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  1. Well, that is good. However, the speed of this seems unrealistic. I have even seen discussions on r/visualnovels Reddit where it was actually labeled a machine TL. I am not here to start anything. Like I said, if it is legit then great. When it comes out I hope everyone is happy and can enjoy it. The funny thing is, in the last couple or few years I have seen fan translations that are better than many "official" translations.
  2. Sad to see that the VN community has become so toxic over the last few years. I remember at one time it got really bad on here, but it seems it has been reigned in. My thoughts are that if you are doing a TL to release to the public then you should do as good a job as you can. Machine TL does not cut it, as anyone could do that. Whoever is translating should have a competent level of the Japanese language. Now maybe this is a legit TL and not a machine one. I guess those who are interested in it will find out. The bad thing about VNs getting a machine TL is that once it is released that is it
  3. Amatsutsumi was released with issues sadly. From VNDB: "Game contains the following issues and Denpasoft can not guarantee they will be fixed due to licensing and permissions:Loading a save from the title screen would cause the title bar to have previous title bar text inside.Song titles are in Japanese.The videos contain Japanese text and do not have English translations.SD Art contains Japanese text and does not have English translations." It also said there were mosaics, but it seems that was false.
  4. I used it on sugoi translator and never ran into a limit. And that us with playing visual novels all day.
  5. I have used DeepL for a few visuals and some it gives a pretty good translation for, others not that great. I can't read Japanese, but I can understand some spoken. I am guessing the TL quality is due to the software at times, not having the right Hook, and other times because of how the writing is in the game. My main complaint with it is how bad it is with pronouns based on sex of the character referred to or just who it is talking about. Sometimes a lot of mental editing is required. However, I am thankful for DeepL as without it I would not have been able to read the masterpiece that is Sa
  6. I agree with you on Sakura Moyu, but I don't have much hope for that happening. The game as you know is very long and would take who knows how long to TL. Would NN even want to take on such a massive project? Probably the sequel and possibly the FD for Irotoridori no Sekai would come before anything else.
  7. Jast had one and Love Lab had a couple. Maybe you could post those as well?
  8. Interesting......there is a manga based on this focusing on Ayumu. Good luck with the project. It is nice to see more people take up games that have an actual story rather than all the nukige we see getting pumped out.
  9. Himawari Pebble in the Sky has a sci fi setting with part of it taking place in space. Some of it takes place is school, but not a focus. As far as heroines, a lot of people like Aqua I guess. Island is also sci fi with time travel in it. It has an adult protagonist so no school setting. Island has a very cute and bubbly heroine in the future portion of it. Himawari has outright sad and bittersweet endings while Island has happy endings but it's true route is open to imagination. Both turn more serious as you get into the story and both are all ages. If you are able and willing to use translat
  10. You can use a translation extension. Pay using Paypal.
  11. For any that are interested in buying visual novels, but can't afford the high price, Fanza Games is holding a large sale right now. Titles that are around up to $80+ normally are going for $5. Sales for $15, 50% off, and 96% off several titles. Apparently there are bundles that include multiple games as well. Link NSFW
  12. Sakura Moyu as The Night's Reincarnation. One of the best visual novels I have ever read and it is produced by Favorite. Clephas did a great review on it here. The true heroine, Kuro, is one of the cutest and most lovable heroines I have ever seen in a game, not that the other heroines are not good.
  13. I don't post on this forum anymore, but I just had to comment about Sakura Moyu as the Night's Reincarnation. I just started reading this and it is one of the best if not the best VN Favorite has come out with. It is a bit wordy and repetitive in how it is written, but so far it is an incredible story. This one will definitely make you shed some tears. I am really looking forward to Kuro's route. She is by far my favorite character even without reading her route yet. I hope this one get's popular. I doubt anyone will want to translate it tho as it is so long and wordy.
  14. Every time Setsuna goes into the cold freeze chamber, he sleeps through time around 20,000 years. At the end of the Never Island Arc, he goes into cold sleep again, but every time he reaches the end of time and sleeps through the reset of the world's time causing him to end up in 1999. Their is talk of reincarnation, but the way I see it everything is happening the same way and everyone is reborn as the same person. At the end of true route it shows the names Setsuna + Rinne etched (by both Rinne and Rinne') in the lid of the cold sleep chamber MANY times revealing this cycle has been going on
  15. I just got done saying in the post that I know enough Japanese to know that what is said in Japanese and the TL don't match up, or there are unnecessary words and phrases added. Also, when I pay for a product I have a right to criticize it.
  16. It seems interesting, but I am not liking how they took extreme liberties with the translation. They have added words and phrases many times that are not necessary. I know that you can't always do a direct translation, but even I know a little Japanese to tell when something they added or changed was not needed. For instance, when that are taking Natsume out to the shopping district for the first time, May clearly says "Let's go". The translator completely changed it to "We are off to see the wizard." It is extreme liberties like that I am bothered by.
  17. Well, this is a moderated forum that has the right to ban any content or discussions they wish to. They also includes silencing and banning users. That is a right they also have. Facebook is doing the same to some of it's users for a different opinion. While I do not agree with it, they have that right as a private company. There are many sites and forums out there that ban political and religious discussions because of all the trolling and hate speech which gets out of hand. I think it is a good idea on a forum like this that has nothing to do with politics or religion.
  18. Can we please stop stop bashing other member's countries and presidents. Just because you have an opinion of a country does not mean that is actually what is going on. Even more so if you do not live in said country. Discussing the end of the Korean war is fine, but please stop the bashing of countries besides this one. Besides that, it is not North Korea's citizens itself that is the problem, but their tyrannical ruler. If this is how it is going to be, then I think political discussions should be banned from the forums. I am from the USA and I do not appreciate those bashing my country.
  19. This! My issue is that people think H scenes should be removed because they serve no true purpose in the story or that specific reader does not like H scenes. I find many members of Fuwanovel to be strange concerning this. I have gone to many other VN/Eroge forums and their is rage if the H content is removed, or even if it is there and there is mosaic censorship.
  20. Wrong, you can have your opinion but don't try to force it on other people.
  21. Well, these are erotic Japanese games so of course they will have H scenes. They are called eroge for a reason. The way I see it, if you don't like H scenes then don't read the visual novel. You are free to choose, but don't ever force your views of H content onto other people. Some may not like H scenes, but A LOT do. I see forums and comment sections in articles all the time where people are upset due to lack of H content and even censorship (mosaics).
  22. If this is a Steam release, it will be interesting to see how they deal with the 18+ patch and directing customers to it. Steam no longer allows links or discussion of this.
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