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TERA Guild Yasai Raiders Recruitment

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If you don't go Elin, just uninstall now because you are doing it wrong



Popori master race. Be a Carebear. Spread the love.


(seriously considering using an IP masker to try to play this before August... I don't want to miss out on all the people joining up)

I'm getting some mixed answers here.  :makina:

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< Castanic


as long as you can be female, does it really matter that much?


...I personally went based on that and if I thought the racial ability was strong oh and admittedly looks...


Anyway, after one night's frenzied gaming I got a level 24 archer with a +9 a-something weapon (I literally forgot)

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I played Tera a couple years ago or so, got to max level, and did most of the endgame content available at the time (this was about 6-9 months after English release).  Was annoyed that Elin were censored, so I patched it with the original Korean textures.  The problem with TERA is that the gameplay is broken in very fundamental ways that I doubt they've managed to fix.  Being locked out of joining new guilds when you've left a guild prevents upward social mobility / personal progression, in a game where group content is everything.  You basically had the "Hads" and "Had nots", and it was very difficult to escape from whatever social tier you fell into.  Due to the choreographed nature of most of the content (relying on encounter-specific memorized knowledge and reactions rather than a generalized skillset), finding likeminded players to practice failing was incredibly important, yet due to the guild restrictions it was extremely difficult to connect with other such players.  That was one of the main reasons I left.  I've never been one to content myself with mindless grinding because I've been locked out of progression content.


Nexus content was also terrible as it was the pinnacle of endgame at the time, yet involved little personal skill or group coordination and was laggy to the point that it was unplayable even on high-end gaming machines.  But probably worst of all was the feeling that endless and extremely tedious grind was the only way to get anywhere, and the range of available content was pretty restricted.


That said, dungeons between 50 and endgame were quite fun, as they really pushed your abilities as a player without feeling unfair, and at that point the elitists weren't around to abandon group as soon as they realized there were new players to the dungeon in the group.

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Unfortunately, you guys aren't on the same server as my main Elin and I don't have much interest in making a new character with all the time and money I've put into my account qq

Edit: However, transfers to the Highwatch PVE server are free for a few more days, so if everyone wants to server transfer to there i'd be totally down for that.

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