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  1. My very first was "Shuffle!" which I played after watching my very first anime...which was also "Shuffle!". I absolutely enjoyed it and am still waiting for Mangagamer to give all the sequels hardcover editions even if it had to be limited amounts.
  2. Finished "Toushin Toshi II"(all endings) and "Policenauts". Just started "Snatcher".
  3. I'm just hoping that they delay a game if it's this broken in the future.
  4. I was hoping for some physical copies, but oh well
  5. great, not i can rip the plastic off ~ I've waited so long ~
  6. I'm guessing you don't mind fanart, but the 4th "extra" pic for Sengoku Rance is actually a cg from Rance IX. Maybe it would be easier to get some of the members here you trust to help with the screenshots as they can help you with some of the VNs you haven't played?
  7. I absolutely love Shuffle!, Asa was also such a great character too. (Yes I just read through all the posts at this point and feel like my tastes are rather different) That being said seeing as how she was my favorite, of course it heightened how much I liked the anime.
  8. I am so excited for Haruka, thanks Arunaru. Probably going to get several copies for friends too when it comes out, they must experience AliceSoft ~
  9. I don't see Yuyushiki on that list, so definitely watch that.
  10. I like the latest Fatal Frame more than half of the series, but anyways... Between possible fear of backlash once on store shelves and poor sales I can see why they decided to not bring it over. Afterall, the 360 was the biggest console in the West. The game will undoubtedly beat 2's sales in Japan just by virtue of being on a system that actually matters. It makes sense to me, but it's sad at the same time. Also I don't really believe any conspiracy theories leaking about teaming up with PlayAsia and the such. I just see it as PlayAsia saw an opportunity and ran with it, anything else wou
  11. I only got Civ V, but I'm having fun with it so far.
  12. Faye Valentine is an easy waifu, but that's off-topic I guess. I really want this to be a good game, maybe I'm too hopeful, so I'll just temper my expectations and see what awaits.
  13. I want the dungeon game to be good...even if it's just half as good as Raidy I'd be interested.
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