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    The nature of an infodump

    Well, of course a prologue wouldn't work in a mystery horror story, but that's not what I was talking about. It's particularly meaningful for high-concept fantasy and sci-fi world that can be confusing to the player if it's not explained properly. Giving just enough context to make it comprehensible at the beginning, and minimize the need for infodumps when the action picks up pace is pretty optimal. In the case of your story, I simply think it could've done with a lot less info in general. I'd like it more being vague than just explaining the lore this way. That is a good point, but if you think of it as another method of "scattering" the infodumps to keep the complexity of the world without creating the walls of info in the middle of the story it should still be worth it. I also don't like encyclopedias if they contain information actually crucial to understanding the story – as you said, it can be cool for fleshing out your world, but it can't be a primary method. ...I might also be speaking from one specific trauma of an EVN with a world that was pretty much incomprehensible because of lack of proper exposition, and with encyclopedia which created more questions than it answered. A good prologue could've done miracles for that game.
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    Maggot Baits (JP VN Review)

    I was discussing this with a friend recently, but it was our consensus that Maggot Baits is one of the few eroge that could benefit from having all its h-scenes removed... To be blunt, the h-scenes are in the way (vanilla or evil h, it doesn't matter). As for pacing, that's actually typical of Kurashiki when he doesn't have Takahama, Marimo, or one of his other Light people keeping him from doing what he wants. Sora no Baroque had a similar problem. The writing is good, the story is good, but the pacing is abominable. Edit: I liked the game's story, but the H was gratuitous in several negative ways (understatement).
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    Reborn as a censored goat in another world.
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    Kickstarters and delays for physical releases

    On average, the estimated time to delivery (ETD) is 255 days. On average, the actual time to delivery (ATD) for companies that already delivered is 633 days. On average, the tardiness in delivery (tdd) for companies that already delivered is 401 days. The slowest company (taking into account realized deliveries) is Frontwing, with an ATD of 716 days and tdd of 532 days. Despite this, their ETD is 150 days, with games from 2016 and 2017 yet to be delivered. Optimistic much? I was bored, so here's a pie chart...
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    The rules of a Good Trap Protagonist game

    Voiced protagonist is obvious. It shouldn't even need mentioning that having the protagonist voiced is a universal plus. By definition, point 2 is a quality that allows a protagonist to be 'not just another worthless non-person protagonist', so again, a plus. In my opinion, if the heroines are voiced in ANY VN, the protagonist should also be voiced... but if you like your protagonist to be a non-person cipher with no personality, that's your business. Point 3 is purely personal tastes, I'll admit openly. However, it is a commonality to all good trap protag charage. Probably because most ojousama protagonists in JVNs tend to fall into the yurufuwa (think sweet-mannered airhead), arrogant (often combined with tsundere elements, for some reason), or elegant archetypes, all of which are good archetypes for creating atmosphere. Point 4... completely glossing over the drama of a cross-dressing revelation stretches suspension of disbelief by definition, even beyond that of a cross-dressing guy infiltrating a girls' school. While no one seriously thinks any of this is realistic, suspension of disbelief for the purpose of enjoyment is a necessary process to enjoy most fiction. Oh, I'm not talking about drama on the level of Tsuki ni Yorisou Otome no Sahou's normal/bad end, but rather the kind of drama where there is real tension on one or both sides of the equation. In my experience, when all or a majority of the heroines sort of just blink and say 'that's fine' without even thinking about it, it is a serious mood-killer. 5. This is just a common comedic point that creates internal laughs for fans of the genre... and having built-in jokes is always nice. In the end, points 1, 2, and 4 contribute the most to the quality of the works in question. 3 and 5, as you mentioned, are mostly matters of taste and commonality. Well, if you actually wanted an answer, there is your answer.
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    The rules of a Good Trap Protagonist game

    I don't think these are rules so much as commonalities... You fail to mention why any of this makes the games good to begin with.
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    The nature of an infodump

    I think infodumps at the beginning are rarely employed because there is no in-story-conflict yet readers can connect it to. At least to me they feel more like homework than useful information most of the time and I tend to get bored before the actual story even begins. A way of infodumping that's rather unique to VNs that can be rather effective is adding opportunities for expositioning outside of the actual story. For example an encyclopedia can be a good way of explaining things characters in-universe wouldn't talk about normally without taking you out of the story for too long. 428 utilizes this feature brilliantly, adding funny side stories to its exposition and even secretly setting up plot devices. VA-11 also has an approach I really like where you read news stories and internet boards inbetween story-sections (although admittedly it's used more for world building than infodumping).
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    A second chance for Taisho x Alice!!!

