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  1. Glad to see I'm not the only one with a beef for the dating sim elements. In my case, i'll just wait patiently till a kind soul, well versed in these types of games (or just a lot of free time) concocts a proper walkthrough. Meanwhile, skipping text and trying different choices seems to be the only effective way to explore the routes.
  2. Let's say SukiSuki is a 3 part cake. 2 slices are Dating Sim and 1 slice is VN. That's the thing, there's no memo about that, so if you bought it, you're stuck with a weird DS/VN hybrid. It could have worked very well as a regular VN but the dating structure and the convoluted mechanics for confession and weekly MVP system kill the narrative horribly. So yeah, making a guide for a dating sim is a tough endeavor, specially when some events are random and can disappear without warning. Picking an event and then completing its chain in order is often necessary for some routes. That's why
  3. Umm..Time for an elegant and unexpected return! Randomness aside, This is quite likely one of my favorite VNs of all time.So I would like to help the project in some form.I don't have hacking skills and my japanese is quite basic, but..I could help decensor the H-scenes (as in remove the mosaic censoring.)I'm a freelance artist and I did the original Majikoi decensoring images.If you are interested, please let me know.I don't know what the community thinks about decensoring today as compared to a few years back when I worked on the Majikoi project, butif not everyone is on board with it, you c
  4. Umm.. Time for an elegant and unexpected return! Randomness aside, This is quite likely one of my favorite VNs of all time. So I would like to help the project in some form. I don't have hacking skills and my japanese is quite basic, but.. I could help decensor the H-scenes (as in remove the mosaic censoring.) I'm a freelance artist and I did the original Majikoi decensoring images. If you are interested, please let me know. I don't know what the community thinks about decensoring today as compared to a few years back when I worked on the Majikoi project, but if not everyon
  5. Moved to Creative Corner. Good luck finding team members!
  6. Congrats on completing your project! Kind reminder: this project will soon be added to the "completed project" archive. If you wish to keep advertising your project please do so at the "Creative Corner" sub forum. Cheers
  7. Upvoted! good luck with your project! A kind word of warning: This sub forum is for ongoing/in development projects. While there's no issue with advertising finished projects, please do so at the Creative Corner sub forum, since if you announce a completed project here it will be moved to the completed project archive. Cheers
  8. Hello everyone! Yup, we're alive. To cut a long story short, we had a share of difficulties with our script, real life and time zones. Which of course is nothing new. We have no excuse and we sincerely apologise for the delay. While we are currently doing our very best to get the demo out ASAP there's no estimated ETA yet but we'll keep you guys updated, tentative release date would be early this year. Without further ado we leave you with the first update of the year and the changelog (Indeed, we changed a boatload of things) As you have probably noticed if you checked our mai
  9. -November Update- Hello guys! How are you doing? We're doing just fine..err..more or less actually. We're still alive and kicking despite appearances, however there's some good news and bad news to announce. The good news? The project is very much alive and we're doing our best to complete it ASAP. The bad news.... ...is that we were back to the drawing board with the script. That's right, for reasons yet unspecified Alex_Omega has left the team and we were left without a DEMO script and without anything to replace it. Fortunately we managed to create a solid and consistent framework which wi
  10. eh, you could call it a trademark word gag of hers Like Monogatari girls (I think each and every single one of them has a catchphrase of some sort.) I don't speak or read moonrunes but perhaps "Zurui" is more like "meanie" in most instances.
  11. Cholula sauce is from my country! Not the best hot sauce tho. If you want the best go for Valentina (the black label one) stomach ulcer guaranteed or your money back here: https://www.ulabox.com/media/13595_l1.jpg
  12. Seasons of Sakura - The only bad end you can get has Yuuji join the School liberation front and the Survival club. There's nothing bad about it except you don't get a girlfriend. Hoshizora e Kakaru hashi - There's one ending where you pick Ayumu over any of the girls. You simply decide to stay by your brother's side and take care of him. Steins;Gate - With the exception of the True end, all other endings are arguably bad ends (although they're of the "happy ever after variety", the main plot never gets resolved). I'd put forward my arguments as to why but, spoilers. Rewrite - Same case as with
  13. I'm more depressed at the fact that we don't have "Pepsi Perfect" and instant "Pizza Hut" pizza than flying cars XD They did nail the skype-ish video call, several TV channel streams, the obsession for retro-stuff and mobile fever to an extent
  14. Ok. you gotta stop reading post-apocalyptic, dystopian future, sci-fi novels. XD Sadly reality is more boring than fiction and someone owning the internet anytime soon is a tall order. The repercussions of censoring all forms of free speech and expression would trigger your belated war anyway. XD
  15. Wonderful! The premise is very interesting and I can't wait to know more about the story. I was hooked just by the synopsis! Do you plan on releasing a demo?
  16. well, let's assume this BS passes. Do you think pirates can't find a simple workaround like they have done for decades? XD Spooffing IPs is still pretty simple and setting up a dedicated VPN is enough to mask your info even if your ISP leaks your browsing history and downloads list. Of course this would still screw regular non-pirate savvy ppl.
  17. You rip them from original games you own. Alternatively you download them. How? google it. Edit: if you already have what you need, here's a guide that might help you: http://ngemu.com/threads/running-pcsx2-guide-for-noobs.101343/
  18. I just started watching Code Geass after downloading it and then ignoring it for years. I was loving it so much till the SAZ incident, which pissed me off to no end. Talk about an asspull XD Still, I'll finish it. It's a brilliant anime, despite its flaws.
  19. Literally zero. If you say you're a visual novel enthusiast, who the fuck has any say in the matter? You can be a Shoot 'em Up fan without having ever finished one. I agree. It a really subjective thing and you can't exactly grade ppl by the amount of games they've played. Hell you could grade them based on the knowledge of existent VNs or the number of hours read/played. If anyone would like a friendly scale of fandom, then perhaps... casual-----------------------enthusiast------------------------------------fan----------------------------------------adept--------------------------veteran
  20. Tsukihime? hahahaha. My first VNs were Seasons of Sakura, True Love, Nocturnal Illusion, Runaway City...... ..............................now I feel old....oh yeah! and paradise heights and...
  21. I agree. Screw proofing, let's think about...BEWBS. <3
  22. Best OP: "Tokyo Ravens - X-Encounter" Best ED: "Aldnoah Zero - aLIEz"
  23. Deardrops is quite likely the worst VN I have ever played. Wait, scratch that. EVERYTHING from Overdrive is quite possible the worst VNs I have ever played. With the exception of Dengeki Stryker, Overdrive titles are terrible. It's like watching 30+ hour low budget, soap opera episodes.
  24. As a professional graphic designer myself, indeed rotating text is the way to go. You can also modify a font and/or let photoshop's pharagraph tool do the magic but in the end what you want is to keep type space even and readable.
  25. Ah the good old "japanese only context/subtext jokes that do not work for any other country/in any other language" Indeed it's one of the things lost in translation that will either fly over our heads or come off as a very lame joke. I know the feeling as my favourite anime "Nichijou" is rife with japanese jokes and puns. I had a hard time figuring what the context of the jokes was and even when I got the meaning behind them, they weren't very good for a gaijin like me.
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