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  1. After the first English release on PS Vita and Steam in 2015 Amnesia finally made the jump to the Switch! We also get the fandiscs Later and Crowd for the first time in English in one port. The two fandisc were first ported as one game on the Vita and originally released on the PSP as two games. I'm super happy to finally play the fandiscs after 7 long years of waiting! I heard a lot about them and they have a lot of content that appeals to me: - The protagonist finally talks and has a personality! - Quality time with my best boy ura!Ukyo! - Swe
  2. Yeah Nekonyan already have plan to release it on 30th later (Or maybe October 1st later). Anyway from the review I know that it's reception is lesser compared to Karichaimashita (Which is already divisive enough on it's own), so perhaps if I may give some advice it would be better to expect this as usual ASa Project comedy instead of romantic comedy VN, which of course can be enjoyable on it's own. Oh, and ASa Project here really write one of the side heroine, Yuna, as prominent as the four main heroines with her having 14 scenes which is definitely more than joke routes in Karichaimashita (Fo
  3. Greetings! The wait is over. The 13th Episode is out! Episode 13: Deep down In the new chapter, our heroes will have to figure out how to defeat a new dangerous enemy. Meet an old acquaintance and uncover the secrets of the mermaid prisons. They need to get to the secret levels of the prison known as laboratories and figure out what is going on there and why there are so many different rumors about this place. This time, our heroes will approach their most important goal as never before. What’s new: - More than 14000 words of new exciting plot; - 5 new sex sc
  4. From the popular EVN developer Ebihimes, we have a release of a new game. It is called Dreamy Planet and it is an atmospheric Yuri visual novel that focuses on a "ruinous relationship between a pair of estranged childhood friends". The setting of the game is an abandoned theme park! The game is available on Steam and itch.io and costs around 6 dollars, with 10% discount during the release week. Story Features
  5. Fushigi no Kuni na Alice, the classic tale by Lewis Carroll has been imitated since the beginning of time (ok, not that long) and I can personally remember quite a few games that had done it. They are always odd and mysterious, so I like them a lot. Yugami no Kuni no Alice ~REcollection~ seems to be another one of these odd games. It is published by Nightmare Studio, INC. who release this as their first title, it seems. The Switch version came out on the 25th of August 2022 in Japanese, Chinese and English. Unfortunately, if one takes a look at the steam description all hopes for an att
  6. Episode 12: Behind the bars Our heroes almost achieved their goal. They made it to the prisons, but now they need to find Lacky and find a way to free him. The mermaid prisons hide their secrets. There are many prisoners who have been suffering behind bars for a long time. Can you help these unfortunates and finally save your friend? What’s new: - More than 14500 words of new awesome plot; - 5 new scenes; - Over 65 new animations; - 2 new dungeons; - More interesting battles; - Improved localization; - Bug fixes. ~ Even more animation
  7. Recently Sekai Project announced that final episode of 9-nine will get released on Steam on 2022-03-18. The release will contain all three language versions (JP, CN, EN) https://store.steampowered.com/app/1890120/9nineNewEpisode/ This episode was all-ages right from the start, so there should be no need to worry about any censorship in this release.
  8. Yeah finally after two years in beta testing because of Chuuable's bankruptcy, we'll about to have it released at December 13th later. Here's the tweet from Mangagamer for the proof below. As for the reviews, so far there's none so it's quite hard to expect what we'll going to get from this VN. Although perhaps it shouldn't be hard to guess that we'll going to have anther moege here with one unique archetype that one of the heroine is former girlfriend of the MC, and that we'll have three full route and two side routes looking from the CG number (I may be wrong abut this). I'll add t
  9. Quite surprising that Sol Press already opened their Steam store for this with the release date is very near (At 15th later), so I should give them some praise here. Anyway, while I did say that I'm not interested with this now that I look at it again perhaps it wasn't so bad there. That said, my word still the same though that this is the combination of Aokana (Fictional sport with detail rules), Haretaka (Four girls that could be romanced form the club alongside MC), and Konosora (Obviously the plane making). Here's the page to the Steam store, and I hope that Steam wouldn't banned this desp
  10. Okay, it isn't "main" Yuzusoft, but still... PARQUET Steam description: The game is available on Steam in Japanese, English and Chinese. English translation is made by NekoNyan.
