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  1. Fuwa's First International Blame Mitch Day!

    Fixed I blame motch for that.
  2. Fuwa's First International Blame Mitch Day!

    Ofc. I blame mitch for blame mitch for blaming motch for blaming an disable old person (Aka Mutch).
  3. Today is my birthday

    Happy Silvz Birthday! Wait...
  4. Fuwa's First International Blame Mitch Day!

  5. [Review] Sakuya

    HE GOT THE BAIT. Now let's start to convert him to the Otoge side...
  6. Saya no Uta Doujin Remake?

    They changed the NVL window to an ADV one... not that it is much of a problem, but, I think the NVL style is more fitting.
  7. Saya no Uta Doujin Remake?

    Interesting, wonder what will the final product look like... I would have to wait for a translation anyway. xoD
  8. Saya no Uta Doujin Remake?

    Yeah, seeing this kind of fan projects is always pleasing as a fan of fan-games, though I still thought about making a thread a 'bout it to see what other people think.
  9. Saya no Uta Doujin Remake?

    I thought the same really, Saya have the right amount of ends, and all of them are unique. Way better than have like 12 ends and most of them are game over-like.
  10. The State of VNs

    Not gonna Deny that Sakura Games are VNs and that most VNs are Nukige, what I meant by "Inoffensive" is that it didn't have as much of a repercussion as the winged cloud VNs. It wasn't my intention to pretend that it's not, so sorry if I passed that impression.
  11. Saya no Uta Doujin Remake?

    So I was lurking around VNDB when I found this: https://vndb.org/v22591 It seems to be some kind of (very ambitious) fan remake of our lovercraftian tale. They proposed 12 new endings and "Expansion on the story". They even talked about a Song of Saya 2... As of yet only a Russian beta is released, so what do you persons think about this project? Is it unnecessary? Will they be able expand Urobochi's tale properly?
  12. The State of VNs

    True that.
  13. The State of VNs

    True that, Sakura art has value, 'cause the artists are talented. Though there are some gems made on ren'py...
  14. Sakura Vampire Review

    A Sakura Vampire already exist. XoD It is called Sakura Halloween.
  15. The State of VNs

    You have point. But did they help create steryotypes to the JRPG genre? Are their CEO being acussed of Blackmail (can be false ofc, but, still)? It is inovenssive shovelware.