    this person (not me) goes through one of the routes, I won't take responsability for any hearing damage. although those videos don't go through the worst meme in the old translation.
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    hi my name is zaka and im a pepsiholic also part of this
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    Formlose Gestalt

    Maggot Baits (JP VN Review)

    Thanks for the review. I am glad that I passed on Maggot Baits, this title isn't for me, even though the story sounds interesting.
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    Reading this kind of stuff always makes me realize what a weirdo I am. I never saw school as oppressive. I'm still very fond of pretty much every bit of "useless knowledge I've gathered there and was too oblivious to most things around me to even stress out about my outsider's status. Maybe also because I never experienced negative parts of school life beyond mild teasing. But I'm also the kind of person to whom rebelling against their circumstances is pretty foreign concept. Or rather, it took something extremely f***** up for me to actually act out. School was comforting. Clear rules, clear goals, clear future. I could stay in such system forever. You get a lot of "freedom" when you get out of it, but I feel it serves l best for people that have the energy to conquer the world. I have yet to find any use for it. So, if I read this VN, I find it quite likely I would feel nothing. I wonder how many people like me are there..
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    Master Magistrate - Early-Access Review

    I was really hyped when I saw that this VN get localized. It'll be a day one buy for me when it's released. It pretty much combines all the things I like: murder mystery, Japanese history and knight girls. I was even thinking about reading the Japanese version, but fortunately that won't be necessary anymore.
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    No One But You (Western VN Review)

    Also, timeline in Megumi's route doesn't compute at all. All those things, that are described like they shoudld have happened over the years, would have to happen over few months or even weeks. Completely illogical. I think some of the reviewers already pointed it out in detail, but cannot find relevant text right now. However, there's simply no time when all of this could happen. It's just physically impossible, especially with 6+3+3 school system. Well, maybe if it was one of those schools that combined both middle- and high- school branches in a single institution, it could be a bit plausible (setting aside the degree to which the school system is or isn't corrupted*), but as it is described in-game now, it's enormous plot hole. *And if anyone wants to see more realistic darker side of VN high-school setting, Aeka's route in Yume Miru Kusuri is the way to go.
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    VN of the Month December 2003 - Saya no Uta

    87 vs 32 ... I still wish I saw this earlier, would save some time on summaries.
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    kivandomtl BTFO
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    My Little Pony fan VNs, part 1

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    Fallstreak (Free VN Review)

    Looks pretty interesting, added it to my wishlist. Thank you for the review.
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    Mr Poltroon

    Yuri Game Jam 2019 Overview (Updated)

    There's a like of mine here. Is this the original post except you edited it? I had no idea it had been updated! If the (updated) were at the start of the title then one would be more likely to realise something has changed when they see it in the recent blogposts box (for long titles the second half does not appear in the box).
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    Maggie's top 10 reads of 2019

    Out of those 10, I only remember that True Remembrance did have good opening song. Also I just realized that Heart of the Wood have a very beautiful graphic, which is more than it sounds seeing that I didn't pay attention much to OELVN here if I may be honest. Anyway it's a good list that you made there even though I didn't quite interested with most of those (BL), but admittedly Hashihime plot here sounds interesting despite the genre (And that Steam Prison MC here is good looking).
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    Maggie's top 10 reads of 2019

    Think there is a bug in your blog post. I don't see KirikoiGT anywhere.
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    Maggie's top 10 reads of 2019

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    Maggie's top 10 reads of 2019

    I never actually got very far into it but this thing from the writer of Shinimasu looks like it might be your kind of thing. I assume you will not get the patch that removes the gay (I still find it hilarious that that one exists) https://vndb.org/v9027
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    A second chance for Taisho x Alice!!!

