem that consequential like Saya No Uta. Finally, metanarratives are really dangerous to rely on because you are literally shattering the immersion by breaking the fourth wall. Honestly, what’s worse is that I am not even sure how else they could’ve ended it. It’s not a good introductory visual novel because of the length and the ending. (Full disclosure it’s been 6 years since I’ve read Ever17, so I may gotten some things wrong.) But seriously, thanks again for your post. It’s refreshing to see someone who isn’t drinking the “Ever17 is kamige” kool-aid.
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    Episicava Vol. 1 (Western VN Review)

    Thanks. ^^ What's funny, the studio behind it directly cite F/SN and similar games as their inspirations, so it really feels like a "let's take all the worst elements from this genre and compile them all in one product" kind of deal. But hey, they also made Analistica Academy, so I'm sure we'll see great things from them yet.
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    I have reviewed all the japanese vita ones I have currently read and it will probably take some time before my next since I have started reading Hanasaki Work Spring! which is listed as 30-50 hours, and I don't want to read more than one VN in japanese at a time. Though I will get to other PS vita and PS4 VNs some time in the future Here are all of my physical VNs which is what I make reviews of, so you can see the different titles I will make reviews of in the future. This both includes my english ones and my japanese ones.
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    I had a theory on that, but it seems the person I suspected actually stopped logging in. I guess I have more enemies than I thought. Wow that title. Anyways, there's a Yaoi Jam nowadays and I'm always at least tempted to check that out. Probably will try to save enough time for it next year, find some interesting-looking entries and do an overview post similar to this one.
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    Man, they really like the whole tie between the boobs thing don't they? Battleship Bishojo sounds like a vn I should get drunk and play
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    Was it, I wonder? I'm not sure if relying on vndb in this case is reliable, because the highest rated titles are obviously going to be the ones that have English translations, and the localization studios seem to be focused more on the newer titles. I know that the otome game market was pretty big even prior to that, but I don't know whether those titles were actually as good as the ones released later. Well, I can't really add anything else, so I'm summoning @MaggieROBOT and @Mr Poltroon.