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An Octave Higher - p. interesting OELVN on Steam


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So An Octave Higher was released on Steam today (discounted to $9.99 until the 3rd of April.) After seeing the trailer vids and all I was actually pretty interested, the graphics have a somewhat unique style and I like the fantasy setting w/ social class differences (it feels a bit similar to fault ms 1 in some respects).


I talked to someone who helped get it on Steam on Twitter and he said that "If you want the typical Japanese visual novel experience you won't get it. This was refreshing for me." I'd probably impulse buy this if I had the cash, lol.

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If you're not too attached to the usual stereotypes you see in Japanese VNs this is pretty nice to read. The setting is explained in much detail, maybe a little too much detail for some people's tastes, but it's interesting to read how everything works in the world the characters live in.

The pacing is surprisingly good as well and the characters are interesting and likable (unless they are meant to not be :D ). Regarding choices: so far I only encountered choices when REAL decisions had to be made, so for me thats a plus because I don't like unnecessary choices. Personally I like the art, even the backgrounds are pretty detailed. The effect playing during character perspective switches can be quite annoying if perspectives change a lot. Imagine seeing a switch effect after every few sentences before it continues. I only encountered this once though, I hope it won't happen again too often.


So far I think its really worth the 10 euros I paid for it! I was pleasently surprised by the quality of it. I have to say it only got my attention after seeing it wasn't a typical Japanese VN, because I'm just really sceptic when it comes to OELVNs. I really hope more VNs like An Octave Higher will appear in the future. Also really looking forward to seeing more of Cursed Sight.

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