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  1. I realized that sometimes (or even very common) has secondary characters that are either better than the protagonist or are very interesting, and that motivated even more to complete the visual novel, I will cite one example. I still know little visual novel, I probably read less than 90% of the people here, as I more play other types of games, but I thought interesting to discuss about it.
  2. The title says it all. What are your guys' opinions on this issue? As we all know, some VN studios are still not willing to release their content in the West, which sucks to see in this day where translating companies are getting bigger and bigger. True, a lot of companies have opened up to this idea. Key is a major one, releasing Harmonia, their next VN release, in a simultaneous release in Japan and the West. This is the type of mindset I'd like to see from more VN companies, not to the extent of what Key are doing, but thinking of the west more. Let's hear your opinions
  3. So my problem is simple but no matter where i searched i can't seem to find out how to get one of the Cg's for Fuyurugi Kisaya...i have the first and the last of her route but i'm still missing the middle one and it's been bothering me for a while now that while i finished all the routes i'm still missing this Cg from my Fave girl out of this Vn..i'll appreciate any tips or help..i considered that maybe i had to do the bad end to get it but in non of the other routes was that the case so there must be something i'm missing or doing wrong As always, thanks for the help I love you all guys (always helping me out )
  4. Heey guys I'm still somewhat new to all this VN and such, I have read them for some years, but sadly my japanese is nonexistent. I also do not know all that many sites to get info about VN and translation progress. I was hoping somebody knew something about the Grisaia series? The first one was from what I know fantranslated and the second was announced to be translated aswell as the third one. From what I have found, this was already back in 2013, so I would like to know if there is any progress on the matter? Any estimate of how long before a english patch for, in my case, the second comes out? Have a nice day:)
  5. Started reading Euphoria but don't have a walkthrough. Can anyone help? The VN is pretty long so and seems like the heroine choices matter a lot. A walkthrough would help a lot, need one badly. .
  6. Transforming what we expect from the OELVN market Whenever I talk to communities that play visual novels, there is always a kneejerk reaction when you say OELVN. To many, they are the bane of the visual novel world. All of the player base agrees that there were many well done and even groundbreaking OELVNs developed but for the most part, they are done poorly and use common tropes that can be redundant at times. The fact of the matter is that OELVNs tend to be indies, have much lower budgets then Japanese VNs, and do tend to stick to the script more than change things up. This is why I am writing this now. I am pioneering a movement to completely recreate what it means to be an OELVN. Many may say, “That is too ambitious for an indie” but I will not be stopped. Months ago I launched a kickstarter for my game but I didn’t invest enough capital to get quality art so it was ignored. This was entirely my fault. I then adapted and started making sure my original and very different idea was presented with all the bells and whistles needed to grab the attention of the player base. With that attention, I can begin to explain what I intend to do to change the game. OELVN to Western VN An OELVN is not much different from a Japanese VN. In fact, they are so similar that people that know of OELVNs tend to call them low budget or indies as a bad stigma. There are exceptions like Unwonted Studios and Winterwolves but for the most part, the stigma is very real. What is my solution to this? Make a Western VN. How can you compare or stigmatize something that has no equivalent? If it has no equivalent then you must judge it based on your own personal experience with it. There are many American developers out there that try to place stories in japan and use the common. The setting of my game is in the ancient middle east. It also has elements of the ancient alien theory and historical references of many different pantheons during the time of 3500 BCE. This has never been done before, not even in video gaming as a whole. But to understand why it Is different, we must look into individual changes that make the experience different from a normal VN. Art Style Since the story is different, more serious, and from a certain period, we chose to use art that looks digital but has a comic like styling to it. All armor, clothing, and backgrounds are based on alien technology and period architecture/writing. Music We tend to make most songs fit the location of the game but we do not allow that to stop us from adding a few Asian songs to capture the mood. The music is intense and matches the flow of the game. Flow The game has short chapters spanning no longer then 10 minutes each. There is a world map and different type of quest which require tactical decision making and exploration. There is very little internal monologue and the viewpoint is omniscient even though you only control the main character. It will feel like mini-episodes of a very big series where you develop characters and become attached to their own personal goals. Relationships Unlike in other games with a BxG relationship in the genre, we have incorporated a very different mechanic to how ours works. First, you as the main player will be competing for the love of the female lead. Your actions can cause her to love or hate you and the other character’s actions can do the same. You can very well FAIL to get the girl and even more, lose the girl to your rival. Additionally, all the characters in the game will react, listen, and follow you differently based on the reputation you acquire throughout the game. Your decisions will make them great allies or reasons for