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  1. Heya guys. I've been working with a team for a while now on the title, Cafe Yume. We've got a demo script ready, and about a hundred or so pages of design documents, so the story is forming in a beautiful way. What we need, is creative individuals who want to bring this experience forward with suitable works of art. The team is currently going through some restructuring after some members having to drop out due to real life stuff ( such as having a job or education ). We're specifically looking for Background artists, Sprite artists, CG artists, Composers,
  2. Lifelike love protagonist is a girl - sneaks into her senpai's house and finds a package for a sex doll. She opens it and is amazed by it's realism. as senpai gets home, she hides the doll and hides herself in the box. Senpai thinks it's his doll, and the girl comes out that she's an advanced doll capable of speech and reacting. senpai buys it because he's stupid, and either; - drama happens trying to get him to let her go because visual novel - she gets used like a doll repeatedly because eroge
  3. Videogames have been hailed as some of the most amazing storytelling platforms of the 21st century, giving an all new interactive experience to immerse yourself in, and have created one of the largest industries currently in the world. As for Visual Novels, these take the story to all new levels with unique narrative and visual design, becoming the game equivalent of a choose your own adventure book. But when Visual Novels begin to include such themes as nudity and sex in them, they fall away from the mainstream "gaming" market, and even those who are interested in such a game would only know
  4. It takes a lot of hard work to be able to do it for a living, but there's a fairly large group of people that do it just for fun, or maybe as a part time thing.
  5. This discussion doesn't even have to relate specifically to Visual Novels. There's a lot of other forms out there, and I'm sure at least one or two people within Fuwa have at least thought about it.
  6. Voice Acting Thread! This thread is dedicated to the discussion of Voice Acting, as well as showing off any projects you've had a hand in. It's also for newbies who want to get involved in voice acting, but don't have the experience. First off, I'd advise anyone that wants to get involved in Voice Acting to check out Casting Call Club. ( https://castingcall.club/ ) Here's a random old project of mine, an original poem with some audio work and Voice Acting.
  7. Greetings, geared. It's good to see more hopeful OELVN creators around these parts. Best of luck on the project
  8. neutral bad ending. Nothing interesting happened, and I passed with mediocre marks. Dated a girl for 6 months, but probably took a bad choice beforehand, so I got the ending with no h-scenes. worst VN life ever, 3/10
  9. A lot of people love hanging around fuwanovel's forums, however there will be a ( brief ) site outage, as stated in the announcement at the top. So, together we're going to conduct a small list of things we can do during the site outage. Be sure to write this stuff down, because it might be too late when you come back to try again.
  10. A few of my character concepts for a secret Visual Novel that I'm not actively working on at the moment. Anime art style though, still counts right?
  11. Nukige, basically. I prefer my visual novels to be based on a compelling story. I don't mind H-scenes, but those shouldn't be the reason you buy it.
  12. well, our "Demo" script for just chapter 1 is at 35 pages, not counting the coding that's going to go into it, and there's an additional 60 pages of just plot points we're yet to script out. There's also about 10 pages of just character design documents, and consistency documents.
  13. Heya guys, I'm the lead of a Visual Novel team, and we're looking for new additions to our team to help us create something awesome! Our Project We're listed as a free project, working from our passion in our free time. Our skill levels vary from beginner to highly adept. We have two projects, but are only really actively working on one of them, which isn't publically available yet. We're all in it for the experience, however upon our project reaching a monetizable state, the team members will be rewarded for their work accordingly. We take on a high quality benchmark, and during our "early"
  14. Two games did it for me. 1. Papers, please Writing everything down made it kinda easier to track. 2. keep talking and nobody explodes A LOT of information needs to be printed off, but can be written down I guess.
  15. the writing and art are relatively high quality, I'm just not a personal fan of the themes involved... would recommend for masochists.
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