    Holy Mother of Horrible Translations, this is kind of hilarious, but mostly I'm just baffled trying to imagine what the original line looked like. I don't think it went according to keikaku. Wow, it's the 90s all over again, with Japanese devs having no idea how to localize stuff... "How can we appeal to this mysterious Western audience? Maybe with CHEAP TRANSLATION and EVEN CHEAPER DUBBING! That sounds perfect."
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    Jin Uzuki

    [Review] Hashihime of the Old Book Town

    Nice review. Overall I agree with the general sentiment, "The 3 good routes are very high quality for me, but sadly it gets dragged down by 2 subpar routes when you rate the game as a whole ", though personally the first route was really a stand-out for me, overall worth the price alone and a pretty exceptional (love) story on its own and something anyone (Not just BL fans) could enjoy. It felt like the story the author wanted to tell first and foremost, and the rest was mostly... filling the blanks and exploring possibilities. The last route is utter trash that brings the quality of the product down. Even if we can ignore it because by the words of the author it is an AU, it's just an ugly way to end the game and it makes hard to recommend the game for me. I partiarlly disagree about the ero content though, at least Minakami's one had a fairly good amount of characterization in it with some really good banters that showed off their personalities, which caught me by surprise. I would probably say the same thing about Kawase, though maybe that one would have worked with a fade to black too. But I don't they were badly written as Nasu's mollusks or out of place. The rest is... yeah. They do have characterization in them though, but it felt like they were there because the product is an eroge, especially the one in the last route which was "just why". Ahah, this is so true.
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    Our Lovely Escape (Western VN Review)

    On one hand, I'm glad they finished the game. On another, it doesn't seem to be a very good one. I mean, for me, it likely wouldn't be the worst, but it's sad that it's not what it wanted to be. I backed this game when it came out and was excited to play (I was the girl for the protag). Cute story but with darker elements can be a great game. Sadly, it appears the devs weren't able to get the story down right. I don't regret backing, but wish I got a better game. Also, sad that the girls are so unlikable. I mean, when I played the demo, they were nothing amazing but okay for me. I loved the art and the premise of being game devs too. Like How to Date a Magical Girl though, they are trying to copy Doki Doki, and though I don't mind if they take some elements from that, neither game did well enough to pull it off. And this one seems to have bad love interests. Well, I do hope they can make a better game next time. I know it's not easy, especially writing. But, good review.
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    Jingai Makyou 塵骸魔京 [Nitroplus]

    This was my first untranslated VN, so my impression differs somewhat. 1. This was the first game where I discovered that h-scenes could be hilarious. For some reason, Kaze no Ushiro ni Ayumu Mono's (yes, that's her name) h-scene hit my funny bone and made me rofl. 2. The protagonist is not at the highest tiers for me either, but he has good reason for being the way he is. 3. One interesting impression I felt needs to be noted is that the inhuman in this game (thus the first part of the title, Jingai) are fundamentally inimical to humans and humans are inimical to them. In addition, it is possible for humans to transition into Jingai through cross-contamination, which is partly physical but can also be a spiritual change (it should be noted that both are explored as part of the VN). 4. This game was never actually completed (or so goes the story). There was supposed to be a remake, but it never happened... probably because Nitroplus is so slow on everything that it got canceled. 5. There are multiple, drastically different endings to each of the three heroine paths. These endings are interesting to explore, but the common element all of them is that all of them are bittersweet at best. 6. Story-wise, this game's most negative point is one that is actually common to more than half of all Nitroplus game... deliberate obscurity. 7. The heroines in this game are... unique. None of them have purely human perspectives, and that becomes ever more obvious as the story progresses.
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    Looking Back On YMK: A Drug That Makes You Dream

    The sound of a train indiscriminately moving, carrying you through the ride was the perfect metaphor. Its calming and comfortable, but there is a recognition that you aren't in control. It captured the themes of this story so well. My high school was close to a subway station, and in some classrooms I could space out and just watch the trains pass by. It often reminded me of this VN, as it just furthered the relevance of the ka-chunk sound to my own HS experience. Just like you it seems, I can really only look at this visual novel with the lens of nostalgia now. I've boarded off the train years ago. Existential anxiety has a different flavor now.
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    Blog update + my VN FTL university project

    I still don't know if it's a step up or step down from talking about My Little Pony fan porn. ;]
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    Master Magistrate - Early-Access Review

    this game´s an awesome read, and also totally wouldn´t mind dmm going full force at non japanese markets, seeing how much they lately focus on developing own titles etc. + their budget is sky-high, can´t complain about its tl-quality, adult-dlc planned and the whole thing´s just appears to be well thought-through. hope this keeps up.
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    Great Ace Attorney - Impressions

