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TERA Guild Yasai Raiders Recruitment

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Some people from FSG and I have made a guild in Tera and want to see if anyone want join. Everyone in the guild as far as I know is new to Tera our highest level players right now are level 30. BTW we are on the HIGHWATCH server. Here is the game website http://tera.enmasse.com/ it is also on Steam note only NA player can download from steam now. Any Eu player will need to download from the website link And here is a picture of my cute Elin priest.


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Narco-chan the cutest~




Even if I'd like, I wouldn't be able to join you. Killian EU forever  ̄ー ̄


Sadly, my laptop can't handle this game :amane:

It didn't run well on any hardware, except for the most powerful machines. Even then the framerates weren't as high as they should be. The most hilarious part is they never fixed it, along with many other notorious bugs. Despite that, everyone kept on playing. It was that kind of love-hate relationship.


This game definately made it into the history of digital entertainment.

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I always choose between Poporis, Elins, High Elfs or Castanics. The later two are hot (females) as fuck and honestly, who chooses to be a male in games if you can be a girl with a perfect body? Elins are for the loli factor even if I'm not really into them, it's just kinda fun to see a little kid running around with weapons bigger than her and wrecking shit. Poporis are kinda like Elins but with an extra funny feature that is: They always look like they're high on crack fighting. I mean, they always look like they're putting so much effort to use spells and attack.  :wahaha:

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