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  1. Another walktrough that I made, I hope you find it useful people :o)
  2. Be My Master VNDB Ren'Ai Archive Summary A few months ago on a dreary rainy day, someone left a stray catgirl on your doorstep... She was young and frail, so you could not help but bring her inside. Ending Guideline/Suggested Ending Order The game is really short, and there's only one heroine. There are 4 types of conclusions (Game Over, Bad, Neutral and Good Endings). Endings Serenade 11 outcomes to the game. Game Over A Game Over B Game Over C Game Over D Bad End 1\"Insensitive" Bad End Bad End 2\"Cold" Bad End Bad End 3\"Heartless" Bad End Bad End 4\"Refuse" Bad End Bad End 5\"Rude" Bad End Normal\Neutral\Semi-Happy End Good\Happy End Extra Dialog Attribution This walkthrough was made by me. Visual Novel made by AngelicAlchemy.
  3. A bit late, but thanks for your help :o)
  4. Final Revision: Updated the walktrough with some fixes and additions.
  5. Okay @Tay, @Nosebleed, or any other moderator would you mind closing and moving this post, Thanks in advance.
  6. Yeah that's right, a good walktrough also might get someones attention, anyway, I think Mikoto Nikki (Very Short\ 2 Hours at maximun) and Togainu no Chi (Medium\10 - 35 hours) are possible 'cause they're really straight foward in the branch plot mechanic, different from Liar Liar (Somewhat short) (Especially Liar Liar 2) and Winter Shard (Short if you don't get lost in the choices) which are somewhat of a mess (Especially Winter Shard, this game choices are all over the place). Also should I modify the template for the Walktroughs? Thks for the advice :o)
  7. Liar Liar is somewhat recent and more dark comedy oriented, Togainu no Chi is somewhat old, but not that old, Winter Shard is also recent and very underated, I never found a walktrough to Winter Shard (Getting the main end was a pain in the bun). I could also do Mikoto Nikki which is a RpgMaker game inspired in visual novels (similar to Corpse Party, but more subtle). (And I know this is OFF topic but, did you never get the Special Brute End\Other ends for Euphoria?)
  8. So yeah, some days ago, I finished a walktrough for the Visual Novel Euphoria, and now I'm planning on doing more walktroughs, but, I don't know which Visual Novel I should do first. The Visual Novels I'm planning on doing guides are: Togainu no Chi (Original) Liar Liar Series (Blood Idol Wakabayashi-kun!, Liar Liar and Liar Liar 2). Saya no Uta (I think someone already made one actually). Winter Shard If any of you people know these visual novels, let me know what I should do first and also what should I do with the Euphoria walktrough? Thank you in advance.
  9. Now that I finished the walktrough, what do I do now?
  10. Thanks.
  11. Damn.
  12. Hello.