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  1. is it possible to make Baldr Sky Walkthrough on English? here is I believe Japanese version Link
  2. If it already exist on Japanese version, can someone translate it?
  3. Only thing I liked from MG announcement was Sideboob. Was hoping they would partner with Lune... or announce more stuff from ClockUp
  4. Aksys is releasing NG as well ( https://vndb.org/v25385 )
  5. I thought Funbag Fantasy: Sideboob Story didn't sold well.. Great if it did well (would love to see more Waffle VNs)
  6. Was expecting Lune >_> I highly doubt I would buy those two cat girl vns. they look big mehhhh
  7. Natsuki is best waifu loved her route
  8. Plan to start reading it and would love to know if there is any romance..
  9. Akeiro Kaikitan Erewhon Shinsou Noise ~Jushin Tantei no Jikenbo~ One can wish
  10. I am afraid KS has tanked officially. they need some kind of magic now to fund base goal
  11. Are Hscens part of plot or just what IF scenarios?
  12. Hard to tell. People generally no longer trust KS. Maybe there is also problem with name recognition
  13. 11 days left and its only on 40K. I am afraid KS might tank
  14. Cartagra > Kara no Shoujo > Kara no Shoujo - The Second Episode. Play in this order, you won't regret
  15. Was there even big demand for this VN? it looks like those who wanted this VN to get localized, were only early backers. There is not much of a hype unfortunately
  16. Antera


    Outside Japan market is picking up steam as each year pass by. At some point VN developers & publishers will be forced to release more VNs outside Japan. If new versions of Koihime were released now, I am sure they would sell well if not great
  17. Problem I believe is that lot of people don't know what this VN is about and also many people got burn on kickstart (thnx Sekai)
  18. I am sitting on fence. don't know much about story and Art style is mehh (for me)
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