  11. Finally been translated in full, been so long almost forgot it existed
  12. Well, okay I guess. At least it's not Pulltop's big title there lol. Anyone think that Pulltop will release it in Japan with H scenes intact? Lovekami Healing Harem Site
  13. So yeah we finally have it released after almost two year of waiting according to Mangagamer's tweet here (Their next release is Amrilato at June 13th later for the info), and seeing that the writer is also WA2 writer anyone who play that should recognize some resemblance at Damekoi here. Lastly feel free to discuss it here, and I'll add more info (Also poll) later at this post. Edit - As for the VN itself, since I already read some reviews and also already played a bit of WA2, I can say that Maruto here did use this VN as his stepping stone for WA2 later, or rather we can treat this as W
  14. ATRI -My Dear Moments- , a VN developed by Frontwing and Makura is going to be released on Steam in a few days by ANIPLEX.EXE (whose site seems to be still inaccesible from EU ) Steam page I'm really looking forward to it - it is written by Konno Asta, and directed by Yow, both of which were in charge of Konosora (If My Heart Had Wings). And there's a cute robot girl there Also, it looks very nice, and the screenshots suggest that it will have multi-language feature, so if translation turns out to be wonky, there will be original text available The VN is all-ages o
  15. Yeah we already have exact release date for Aokana, and it'll be at 27th later according to their newest KS update so I figure that it would be the good time to open the discussion. As for Aokana, what I can see for now is that the overall reception would be quite a positive one so much that Joyjason gave it 8. As for now, well we can only wait and hope that it'll go smoothly. Aokana will be available in the seven shops (NekoNyan store, Denpasoft, Fakku, JAST, Mangagamer, Nutaku, and Steam), so feel free to get it from whichever shop that you prefer. I'll add more info on the heroines later.
  16. Its out now, good time to release just as we are approaching the weekend and easter breaks after that
  17. Yeah we have Nekonyan announce the exact release date for this. As for me while granted I know that some reviewers didn't exactly have favorable opinion on this, I still look forward to the release of this. Also I'm quite surprised that Nekonyan decided to release this first seeing that I did guess they'll release Hello Lady, but more VN is always good so I have no problem with that. I'll add the heroines along with their VA info later, and of course the poll as well. Forget to say that the title is the pun of 'aishiteru' (TL Note: Aishiteru mean I love you). The tweet from Nekonyan below
  18. Because we finally have the release for Sanoba (Well still about 12 hours though), I figure that it would be fitting if I open the discussion thread for this VN. As for my first look here, I like that two of the heroines did have magical girl like outfit so we could say that this could be the first proper VN that did have magical girl heroine, and I say this because Schatten was too much have blatant fanservice sex scenes (I wouldn't deny that Sanoba here was also have a lot of sex scenes though). Magical girl heroine aside, actually Sanoba here was more in line with charage though considering
  19. Just sharing the news https://alkatranslations.com/a-sky-full-of-stars-fine-days-translation-patch-released/
  20. The game is under an hour long and very straight-forward. Your first time meeting Freyja, you’re a terrible slave who wastes her time. The second time, you impress her, and she considers making you her permanent slave. The game has 3 erotic scenes and 3 endings. In one ending, you fail to impress Freyja and she fucks another man right in front of you! Then she slams the door in your face and refuses to make you a slave! Getting cucked by a femdom goddess, I almost came in my pants! I felt like the writer is writing from experience, because the dialogue and setup was so believable. My only comp
  21. Yukikoi Melt has been just released on Steam, and there's freeware +18 patch downloadable from JAST. Steam release seems to be dual-language (EN+JP) which is nice bonus
  22. 君を仰ぎ乙女は姫に / "My Fair Princess" official English translation has been released by SolPress on 2019-11-08. It has been released as All-ages Steam Edition plus free +18 Patch. It seems interesting (some people say it has a bit similar vibe to Princess Evangile, minus all-girls school of course), and I like the art style, so it definitely goes onto my wishlist/backlog. Sadly, according to some posts on various forums, the release is currently in pretty messy state, with font issues and untranslated lines A quote from r/visualnovels: Do we have another Hoshimemo-like ca
  23. While console versions of YU-NO remake were released in 2017, Spike Chunsoft has been working on PC version and English translation. Recently they announced planned release date - 2019.10.01 YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bound of this World (link to Steam store) Additionally, translated version will be also released for PS4 and Switch. According to publisher both japanese and english PS4 versions have some mild censorship (in one CG lower part of naked heroine is obscured by ray of light - not unlike original Windows version from Elf ). While japanese Switch version doesn't h
  24. Whoa, that came out of the left field. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1094640/True_Love_95/ It looks like FAKKU is going to release +18 version of True Love ~Jun'ai Monogatari~ on Steam. (Since game is marked as +18 on Steam, you can't acces store page without logging in and having adult content enabled in your settings).
  25. Yeah it's happened according to the tweet below. So get that VN if you didn't mind some VN that almost entirely consist of joke (And meme) and have fun. PS - I'll add heroine VA later on if possible.
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