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    Future walktrough projects: Togainu no Chi, DRAMAtical Murder and it's fandisc Re:connect, Charon Visual Novels\Games (Mix Ore, Makoto Mobius, Yanderella, You, Me and Empty Worlds, Shihori Escape.), Liar Liar (series), maybe Ib? it's a ADV game but not a visual novel so I dunno....

    Finished Projects: Euphoria Walktrough (Currently waiting for moderator), Be My Master Walktrough (Currently waiting for moderator), Winter Shard (Closed and moved on), Saya no Uta - Song of Saya (Currently waiting for moderator), CP:BloodDrive (Currently waiting for moderator). CP:PORT E.CONTENT (Currently waiting for moderator), Mikoto Nikki (Currently waiting for moderator), The Dark Side of Little Red Riding Hood (Currently waiting for moderator), Tsukimi Planet (Currently waiting for moderator), Yanderella (Currently waiting for moderator).
  1. You can change your siganture at "Acount Settings".
  2. I'm not really a pro on the vn world but if you want somefin short there's Shizuku no Oto, Tsukihime is also a good one but be aware that it's no very fancy in the technical sense, The Corpse Party Series is good if you want some horror vn, Saya no Uta is a good lovercraftian-ish tale, DRAMAtical Murder have a really good story but by aware that it's a BL vn.
  3. Same.
  4. Heya.
  5. Thanks! The idea is that each route have a different pursuer, but the focus will be on the narative, so the majority of the game will be read only with some action sections.
  6. So it's been a while that I'm making this Visual Novel RpgMaker game and it's still a prototype, but I think I will share it to you guys\gals\other anyway 'cause I would like to hear your opinion 'bout it. So the ideia is to create a Multiple Route Mystery game, inspired in Vns like Corpse Party, with elements from other visual novels and horror games, the protagonsit would be a trans girl named Ana that studies in a university (the setting). Of course there are multiple routes, some that connect to the major plot and some that are their own story, also each character would have six endings with a invisible relationship meter similar to Tsukihime, the endings would be a True Ending, A Good Ending, A Normal Ending, A Bad Ending, A Fake Ending and a Extra Ending that it's unlocked after getting the first five endings, there are out-of -route endings that are Special Endings, also there are both Male and Female "Love interests" and one of them is a trans guy. Here are some pics from sprites that I made: And that's it, what do you guys\gals\other think?
  7. That took a while to make, but it's done the "bitch kills some girl because she wants one guy but in the end she ends up going insane" game walktrough.
  8. Yanderella VNDB CHARON Rpg Maker Wiki Controls Arrow Keys= Move.Z\Enter\Space= Actions. (Examine objects, open doors, etc.)X\Esc= Inventory. Summary Yatarou is a high school student who has two close friends, Honoka and Hinata. Hinata, who had moved away while they were in elementary school, comes back to visit, and the three of them decide to spend time together while she's in town. Ending Guideline / Suggested Route Order The game is separeted in visual novel sections (read and choice only) and ADV sections (walk around and stuff like that). There are two Heroines you can end up with Hinata and Honaka, only one choice will determine what ending you will get, but there are choices which will lead to character development moments. So the individual "route" walktrough will cover this moments, also play the True Ends first then get the Bad End. Also be aware of ~Choice Recovery~ that will cover choices that aren't selected in the walktrough. So the order can also be summarized as: Important!:There's a white bunny in Yatarou's room, it's your save point, SAVE BEFORE starting\finishing the day. Route Guideline Hinata Walktrough (True End 1: "Trembling" and HinataXYatarou Moments) Honoka Walktrough (True End 2: "Cinderella's Darkness" and HonakaXYatarou Moments) Yatarou Walktrough (Bad End: "Boring Story" and Some Choice Recovery) ~Choice Recovery~ This will cover all choices that were left out. HINATA EVENT 3 HONOKA EVENT 3 "HINATA" ENDING "HONOKA" ENDING Attribution This walkthrough is based on info attained on Rpg Maker Wiki with some adjustments, additions and tweaks made by me.
  9. Yeah, some choices leads to Akiha attending the same school as Shiki, which just happens in her route. So It's a clustertruck.
  10. Does Kagetsu Tooya\Tohya happens after Ciel and\or Arcueid's Good End's? 'Cause Shiki seems to know Arc, and he doesn't know about her in the far side of the mood routes (Aka Akiha, Hisui, Kohaku\Nanaya). Also from what I read until now (Still reading KT) it's hinted that Shiki have a relantioship with Arcueid (Which Happens in her good ending and in Ciel's NTR End\Good End)...
  11. Thanks.
  12. I'm not really found of fanservice hijinks I think it's a waste of may time, like if I want to see explicit content of a character from a series, I go to rule 34, but I need to finish Tsukihime Verse first then I will se what I'm gonna do...Fate seems Interesting with it's holy grail war plot...
  13. Interesting, but does it provide a explanation to the plot of Fate (Make a pun) Night? (Like explaning the unexplained or filling some plot holes...)
  14. Is F\Z bad?