    I don't own the site but I do write for it. I guess that makes it "my" blog, in a sense? Uhm, let's see. I don't own a NSwitch, let alone the Ace Attorney games on NSwitch so it's difficult to comment on that but... I feel that playing on a smaller screen might make for a more personal experience, y'know? I'm saying this because I personally grew up on handhelds - from GBC to GBA, then NDS, and finally the 3DS. It's probably a similar experience to play it on portable mode, but I can't really imagine how it'd be like to play AA on a big TV screen, haha. Also, NSwitch uses touchpad instead of the stylus, right? Seems not as wieldy. With that being said, I played one of my favorite AA games on an emulator. So in the end, I don't think it really matters that much.
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    Gin'iro Haruka general thoughts.

    Um, who are you? If you don’t mind, I’m waiting for a reply from my good friend Tiago. I’m sure he’ll be back soon, it’s only been three years.
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    This game had decent action scenes, a good story, and horrible sex scenes (except from the perspective of Clock-up fans). I played it relatively early on in my untranslated 'career', and I remember being a little disgusted at how hard it was to figure out how to get to the various endings, even WITH a walkthrough. The twins are obviously the best heroines and endings relating to them are generally the most interesting... with the infected vampire hunter girl's endings coming a close second. However, as a whole, the game tended to lack cohesion due to the way progression is handled.
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    No One But You (Western VN Review)

    sorry if that sounded a bit rude, but it wasn´t neccessarily aimed at you, more generally talking, or in the case of noby refering to your previous comment. the "maybe presented itself too much of being the next Clannad and others, rather then focusing on making a good product" part that is. in short, neither has a debut title to be commercial, nor does it have to look like one. good writing and story is all that matters in the beginning. seen some friends pour tons of their savings into creating sth and still put it on freem, only to get some exposure first. budget, media coverage and hype gets you nowhere if the aforementioned are lacking.
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    No One But You (Western VN Review)

    There are two english visual novels that are seared into my brain from their announcements. Sakura Spirit and NOBY. Both looked super promising with really nice art and what not. But alas...
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    Sakura MMO Trilogy (Yuri VN Review)

    It does what it needs to. Show them lesbian tiddies!
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    Sakura MMO Trilogy (Yuri VN Review)

    Lmao the summary. They ripped off Overlord so hard haha.
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    Shining Song Starnova (Western VN Review)

    I'm waiting for the next "Shovelware Adventures" episode then
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    Shining Song Starnova (Western VN Review)

    Yeah, if I was writing about Katawa Shoujo I would probably drop the quotation marks. It captured the spirit of JVNs without overdoing it or cynical pandering, sadly can't say that about SSS (although I still don't think it kills the game unless you're really not fond of weeb easthetic). And right, No One But You! You reminded me what my next VN playthrough to watch on YouTube should be. It's not like me keep skipping on a disaster of these proportions.
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    Shining Song Starnova (Western VN Review)

    I don't think there's any point in arguing about it, it's very much a matter of taste. I found this game too much all over the place - the amount of paedophile executives, psychotic fans and literal shit-eating in the middle kind of didn't let me believe the happy endings. Kamijou was a cool antagonist, but he was an outlier in this regard. It's my personal impression, but that is inevitably the main basis for my review, otherwise it would be dishonest. Same goes for the weebness - some people will find it appealing, some people will get grossed-out Zaka-style and I don't think any of them are "right" about it, enjoyment-wise, but it's still fair to point out how much it is on the extreme end of the spectrum, and that it bothered me from time to time. I don't fault anyone for loving this game, but for me it did way too many things wrong to be considered great - and it's not just me trying to be an "objective reviewer", they seriously detracted from my enjoyment. It's impressively-made, to the point I kind of feel guilty bashing it, but just OK overall.
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    Shining Song Starnova (Western VN Review)

    I wonder if they changed any of the things I memed about in the trial https://twitter.com/i/moments/887601776240857089 ...probably not any of the weeb language, to my despair... Oh well, I'm a JOP, it's not like LiS would ever make anything I'd want to read at this point.
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    NaNoRenO 2019 Highlights, part 1

