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  1. All aboard to Majikoi S express!!! We are now set to travel!!! Choo-choo!!!! I'll pilgrim again... XD
  2. Hooray!! My camping here was worthwhile!!! We finally arrived at the Majikoi paradise!!!! Congrats to the team!!!!! Hhhhnnnggggggggggggggggg..... *Dies happily XD
  3. Rather than ride the JAST train.... I'll be saying: "Arr, matey!!!". <--If you know what this mean. But I have feeling that a benevolent driver with a decent train will arrive at the Majikoi S and other Majikoi version/sequel dreamland before JAST does.... XD
  4. Currently camping here in the hype train. So far I'm already seeing the silhouette of our destination. Though, there are turbulence here and there but the crew assured us that they won't falter to those stuffs. I'll just give them my support for the final spurt... XD P.S. I hope I can aboard again to a reliable hype train which would take me to Majikoi S (edited since I realize that my statement before sounds as if I'm favoring over JAST)... XD
  5. Hmm, my guess is that it would really be hard for jast to convince all of the members not to release the patch here since there are already a lot of people involved in the current translation. But they could have high probability that they will handle the majikoi s and other "sequels/versions" of majikoi. But the internet community is so vast that they couldn't stop fan-translators (noob or veteran) from translating one of the majikoi's before they do. Except if they are able to release one of those before the fan-translator's... So people, give them, the current fan-translator team, your
  6. Congrats!!!! I can feel the pre-celebration hype... XD
  7. Font color in profile page doesn't work... It also shows the color code...
  8. I'm ALIVE! AWAKE! ENTHUSIASTIC! XD Wait....Where are my lolis???? Σ(゚Д゚|||)
  9. No worries... As I have already mentioned, I'm pretty cautious about me accessing this site since my ninjitsu skills in hiding things are flawless... Thus I have already reflected this way back before deciding to be a member of this site and using pedobear as my avatar.... No one will believe that I have this "hobby" (visual novel) if a person will caught me on the act since I'm a kind law abiding citizen... XD In short, I'm neutral if you choose pink. As matter of fact, one of the site I visit that teaches how to draw manga/anime has a pink theme. XD I have a suggestion so that n
  10. Pink?? Imagine if you're at work or in school and you accidentally/unconsciously/intentionally view this site. Then your peer/coworker/classmate/relative or basically someone saw you.................................................................................... Well, I don't care though since I'm really cautious about my private life being exposed... XD Btw, is it normal to still see the floating message about taking this survey even if I'm already done taking it?
  11. Pedobear is suffering from feels... Yune chan!!!!

  12. My eyes!!!! Karin episode 18!!! I want to puke!!!!!!! T_T

  13. He's talking about the patching since they were able to create a program thanks to the "slaves", if I'm not mistaken. But I doubt if it's called finalizing stage since there are a lot of tests to be done if they want high quality work. Edit: Wow, experiencing lag. My answer now seems to be many post late... XD But anyways, they're somewhat near but the release will depend solely on the "tedious process" (quoted from Emperor Emblem), and quality checking on the patch. Miyako route will surely catch-up when it's its turn to patch after the patching of the other routes... XD
  14. People are panicking because of the "series of unfortunate events" that is happening in Majikoi translation teams (Yandere translation from back then and this new team). There are also rumors that Miyako route is cursed and causing these "misfortunes". True or not, people are just afraid that another misadventure will happen. So please take your time but with extra-extra-extra utmost care. Most of us, I believe, want quality and completeness. So no rush to you guys. XD
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