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[Walkthrough] Feedback Thread

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so the game has no routes?

There are no routes, plot is linear. But depending on your choices you can read add. episodic stories or not. If all choices are wrong, you won't advance to next chapter.

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1) There should be Save 6 at the choice "I will show my strength… my manliness to Monshiro!" in contents of Monshiro route. It's needed to load save 6 and make another choice to get "Future with Shima" ending.
2) I think it would be better to move "load save 12" in Koyuki route higher, under the spoiler. Or to make it even better to do it like that "Choose “ Fuck her hard. ” to get full CG’s" and then goes list of CGs.
3) And picture in "Another Future with Miyako" part is broken.
4) Also,

Links to this thread are broken. They lead to fuwanovel.org.
Thank you.

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Hey there, 2 things:

1. The feedback links here still point to fuwanovel.net

2. The reason I'm actually here for: I created this choice diagram for Da Capo II back when I first joined the forum. I'm also currently working on one for the first Da Capo game.
Unfortunately, the creator of both Da Capo walkthroughs, Ryoji, hasn't been online since August 2016 and therefore can't add it to the existing walkthrough page.
I think it would be helpful to have something like this if you are going for 100% completion. So if you think this is worth adding, please feel free to do so ;)


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updated image link

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On 12/21/2018 at 6:25 PM, Antera said:

Does someone plans to make walkthrough for Suki Suki (If You Love Me, Then Say So!) ? 

Let's say SukiSuki is a 3 part cake.
2 slices are Dating Sim and 1 slice is VN.
That's the thing, there's no memo about that, so if you bought it, you're stuck with a weird DS/VN hybrid.
It could have worked very well as a regular VN but the dating structure and the convoluted mechanics for confession and weekly MVP system kill the narrative horribly.
So yeah, making a guide for a dating sim is a tough endeavor, specially when some events are random and can disappear without warning. Picking an event and then completing its chain in order is often necessary for some routes. That's why the game has a tutorial you can refer to if you get lost, but even with save scumming, you can get stuck many times trying to get an ending.
I suspect we won't have a proper walkthrough in a long time unless someone translates the official Chuable one. u.u

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