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Figure Collection Sharing


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I was surprised to not really see a thread specifically for sharing figure collections. There are a number of threads about figure collecting (half of them being by OriginalRen) but surprisingly there's not a place to share what we have. I do not collect figures nearly as much as other people not from lack of wanting to though. A number of people I know also collect gunpla and since those are also on myfigurecollection.net I highly encourage people to share those as well.


This is a place to share our collections (primarily via myfigurecollection) and discuss them. 


I might as well begin; 


here's my limited and rather questionable at times collection: http://myfigurecollection.net/collection/kyrt


The first four figures listed on here were bought when I was a bit of a horny teenager who was not really aware that lol these are not really the types of figures you can display in public. The first figure Chuchu Astram is actually from a visual novel I have not played called chuxchu idol by the visual novel company Unison Shift. I bought this figure primarily because I liked the look originally. Not overly fond of it though because it's not exactly a displayable figure and I regret buying all these cast-off figures when younger since it makes them ridiculously hard to display.


The second of the first four figures is a character from Queen's Blade of all things that I bought completely on a whim when I saw it for a decent price. I was a dumbass back then and I actually believe that I damaged this figure in a move to college. I also cannot stand Queen's Blade so the fact i have this Melona figure is a bit weird. I again mainly bought it because it was an ecchi figure and like the one before and the one after the next I basically bought these during a time I was a bit more perverted than I'd like to admit. I regret it.


The third of the first four figures is a Milla Maxwell (not a cast-off) figure I got for buying the Collector's Edition of Tales of Xillia. She is not the greatest quality as she did come as a collector's edition extra with a game but she's about 7 inches and possibly the largest figure I have. I also am a huge fan of the tales of series and I rather liked Milla as a character so I'm happy enough with this figure.


The fourth of the first four figures and easily the most questionable figure in my collection from a why the fuck did I buy this standpoint is the 18+ Sousou and Jun'iku figures in my collection. I was going through a phase at the time and actually bought these before playing the game Koihime Musou which they were from. It's not exactly easy to get rid of these figures either so they are currently staying in my collection until I can figure out a way to get rid of them. They are also a pain to try and get to stand so I simply store them away out of sight. I really have no idea what was going through my mind when I purchased this one.


I have a few small and at the time really cheap figures from phantom of the inferno, slayers, and negima that I was able to pick up at various cons for a pretty cheap price. Quality is pretty poor for most of these as well which is a shame.


The last few things I have are Tales of Symphonia HD Collection nendroids received for buying the collector's edition, etna and flonne nendroids from buying Disgaea D2, and a rachel alucard nendroid from buying limited edition of Blazblue Chrono Phantasm.


The figures on my wishlist are from about 5 years ago and have thus changed considerably there are a few figures I wouldn't mind owning but most of the ones on my wishlist I no longer have an interest in. I'm not overly happy with most of the figures in my collection at this time either and I sold a few figures that I regret selling. 


So feel free to post your own collections and any details you might want to mention about them.  I may not be the biggest figure collector but I'm sure there are other people on here willing to share their collections. 

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Well why not, here's my current collection: http://myfigurecollection.net/profile/Nosebleed


The pride of my collection (I know it's small but I'm allowed to be proud right? right...?) is my IA figure from Aquamarine.

IA is my favorite vocaloid in both musical terms and visual terms, when I saw she got a figure a couple years ago, I instantly fell in love with it, unfortunately I never had any proper chance to get my hands on it, that is until Ren helped me find brand new ones and shipped one to me.

Everything from the pose, the design, the fabulous hair, is just beautiful and I can never help but pay extra attention to her and clean her once or twice a week just because it's a figure I've longed for ages and nothing beats the feeling of finally being able to get my hands on it.


Moving on, if you were on Ren's stream today and saw him deleting the Sasami figure from his collection, that's because I bought it from him and that's why I have it in my collection now. :Teeku:

She's my most recent addition.

Personally, I think Sasami has one of the best character designs in Little Busters, and her route in EX is one of my favorites so I could not resist the temptation when Ren let me buy his figure for a decently cheap price, it's a really cute figure and she fills the lack of purple in my collection (purple being my favorite color).


The Lala and Sophie nendoroids were the second most recent additions and they are expected to come sometime around this week as well.

I think the designs are really adorable and they also come with extra stuff you can dress them up with which is a first for me so I think it'll be fun to own them and play around with their outfits.


After that I have a bunch of Nico figures and nendoroids because Nico is best. :makina: (most of which were gifts from Run :Kappa:)


That's all for now but I hope to expand my collection in the future whenever I have a stable income to waste. 

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This isn't everything, like for some reason I don't have a pic of my Senhime, but here's some gems I have(Alter Shizuka being my holy grail...sadly with the worst pic):


*sorry for the horrible pics...should probably retake them later


**here's my MFC: http://myfigurecollection.net/profile/Josephl64 














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You're really going to do this to me, huh? Well I suppose as a figure collector, I should make this post. First, here is a link to both my owned and ordered collection:


Owned Collection: http://myfigurecollection.net/collection/OriginalRen

Ordered Collection: http://myfigurecollection.net/profiles.php?user=OriginalRen&page=collection&p=1&tab=list&category=0&display=grid&root=-1&status=1&order=asc&year=0&month=0&day=0&nodate=0&acc=0&sort=category&pp=1&castoff=0&bootleg=0&draft=0&region_free=0


For those of you who aren't aware, the ordered collection is what I will be getting (barring any delays) by November 1st of 2015. This will be my last figure order for quite some time. I need to save some money again and wait until next year to get some of the better releases. In addition, you may notice there has been a lot of changes to my collection page. I have sold some figures to members of Fuwanovel as well as some friends, but everything should be up to date.


Next, let's go into some of the details of my figures. Here is a video I made of my top 10, so feel free to watch it if you are interested:



In addition, check out the 15 unboxing videos I made (easily labeled for your convenience) for figures I own on my otaku playlist:




Finally, I own 1 male figure in my entire collection. :Kappa: Tay will never abandon me; he gets all the ladies. He also cost me $44. I hope you're worth it Tay...



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I’m bringing this thread back from the dead :scottsune:

Here’s my MFC page. Haven’t been able to display my figures yet since I moved into my new home, and don’t even have enough room for all of them anyway. I’ve been hoarding.. I mean collecting... since 2015.

Anyone else who still frequents the forums collect figures? 

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