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Found 6 results

  1. Can somebody recommend me a manga or anime with a weak protagonist with harem? I prefer that the genre is slice-of-life with bearable humor (not overboarding/over-acting) and not dragging. Though, I accept action genre or protagonist becomes stronger in the end. But if it is difficult to find an anime/manga like that, you can recommend me a weak protagonist with romantic comedy genre. These are the anime/manga that I've watched/read already: The World God Only Knows Oreimo (Ore No Imouto ga Konnani Wake ga Nai) Yahari Game demo Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Oreshura Oda Nobuna no Yabou Toradora Vandred Nyan Koi! Tonagura Suzuka Sakurasao no Pet no Kanojou Monogatori Mayo Chiki! Infinite Stratos Golden Time Clannad Chuunibyou demo koi ga shitai! AnoHana Nisekoi (Damn, It's too dragging that I gave up on it) ...... I forgot the rest especially the mangas...
  2. I was just wondering, are there any other VNs like Princess Waltz? A good Fantasy kind of story with interesting characters (magical powers, etc.) and a fun card-based battle. I'm not talking about super serious strategic card battles.. just fun anime-like ones that aren't incredibly complicated (such as the one in Princess Waltz, or even something similar to Yu-Gi-Oh)... I'd like some romance included too... either just part of the story or able to romance a female character in it. Preferably in English . If anyone knows any games like that, please share. Thanks! You can share some Japanese ones if they're really good... I may be curious to look them up.. although, I might not be able to currently play them at the moment (my JP level isn't that high).
  3. I am looking for the best, of the best, of the best, of the best nukige!! Not really though. I just havent really read any nukige and so i'm just looking for your guys recommendations. Fully translated to English is highly-preferable. Other than that i am not a picky person. I will say that i have read Maman Kyoushitsu and i was quite fond of it, but like i said i'm open to pretty much anything. So, what are your favorite nukiges?
  4. So like I said in the "What are you playing now?" thread I said I would heading over here to hear Fuwans out for recommendations. Now let's cut to the chase, basically I was thinking at first to jump right into Comyu, however I'm now craving games like Grisaia, in that the MC, and possibly all the heroines, have a dark past, sometimes very dark, and that the MCs past might overwhelm that of the heroines, while being able to make the character a "proactive" one if you may call it that. Good examples would be, Yuuji from Grisaia, Kenichi from Sharin no Kuni and perhaps Kyousuke from G-Senjou no Maou. Well, before someone says that me not playing Clannad or the muv-luv series is a sin, I just don't feel like playing them right now. Ok, now that that is out of the way feel free to see what games I finished to prevent suggestions to games I already played. http://vndb.org/u66964/list?c=all;v=0;t=2 Thanks in advance to all people who reply. P.S. - Now I'm going to bed(it's frigging 3 am) so I will only see the replies in 10 hours or so.