your death! Insanity The main character has psychological issues that he must conquer. Throughout the game you will come across spirits messing with your mind and as a result, you must either embrace these ideas or suppress them. By embracing them, you gain new powers that are extremely powerful BUT by giving away your autonomy, you also lose the ability to think rationally in situations where you have to use self-control. Questing Unlike other games which stick to one type of mini-game throughout the story, Black Sands offers many. There will be investigations, tracking missions, and random skill check progressions. Each one requires a completely different set of skills. Exploration The world lore of Black Sands is deep with mystery and discovery. While the player can choose to stick to the main path of the story, they will most likely engage in the side stories to discover the secrets of the rift. Every secret unlocks a journal entry and we have an in game encyclopedia that will explain all the lore. Historical References When you unlock lore entries, you get the real world context from which it was created including sources. This adds a level of education to a fantasy game that is never done. Main Character A common complaint about VNs as a whole is the main character being too needy and weak. In this game, the main character is a vicious fighter with an exceptional command over people. He suffers from Dementia but focuses himself using “knowledge of self” and meditation. You as the player will tell his story in your own personalized journal which will be sharable online. Victory Conditions In Black Sands, every turn cost time. Events happen based on the time and when you meet an obstacle for the first time, you get a progress bar on the top right. The more you learn about the obstacle, the more “confidence” you have you can deal with it. This helps you in the events that happen when you take on that challenge OR when that challenge decides to take on you. If you do not prepare well, you may be forced into a very bad situation but if you prepare for the coming enemy etc, you will succeed. Theme We incorporate ancient Kemetic-Kushite, Canaanite, Akkadian, Minoan, Greek, and Hindu mythology into the Black Sands universe while tying them all together with the ancient alien theory as the base. This will bring new fans to the genre as the ancient alien gaming world is an untapped market and the cultures of the middle east and black community would love to have heroes that look like them. Thus, we are moving forward, ever aggressive and ever vigilant. If you have any questions or critiques, please comment below.
  7. So, yesterday I ordered Little Busters EX. I researched a little bit and found that there's a spin off title called "Kud Wafter" focusing on one of the other characters I assume. With a quick scroll through Ebay, I found that the imagery (especially on the back.) of the physical copy was a little concerning. I generally only want to buy it for the sake of being one step closer to completing my Key/Visual Arts PC game collection. I know for Little Busters EX, as well as this title there's no English Patch, (completed that is) so, having them up on my shelf is good enough. Also, I know that there was an "All Ages" version released which would be the better option as I'm not a HUGE fan of the H-scenes..but it's only for the PSP? I considered purchasing the item, but then again, customs might pick up on it and it'd raise some eyebrows. Have any of you guys had any issues with this sort of thing? I'm from Australia.
  8. So you have played your first visual novel game and finally arrived at the greatest moment in it: the h-scene. You have been faced with a difficult decision that will affect humanity.... in a way. The heroine is awaiting your decision, her eyes gleaming with excitement as she knows you are about to unleash your white minions. You are at your limit and you have to make this decision in the next 5 seconds or suffer the consequences... The question is where? You as a protagonist have a mission or missions (if you reload that save anyway): To be a responsible adult and not create an unnecessary life by pulling out your hyper weapon at the opportune moment because apparently it is the greatest contraception method in the visual novel world and then spray her like a busted fire hydrant OR Satisfy her fully: figuratively and literally by providing your love, warmth, and DNA even if she says "It's a safe day;" you don't believe in safe days or you are just too lazy or exhausted to pull out, so you remain inside. If you chose outside, despite covering the precious heroine with your essence and creating chaos made of white fluids all over the place, cleaning the whole place, even if it's the classroom, the rooftop, the library, the balcony or the church will be no problem, and you and the heroine will somehow manage to cleanse all the foul odors and pigments and smile at each other as if you've just robbed a bank without anyone noticing. Apparently you can use sorcery to block people's sense of smell so you and the heroine can totally walk around crowded streets without any suspicion. People who support the Way of the Outside are Ninja-class by default. If you chose inside, the heroine can never be become an expectant mother unless The P.L.O.T. demands it. The P.L.O.T. is more powerful than Jesus Himself. It can make babies appear or not appear with the heroine or the protagonist's will alone, so the protagonist can keep releasing inside 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10 times without any problems. People may consider it "convenience", but I believe this is more of a miracle. "Inside" protagonists are also environment friendly, making sure the "predicament" can easily be wiped off with a single tissue as opposed to the wasteful "Outsiders" who require a dozen of them. People who follow the Way of the Inside are Hikikomori-class by default because they truly acknowledge that the inside is paradise and anything outside is corrupt, repulsive, and unacceptable. So once again, the ultimate question: inside or outside?
