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  1. Hmm, you might very well be right, but I still look forward to reading it, watched the anime tons of times already, by far my favorite anime:) The second game will be in 2017 I think. Pretty sure I read that somewhere, nothing I can say for sure or prove though:/
  2. So nothing serious yet, hmm. Well, it can't be all that long I guess with the huge amount of hype both the VN and anime had in the west, well, let's see:) Thanks though:)
  3. Btw. Since you guys seems to have some more reliable sources than I, do you know anything about Angel Beats translation? I know a fantranslation was started, but what about an official translation?
  4. I haven't really been all that hyped about it, I stumbled over that the anime came out and I was hoping for the VN so I searched a little around on the sites I knew. Didn't find much info though, so I didn't actually have any real congrete info before I found the kickstarter:)
  5. Nice, that's not too long from now, it sounds about right for the second one at least:)
  6. Thank you very much:) I already played the first one though. Another question on that regard, where can I buy the games? I know of Mangagamer.com but it's not all that many games you can get in there:)
  7. Ohh, any idea of when and how much the 2 versions will cost? I will go for the uncencored one. Thank you very much though:)
  8. Heey guys I'm still somewhat new to all this VN and such, I have read them for some years, but sadly my japanese is nonexistent. I also do not know all that many sites to get info about VN and translation progress. I was hoping somebody knew something about the Grisaia series? The first one was from what I know fantranslated and the second was announced to be translated aswell as the third one. From what I have found, this was already back in 2013, so I would like to know if there is any progress on the matter? Any estimate of how long before a english patch for, in my case, the second comes out? Have a nice day:)
  9. Ohh man, that pretty sad to hear, get well my friend
  10. Thank you very much guys!
  11. Thank you very much! A friend of mine was recommended to play Katawa Shoujo, and I tried it out too, thats how it started, then I looked for more VNs on my own:) Thanks for the moe!
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