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  1. Very salient insights. I enjoyed watching the video. Couple of thoughts maybe to add: --> What about the relationship of VNs to anime, considering most people came from the latter. --> What is the future of VNs, given the continued decline in reading literature? --> The relationship of adult content to the literary value of VNs
  2. Don't know what you've read, but the folllowing are some of my favourites Muv-Luv Series (mainly Alternative, but Extra and Unlimited are required reading) G-senjou no Maou (more like ~30 hours, but still extremely good) Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo 9-nine- series (technically 4 short episodic VNs, buts its about ~50 hours total) Grisaia Trilogy (The original Fruit, Labyrinth and Eden, Phantom Trigger is optional) If you're fine with gameplay, Kamidori Alchemy Meister (sunk around ~200 hours on that game)
  3. Yes, I don't understand why people are not considering reading it due to the possibility of running into violent H-scene, which will likely comprise far less than 1% of the game, and can easily be skipped (with your eyes closed if you so prefer). You are reading it mainly for the other 99%, which you would likely enjoy. Gekkou no Caneval is another story. Its SOOOO boring that I could not continue past the 5-hour mark. Muv-Luv Alternative had an extremely awful, revolting sexual assault H-scene, but that didn't stop it from being enshrined as one of the best VNs of all time.
  4. Getting a new interest, finding a new hobby with VNs could possibly be said to be the ultimate form of flattery for a story.
  5. Anybody played and find Ikusa Megami Zero very hard? I keep having to grind just to defeat early game bosses and each stage is sapping my energy to continue further. I've seen rave reviews about it online but I can't summon the motivation to play any more dungeon crawling.
  6. Its pretty clear what happened if you read the VN more carefully. They are together, but they decided to call off the engagement because they want to focus on the band and not complicate things with the engagement and the wedding preparations.
  7. Well... if you want to see Aokana Zwei with all the aforementioned possible routes, vote with your wallet.
  8. Hot take, but I literally can't stand Dies Irae. I'm halfway through Rea's route and I can't take any more pretentious dialogue (that portends to be 'grandiose' and 'insightful') and random Nazi bullshit. Also, Rea and Ren has no chemistry. Gekkou no Carneval is SOOO BORING. Probably gonna wait until something more worth playing comes up. Until then, there's a huge backlog of games to start on.
  9. I would say 9-nine- is a pretty good game. It starts off pretty slow and pretty unremarkably, but things really pick up from episode 3 and episode 4 is a really great finale. I did a brief review of the tetralogy that you can find here.
  10. Good idea in theory, impractical in practice. Pros 1. There are many people fluent in Japanese who do not want to commit to a long project without pay, but translating ~1000 lines is far more manageable and would entice more people to apply. Cons 1. Different people inevitably have different writing styles/translation interpretation, so trying to make the style/translation interpretation consistent would be infinitely difficult, if not impossible. And that's assuming their Japanese level is about the same, which is highly unlikely. 2. Translation teams already f
  11. Honestly, I agree that the bad end route itself should be marked as mature due to the nature of the depressing and melancholic tone, as well as the sheer lack of hope that it presents. There are also some mature themes such as suicide and the nature of life, so not exactly All-Ages friendly, but worthy of an 18+ rating? I don't think so. In fact, since most VN players are already above 18, they should have the emotional and psychological maturity to be able to take the themes presented with a pinch of salt, so even the mature themes are more or less a moot point. So, obviously there are clear
  12. If you're talking about skilled protagonists, the ones I can think off the top of my head are Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo (MC is a 'Special High Class Individual) and its sequel, Yuukyuu no Shounenshoujo G-senjou no Maou (The MC is the brain of a Yakuza Empire) 9-nine series (MC is not an anti-hero, but is highly capable, especially in the final episode) Muv-Luv (Extra, Unlimited and Alternative) - MC starts off whiny, weak and insubstantial, but transforms into one of the best protagonists probably of all time Ayakashibito (MC is an escapee from an
  13. Might want to preface that the "complete" 18+ restoration patch for Noratoto (PS Vita) used machine translation for most of the H-scenes. There is still an ongoing one in Fuwa using proper translations, but its nowhere near complete. I guess the machine translation is serviceable given that most of the text in H-scenes are just moaning and really silly nonsensical dialogue or euphemism-riddled verbose, but some people want proper English erotica so to speak for whatever reason.
  14. Turns out that Sekai indeed did release Island Days in three languages (Japan, English, and Chinese) on the same day as Nine Episode 4... I think you meant Island Diary. Some exciting news this week I guess. Very excited to read Aiyoku no Eustia, which seems set to release maybe around the start of Summer (hopefully!). Nekonyan doing a great job as usual localizing some decently interesting VNs, although I wish they expand beyond Yuzusoft and Smee, but more VNs is always good. Also very excited about Hello Lady but its been stuck in developer hell for the better part of a year
  15. Maybe its time to try the classics: Muv Luv (Extra/Unlimited + Alternative; Alternative Chronicles if you really like this) --> Probably Universally known as the best VN released in English Fate/Stay Night --> Universally praised as the crown jewel of a pseudo-historical fantasy Tsukihime (Remake may be coming, but its already been 8 years in development and radio silence) --> Universally praised from the writer of F/SN, but a bit dated Princess Waltz (One of my favourites) --> Commonly compared to F/SN, not as brilliant, but still pretty good Kira
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