  9. Hi everyone! So being new to VN's, I (regrettably) haven't actually finished a VN 100% with all routes yet, but I've almost done it with If My Heart Had Wings (IMHHW) with the FTL Restoration Patch. This one's going to be the first VN I've fully completed. The first VN I ever read was Katawa Shoujo, but this was many years ago and I only completed Hanako's route because I was too satisfied with her to play it again for a while. I do plan to finish all the other routes for that one too though at some point in the future. But for now I've got my eyes on The Fruit of Grisaia after I complete IMHHW. So technically even though I haven't completed any of them yet, I have actually played a total of two VN's to this date. I'm very curious to see how many VN's people have played who have been reading for years! (If you can be bothered to try and count and remember them all, aha!)
  10. What are your guy's opinions on nakiges? I've stated quite a bit before that they are one of my favorite genres in visual novels mainly because Key is one of my favorite companies and nakiges are their forte. Also, if you have a favorite nakige, state it as well. Are you guys emotional like me and love these VNs or are you the opposite?
  11. So I often find myself kind of annoyed at visual novels that gives you a set in stone, uber long common route that you cannot get out off until you finish reading it (AKA no meaningful choices during it). Like, I love Grisaia no Kajitsu to death but damnit frontwing, the common route is way too long!!! Honestly, I just get so happy when I see a visual novel with "early branching plot" as it lets me explore the different routes a lot quicker and it just makes the experience a lot better for me. I'm not saying there shouldn't be a common route, in fact without one I don't really see how the game would work very well, but something like Yosuga no Sora or Majikoi is exactly what I want. There is a common route / prologue, but its not TOO long and you get a choice to enter a route pretty fast after. Then its all about the heroine stories and not about the repeated content that you cannot escape in the common route of death until you finally reach the heroine choice screen after like 30+ hours in the game. Anyways, those are my thoughts on it, what are yours? Early or late branching plot, whats the best?
  12. Is it any good? i like the yandere archetype and characters but not many animes or Vn's make them quite right and that much if at all for that matter, so when i heard that there was a Vn solely dedicated to yanderes i had to wonder wether it was any good or not. What are your thought on it guys if you've played it or heard of it? is it worth a go? As always thank you It's this one
  13. Yeah so we have been doing this like all week now; make an opposite thread. So yeah, this one is the opposite of favorite visual novel genres by virginsmasher. What are your least favorite visual novel genres? Doesn't have to be something you absolutely hate of course, but one you are just fed up with at this point for example. Personally I´m really not a fan of nakige. It usually just ends up feeling forced. TAKE OUR DRAMA! TAKE IT!!! Ohh and then, happy end. So basically, unnecessary drama tags. Oh and trap. Yes Jade. You heard me.
  14. So I'm looking for Vn's with Tsunderes in them but i don't want to play just anything , i'd rather it being a good vn overall and also wante to ask opinions on who's the best Tsundere from any Vn for you guys. I'd have to go with Her : As always thanks for helping me keep building my "To-Read" List with great imputs
  15. Basically i've heard there has been a partial patch released but in contrast i've also heard that the translation was stalled since the translator in charge retired, does anyone know what it's going on with this vn's translation or wether or not it'll be completed? i really want to play this one since i've heard great things about it. I appreciate any information, thanks
  16. As the title says and even though i've seen the top 5 threads, i'm making it a bit different here and hope it's to everyone's liking: Basically you have to pick : Favorite Heroine, Favorite MC, Favorite Ost or song from a Vn and then their counterparts which are Most hated heroine, most hated MC and least favorite Ost (If you have any) and i hope everyone has a lovely time making their choices ^^ ( and as a bonus if you're confident enough you guys can pick your favorite Vn aswell ^^) Favorite Heroine: Hinamori Kagome (Coμ) : I recently placed her second on a top five list but after thinking it a bit i came to realize just how much i love this girl overall, her attitude, desing, personality...EVERYTHING Favorite MC: Naoe Yamato ( Majikoi, Majikoi S and the A series) : To me he's extremely likeable although not the most badass but he fits right in Favorite OST or Song: I just love it, nothing else to say about it haha AND NOW THE COUNTERPARTS! Least Favorite Heroine: Aoi Isuzu (Hoshizora no Memoria): Pretty self explanatory, i won't go into detail... Least Favorite MC: Itou Makoto (School Days): Do you know him? if not well you're lucky, i just despise this dude completely.. And i don't really have a least favorite Ost or song but that's because i haven't read those many Vn's yet as to have found some that are bad or dislikeable overall... Well and that's my list, i'm eager to see everyone else's lists and learn more about vn's ^^ hope you like the idea and thread
  17. Does anyone know where i could find progress information on how the translation is going for Grisaia no Mekyuu and Grisaia no Rakuen? the last thing i saw was Sekai project's kickstarter for the games but i went to their page last night and no info was around either only Grisaia no Kajitsu for sale on their web along with their other Vn's...So does anyone know anything about it?