    @Plk_Lesiak I didn’t even see your response until now. Well since the VN is done, I can tell you everything. It was largely Wolf’s idea our studio director. I didn’t contribute much to the design of her character. The idea of Cheshire was to be a memento. I wanted a memento of Ji-Min like a museum of memories kinda thing, and someone brought up an avatar like Budapest from Watercress’s previous VN Palinarus. But, if you were expecting some meaning behind the story, sorry, the story doesn’t have any meaning outside of Grief. Personally, I don’t like writing stories without an arc or resolution, but the goal of “This was for you”, was for the reader to experience that grief has no resolution or arc, or any motif on it’s own. In your review, you brought up that you didn’t like the interactions with Cheshire and her twist. I agree with your criticism, however, giving her some poetic meaning seemed to antithetical to the whole theme of This Was For You. I thought about it too when we in our writing meeting, because I wanted the relationship to a bit more pronounced with flashbacks of Ji-Min or something however, the goal was for the relationship to be exclusively online. The characters just knew each other online and used Cheshire as a joke. In fact Cheshire is the joke, she was created by Ji-Min to troll MC. That’s why Cheshire is so damn annoying. She was designed for MC not to like her. Even giving her sentience, would’ve taken away from the whole grief theme we were going for. Honestly, our VN has no story. It’s the MC griefing for 30 minutes. Our goal was for the reader to experience that feeling of lost and not be so captured in a narrative arc. That’s why MC has no gender, no identity, etc, they are a self-insert. Imagine if you were there. It’s funny because as soon as I joined the studio in February, I was like “are going to make another depression simulator?” Everyone laughed on the Discord voice chat. Because This was for you is the quintessential Watercress experience. It’s our most polished VN to date. I contributed 25% of the writing. I did the audio splicing work lol. I did some of the GUI work. So yeah. Is that why you recommend it vs highly recommended it?
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    Yes, I'm still among the living

    I can't imagine it really disappointing anyone with love of android stories. But I'll be curious about your take on it. ^^
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    Yes, I'm still among the living

    Good to see you doing fine and not giving up on weeb, even if you can't always share it around here. ^^ Also, I'm so with you on Monochrome Blues (that twist could've gone better...) and Heart of the Woods. But speaking about NaNoRenO, have you tried Mnemonic Devices? It was my personal "winner" of the whole thing.
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    Hello, world [Nitroplus]

    I don't know what exactly went wrong for you, because in this (incomplete) playthrough in japanese, the voices kept going well into the second act: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLcETwoMH25C-EatAEUQ3GO8tti7eTjdvH On the VN itself: i liked it a lot more than you did, but it was disappointing considering how ambitious it looked. Also, the promotional material on it was seriously dishonest, showing scenes from the last few hours of the game. I thought all that action was gonna be on the first half of it.
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    My experience with Fate/Grand Order

    It was obviously done by someone who is either a literalist or is Japanese. The reason I say this is because many of the word choices are odd and the grammar's awkwardness speaks to the fact that the person in question was trying to align the rhythm of the lines with the original Japanese ones in a lot of cases. This is a stumbling block a lot of translators never get past, because they fail to realize that the differences in grammar make some rearrangement necessary. This is a stumbling block that is, ironically, born of a decent or good understanding of Japanese.
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    That's a shame I was kind of looking forward to eventually playing this because I really like that old school aesthetic All they had to do was give the vn the same vibe that Golden Boy had and it would have all been groovy.
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    Heart of the Woods (Yuri VN Review)

    I strongly believe there's never a need to hurry when it goes to games and VNs, but yeah, I think this one is worth checking out at some point, for anyone that's not fully against yuri and slight LGBT drama. The core story and characters are just THAT GOOD.
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    Nekomiko in a nutshell

    Kind of.
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    My Little Pony fan VNs, part 1

    Oh my god, I played Part-Time Job quite a while ago. It was somewhat interesting enough to keep me going, but the culmination of the story was just so obnoxious and dumb that it's now probably my lowest rated vn on vndb. The only other fan-MLP vn that i remember hearing of is Starswirl Academy. But you're right, the MLP community is just an entire swarm of unfinished projects.
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    Visual Novels and the Bechdel Test

    They don't. Each individual VN is considered on its own merits. So even if the fan disc features a 5-hour orgy with every single man, woman, animal, and teapot in the cast, the original VN can still pass the test.