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  1. Thanks for the updates Mangagamer's acquisitions and catalogue continues to disappoint. At this point, their company seems to be on a slow decline. Fan Translations are still trucking along fine. They work on their passion, so the fact that they give us anything is nothing short of a miracle. Nekonyan continues to get pretty good acquisitions from a variety of producers. At this point, it is probably the most beloved VN localisation company at this moment. Oh yeah, JAST still exists... I guess. I guess its fine. It gives us some great VNs, occasionally.
  2. Can't blame you. Its very hard to find people willing to volunteer nowadays. All the OG translators and editors have moved on or are working for actual localisation companies, and all the potential new ones are kinda spoiled by the volume of English releases that they don't see the point of learning Japanese. In the past, out of necessity, there would be people who would try to improve their Japanese by translating in the own time. I'm really grateful and thankful for all the work you and the team put in
  3. Good luck! Ruitomo is one of those VNs which is very surprising hasn't had a fan translation for a long time, considering its acclaim and the story it tells. I would help, but sadly my Japanese isn't at the level where I can read VNs without a parser.
  4. Really? Because I actually really like Chunni-ge from the likes of Akatsuki Works and Akabei-Soft 2. Works like Fate, Comyu and Ayakashibito rank pretty high on my list, and lack any sort of cumbersome philosophizing on the mundanity of life and the transcendence of killing and death or some sort of nonsense. Of course our tastes are different and there are many people who like Dies Irae and think that the philosophy is profound and awe-inspiring. But as someone who is trained, by virtue of my profession, to critically analyse text, the philosphizing just fell flat, was bloated, and went on fo
  5. No hot takes here. I actually agree with most, if not all of your points. 1. I particularly prefer if localizations are kept as faithful to the original as possible. Most VN fans are able to generally distinguish anime/japanese culture to a certain extent, so jokes that play with Japanese culture isn't too much of a problem. Localizing things that involve honorifics often seems extremely out of place, and should be avoided. On the other hand, when the jokes employ Japanese wordplay or obscure Japanese folklore references that general audience would not understand, localizing them is a plu
  6. It is probably the best looking VN without e-mote or Live2D, with animated eyes, non-reusable backgrounds, and a crazy ton of CGs, done in minori's incredible art style. The story suffers for it, but in sheer art quality alone, trinoline ranks among the best-looking VNs of all time.
  7. If you're fine with semi-nukige and female protagonists, Salete is a good pick.
  8. You should treat 9-nine- as a tetralogy instead of a standalone VN. True, it can be played as a standalone game, but it would seem to be very lacking, as its story and plot builds up on future releases. Treating it as a necessary piece of a larger whole makes the game far more valuable. So your question can't really be answered. However, if you were to ask me if the 9-nine- series is worth playing and worth the money, then it is would be a resounding 'YES' and worth every cent. My favourite character is a toss-up between Miyako and Sora.
  9. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion ...Even if their opinion is kinda wack and completely unfathomable.
  10. Muv-Luv series - Generally considered one of the best VN series around, mainly for Alternative, but Extra and Unlimited are pre-requisites. Revolves around a post-apoclayptic world where humans have been pushed to the brink of extinction due to a alien species known as BETA (Beings of Extra-Terrestrial origin and Adversary of the human race). Humans have developed Tactical Surface Fighters (TSF) which are basically giant robots which are the only weapon effective against the BETA. The series revolves around a guy named Takeru who is somehow able to cross worlds and his attempt to save the
  11. Same. I was a quite hyped for a VN which everyone either hates it or puts it on the pedestal of a legendary VN with god-tier writing on the level of the greats of the literary canon. It turned out... well not as great as expected. Is it a kamige? Not to me. Is it worth playing? Definitely yes. I'll give it an 8/10. Just don't expect any catharsis in any of the routes, except maybe the Demon route. Disclaimer: The English version is obviously very different from the Japanese version which is almost universally praised. However... it probably doesn't matter too much. Al
  12. Very salient insights. I enjoyed watching the video. Couple of thoughts maybe to add: --> What about the relationship of VNs to anime, considering most people came from the latter. --> What is the future of VNs, given the continued decline in reading literature? --> The relationship of adult content to the literary value of VNs
  13. Don't know what you've read, but the folllowing are some of my favourites Muv-Luv Series (mainly Alternative, but Extra and Unlimited are required reading) G-senjou no Maou (more like ~30 hours, but still extremely good) Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo 9-nine- series (technically 4 short episodic VNs, buts its about ~50 hours total) Grisaia Trilogy (The original Fruit, Labyrinth and Eden, Phantom Trigger is optional) If you're fine with gameplay, Kamidori Alchemy Meister (sunk around ~200 hours on that game)
  14. Yes, I don't understand why people are not considering reading it due to the possibility of running into violent H-scene, which will likely comprise far less than 1% of the game, and can easily be skipped (with your eyes closed if you so prefer). You are reading it mainly for the other 99%, which you would likely enjoy. Gekkou no Caneval is another story. Its SOOOO boring that I could not continue past the 5-hour mark. Muv-Luv Alternative had an extremely awful, revolting sexual assault H-scene, but that didn't stop it from being enshrined as one of the best VNs of all time.
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