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    The House in Fata Morgana

    Overall, I'd say, my impression about the first two chapters were pretty similar to yours. As of chapter 3, I've heard multiple complaints about it, but I personally loved it, and it was actually the point when I became really interested in the game. Chapter 4 felt a bit underwhelming at first Starting with chapter 5 the game becomes even better. I didn't include chapters 6 and 8 in my favorites only because I needed not to include something. Every chapter has some really strong moments, and overall, I'd say, it's the second half that makes this game as good as it is. I'd love to hear your reactions about the later chapters! And there's also Requiem for Innocence, which is just as good as the original game. I cried like a little girl at some scenes.
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    The House in Fata Morgana

    Well, I guess we can use it for some late comers discussion he's also very welcome to give his impressions! I'm tempted to choose chapter 5 as the best one for now, but I still have more to see, I'm on the part where On to the others (I'll break it into 2 spoilers if Stormwolf wants to join the discussion) About chapter 1 and 2... About chapters 3, 4 and 5...
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    The House in Fata Morgana

    Right? Happy reading to you too, You've still got a lot of surprises waiting for you. By the way, I hope Stormwolf will forgive me for a slight off-topic, but what's your favorite chapter so far? Personally I think I liked chapters 3, 5 and 7 the most.
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    Honestly, I have no idea. It's officially produced, I bought the CD at cdjapan, but it might very well be just another weird niche. I don't even remember how I found out about her - probably turned up in my Youtube recommendations, after I listened to some 80s stuff. I often wonder the same thing when listening to all those female singers-songwriters I mentioned before.
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    The House in Fata Morgana

    I've been reading this one as well (on 5th door, really fantastic) and I'm not using any walkthrough and it's as Dreamysyu says: it's a very easy game to wander on your own. Got 3 bad endings so far, but it was very obvious what could trigger them so I did that on purpose just to see what they were about (heard they are interesting). So some tips: - If a game give you a choice for you to get an extra item/receive information/most likely keep the conversation going, pick this one over the one to cut the scene short/ignore it all (actually this works for like 99% of VNs). 9 out of 10 times it's the right one. - Getting both this one choice after the second door + one after third door (I won't spoil but it's about the painting) right unlocks the necessary choice for the True Ending, but the choices for the bad endings will still be there if you want to see them. So there's literally zero purpose to pick them wrong. Happy reading is happy the right choice of words for FataMoru tho?
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    Right, it's pretty easy to feel that connection. But the insane beats and the bizarre Japanese/English/Italian mix in many of these songs... It ends up feeling pretty unique too. And those awesome stage names like MEGA NRG MAN (all caps).
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    I also had my phase for Initial D soundtrack about 12 years ago . It's totally over the top, but has its charm. Being somewhat of italo-disco fan, sometimes I return to it. It is interesting, because in essence it is just sped-up italo disco made for Japanese market. And in case of many of Initial D songs, they are made by actual italo disco producers and singers. I already mentioned KOTO in "confessions" thread, but since we're at Eurobeat now, she deserves a mention here too: This production is absolutely amazing, because it sounds like straight from the late eighties - really, they nailed the sound down to a t.
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    I'm slowly finishing Chemically Bonded while listening to the Initial D soundtrack... Eurobeat is just so dumb and over the top, I kind of can't help but enjoy it.
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    visual novel walkthrough

    There's already a walkthrough for this one. You can find it here.
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    Maybe we'll get a proper Fate/Stay Night remake with a Western release. In like 15 years. 8-10 years after they finally finish the Tsukihime one.
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    think i found a translator in the wild

    ... well, his tastes are self-evident.
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    to be quite honest, it's a fucking miracle I'm still around playing VNs after actually reading and not skipping through that one first sex scene in FSN as my first h-scene ever. it's that low quality.
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    This is semantics. If you consider any game with sex in it to be Hentai, then yes. If you consider any game where the focus is the sex scenes to be Hentai, then no. The term usually thrown around is eroge, from 'erotic'+'game'.
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    Tsunderes or Kuuderes Recommendations

    Hatsukoi 1/1 has Maya(coodere) and overall good one.