  18. https://vndb.org/v18797 I want to talk about Blood Code a VN with Datng Sim element so you can buy throught Steam, since I have just buy the game myself. I just want to say it's very amazing game with unigue story and characther. Gameplay in the game are very amazing and I like how we can train the magic power. And I like mystery in the game to. So i have couple of question for there. 1. have you buy Blood Code? 2. What do you like about Blood Code? 3. What do you dislike about Blood Code? 4. Who it's your favorite characther? 5. Which characther do you dislike? 6. Do you have any feedback and critigue about Blood Code? That was all for now and I hope we can have fun chat about Blood Code. Novel21
  19. Basically i'm having a hard time deciding which one to play next so i thought i'd run it by you guys and see what your thoughts on them are - Comyu Kuroi Ryuu to Yasashii Oukoku - Cross Channel - Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate - Ikinari Anata ni Koishiteiru I've only started Cross Channel out of these but found myself a bit stuck through it plus i was told that you don't actually replay it for different routes but instead goes by week with one heroine each week or something along those lines, the others i've only read a bit while doing research and found them intriguing...so which of these (if any) would you say it's best to start with? Thanks as always ^^
  20. Hello boys and girls of fuwa! Christmas is just around the corner, so on that note, merry christmas everyone! That also means that the end of the year is coming up, and so I wanted to ask, what has been your favorite VN moment of 2015? If you haven't really read any new titles, you can mention a moment from an old novel that you have read this year, of course. It also doesn't have to be a moment from a VN, but something that has happened on the forum or maybe a kickstarter campain or upcoming title that was announced this year etc etc. Please remember to use spoiler tags and write above the spoiler what title its from if its needed, so the thread isnt a minefield of spoilers. The release of Clannad in the west was something I've been uber hyped for and it was actually also one of the reasons I came to Fuwa, so that is quite memorable thing for me. Also, my favorite VN moment of 2015 has been getting my sanity completely shattered and played with by Euphoria's true ending ... Anyways, again, merry christmas to everyone, and I look forward to seeing what 2016 has in store for us
  21. Wanted to get a few names so i could read more because i can't find many Vn's with female MC...maybe i suck at finding but which would you guys recommend? Thanks ^^
  22. I just finished the VN, I enjoyed every bit of it. Well, this one is heavy spoiler weighted, so... you've been warned. From now on, every attempt to see things you should not see, will be your own responsability. What do you think, guys? Is the true end conceptually a mistake?
  23. Personally i do like this one and i'm currently reading it's follow up Tick, Tack then ill do Really?Really! as i understand it they're a series though with different focus right? here's the question though, why are there so many people who look down on Shuffle! or the series in general. It's no masterpiece i get that but it's not downright awful either as some people make others think. Opinions, thoughts?
  24. Hi guys I am a big fan of the Muv-Luv series, I've read a lot of the visual novels and only recently started watching the anime Muv-Luv total eclipse, but after finishing it It felt like a lot was missing, and there is no season 2 for it to follow up with So I searched the internet and couldn't find anywhere to buy/download it so I could play through it and get the full experience rather than learning what happens over the internet So anyone got any links that can help? Thanks in advance!
  25. I keep reading about this VN and the opinions i've found thus far are quite mixed, one would argue that that is the case for most since opinions always go according to each person's taste but i'd like to know what you guys think of it and if you recommend it or not, this is beacause i just noticed it's out on steam where i hadn't seen it before soo, think i should give it a try or it isn't any good? Thanks for the help ^^
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