  5. Hi! I`m sorry to defile this forum with this kind of thread, but; In between reading some of the longer, more refined visual novels, i find myself wanting games with easier language that also caters to ... hmm... my other needs.. (read: I`d like to practice my japanese while fapping). So: I was surprised to find out that i get turned on by eroges with voyeurism or accidental stuff; This could be in the bath, while changing, while sleeping, while masturbating etc; - Main character peeps at heroine (accidentally or intentionally) (with or without getting caught) - Main character walks in on heroine (accidentally or intentionally) - OR the other way around ; Heroine peeps or walks in on Main Character. - Bonus point: A game where the main character INTENTIONALLY sets up so he will get "caught/walked in on" by heroine. (Tell me if this is the case, cause i havent seen many of these) I have checked the games with "voyeurism" tag in VNDB. The interesting ones I`ve played or added to my Plan to Read list. Almost all japanese games seem to have one or two of these kind of scenes, so maybe a minimum of 3-4 scenes in the games you reccommend would be great. It would also be great if you could indicate how many scenes i could expect in the recommended game, like; ~4-5 [ Game : xxx ] Many [ Game : yyy ] Also; I`ll expect to do a lot of fa......um.. reading, the whole year (business trips). So feel free to recommend as many as you like. Thank you very much
  6. Hi everybody! I have been studying japanese for some time now. To further improve my japanese, i want to read/play visual novels. I have been looking around at vndb.org, but as im kinda picky when it comes to entertainment (books, games etc.), i`d like to find what fits me . To break things up for you, And to help me visualize what kind of games is being recommended, i have thrown out ALL the things i would like to see in a game. I have also given a maximum amount of STARS to each. Say mystery have 3 stars maximum. If your recommendation have no mystery it will get 0 stars, some mystery 1 star and so forth. Up to a maksimum of 3 stars. One million cookies to the one who recommends the game with the most stars! No cheating TECHNICAL Short ☆☆☆ I would like the amount of time it takes to finish a game with true/best/good ending WITHOUT WALKTHROUGH to be relatively short. So if i need several playthroughs to FIND the true route, you should factor in this. TOTAL TIME <15h ☆☆☆ <30h ☆☆ <50h☆ Easy Japanese ☆☆☆ All / Almost all text is voiced ☆☆☆ Replay voice button ☆☆ Since i want to use VNs to improve my Japanese, it would be great to listen to difficult sentences several times. GENRE Mystery ☆☆☆ Comedy ☆☆☆ Action ☆☆ LIGHT Romance ☆☆ GAMEPLAY / FEATURES Interesting gameplay OR Choices that are NOT based on luck ☆☆☆☆☆ IF the game has srpg/rpg/action/adventure elements; This criteria is judged like you would any normal game. I prefer hard games btw:P IF the game has the choices more often seen in VNs; Stars are given based on how much thought you would put into the choices etc.The choices should NOT be based on luck: e.g "You go through the forest, and the road splits in three, will you take route A, B or C ?" . Nor should they be "Which girl do you want?". An example of more interesting choices could be a detective novel where you get presented with a number of choices, where only one is the "correct" one. To choose the correct one you would have to logically deduce it from what have happened earlier etc. Many VNs will get a low/zero score here even if they have many choices. So for a good score, the choices should be HARD but LOGICAL IF the game is a kinetic novel (or just one or two straightforward decisions) the score will be 0. "Easy" to choose different routes ☆☆ Making it easier for the player to know when/where the crucial choices are, for example by having a flowchart. (Maybe with the option of jumping around on the flowchart) OR having new game plus etc. Possible to work towards true/good ending. ☆☆ I would like the choices needed to get the true/good ending to make sense, and not be luck or Trial/Error PRESENTATION (I know this will be more subjective than the other things) Nice Artstyle ☆☆☆ Good voicework, with few irritating voices. ☆☆☆ Few extreme H-scenes ☆☆☆ I dont mind if there are no h-scenes at all, or a ton of them, either is fine. But i dislike: AAA - girls (children), bondage, scat, violence/murder sex, tentacles. Wow thats a long post from me. A thousand cookies to the ones who is bothered even reading it all. Here is a template: NAME OF THE VN TECHNICAL Short ☆☆☆ Easy Japanese ☆☆☆ All / Almost all text is voiced ☆☆☆ Replay voice button ☆☆ GENRE Mystery ☆☆☆ Comedy ☆☆☆ Action ☆☆ LIGHT Romance ☆☆ GAMEPLAY / FEATURES Gameplay / Choices ☆☆☆☆☆ "Transparent" routes ☆☆ True/good ending NOT based on pure luck. ☆☆ PRESENTATION Artstyle ☆☆☆ Voiceacting ☆☆☆ Few extreme H-scenes ☆☆☆ TOTAL : 00 x ☆ [COMMENTS] I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope someone would take the time to recommend me a game or two. Just copy the template, and bold the stars the game does deserve Thank you very much
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