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  1. One thing I can't get over is during one of the H-scenes, she says something along the lines of "You can't see it can you? Of course, there's a mosaic in the way.", while the translation states, "You're lucky, you know. In the Japanese version, there's a mosaic in the way". And this game, is of course, un-mosaiced. This made me laugh so hard. Am I weird?
  2. Thanks as usual. Your succinct VN news summary covers most of the events in the VN world and is comprehensive and insightful.
  3. I'll actually advise against skipping FF2. Although I like Lute as much as any other person, I actually prefer Ruin (FF2's Protagonist) as the protagonist because he actively participates in the plot, rather than simply stumbling through sheer dumb luck. Some of the ways that he deliberately talks circles around his foes as well as around the heroines are also actually very endearing. I also prefer the heroines and the political landscape of FF2, but that's personal preference. I do believe that FF Gaiden 2 is the best entry in the series though.
  4. can u recommend me some dark n depressin visual novls

    Sound a lot like Narcissu - all the entries in the series. The main characters are both slowly dying of an unnamed, incurable disease. Its freeware, so the graphics aren't anything to write home about, but the prose is pretty great.
  5. Favorite Romance Pairing

    Why choose one when you can have both? if you play a trap game you have both GxG for a while, and then BxG after the identity is revealed. Jokes aside, I'll play anything with a good plot, even shounen ai, although I prefer stories that are more BxG and GxB specific. I agree that the Japanese cultural paradigm features a lot of hapless female protagonists that require salvation my some male alpha, with some exceptions. I don't generally play OEVNs so I can't comment on that.
  6. Why Visual Novels?

    My two cents: 1. Perhaps it speaks something about the lack of truly great reading material that I have read (despite me being a lit major) but I find that some visual novel storytelling exceeds pretty much every other form of literature I have read. Stories such as Muv-Luv Alternative, G-senjou no Maou and Fate/Stay Night are in my own opinion, some of the pinnacle of the genre - at least those translated in English. 2. The art and sometimes animation that occurs in VNs treads the fine line between being able to visualise it, yet leaving out just enough to allow my imagination to fill in the gaps. Although books can portray scenes that allow vivid imagination of the entire scene, these scenes have to be grounded in some logic. However, I find that VNs allow you to imagine incredulous scenes that is otherwise nigh impossible, yet leaving out enough such that your imagination is allowed to enhance the scenes. 3. H-scenes and the ability to romance your favourite heroines. 'nuff said. 4. The sheer breadth and depth of VNs. I guess this applies to most of Japanese visual culture, but VNs, as a sub-genre of visual culture also has a dizzying array of themes and stories to tell, and they are sometimes beyond anything the western world has conceived. Stories such as Island, Wonderful Everyday, Ever17 and the Liarsoft games (The WAB series), are just some of the examples of prose that simply does not exist (at least as far as I know) in English literature. There's much more to why I love VNs as a genre - such as the music, production values and even the psycho-social culture, but the above are some of my main reasons.
  7. A VN That Gives Me A Hug

    Short VNs (~5 hours) with super warm and fuzzy feelings that I've played: KARAKARA and its sequel, KARAKARA 2 Love's Sweet Garnish
  8. What is your favorite Season in VNs?

    Living in country where its summer all year round and I need to travel a couple thousand miles to see snow, or autumn leaves... I don't know if I'm qualified to answer this question, but... Spring: For light-hearted chara-ge and moe-ge like Princess Evangile or Majikoi Fall: For crazy heart-pumping chunni-ge like Dies irae or Fate/Stay Night. I guess some nakige works too. Winter: For melancholic and despairing naki-ge, maybe Narcissu?
  9. YU-NO I've heard fantastic things about this visual novel, and have attempted to play it more than once - but every time I try it kinda drop it midway because the system is infuriating, and the art is pretty old. That said, apparently there's a remake coming soon, so there's that. Steins;Gate, CLANNAD Now before you raise pitchforks and torches to burn me at the stake, let me explain. Apparently these few VNs had a pretty good anime adaptations (some of the best, actually), and because of that, most of the twists are already spoiled for me, and I don't get any interest playing it. My policy now is that if an anime has a VN counterpart, I will always play it first, or wait for it to be translated, unless there is beyond a shadow of a doubt that it will ever be translated. SubaHibi I've also heard great things about this, but seriously, the first chapter really turned me off, and while the second and third chapter had its moments, I really need to get into the mood to enjoy this series. Also, because its seriously weird (in a good way, though weirdness need some time to get used to). I will eventually finish this... someday. Kara no Shoujo 2 The extended flashback scene was WAAAY too long, and while not bad per se, overstayed its welcome. I'm going to get back to it soon, since its Halloween and all. ... Pretty much a lot more which I've forgotten (Phenomeno, KoiNatsu Resort and Myth is some I kinda remember), these are the most memorable ones. Cross Channel is generally a slow burn and I can emphathise with dropping it because until beyond the halfway mark its seems like a weird slice-of-life and you have no idea what's going on. It gets better later though, though I must admit, the ending really left much to be desired.
  10. Beat Blades Haruka Review Discussion

    It was succinct and "to-the-point", which is commendable. I would have liked if you spent a bit more time on the game-play aspects. The game-play, while not brilliant, served as an entertaining distraction and a breather between the H-scenes. Of course, the main draw is still the H-scenes, but I felt the game-play was decent too. It required efficient management of resources to make sure your peace points wasn't too low, and not to spread your resources too thin between the 3 heroines. It is perfectly possible to lose the game if you intend to train up all your heroines evenly, resulting in your main heroine being too weak even to defeat minor bosses such as the Kainins (I should know...). Otherwise, this was a good review which pretty much sums up the game, which was a pretty fun ride, all things considered.
  11. Kochira wa douzo. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!
  12. Happy White Day Completion! Looks like I'll be trying to do one myself soon. ~Wish me luck!
  13. solidbatman's Mega Big Ultra Contest

    Asuka wa pancake mix ga daisuki! Count me in!