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  1. I have been playing Steins Gate. Found an error in the scriptwritting, in the END of the TRUE END. Writers added sugar to the honey pot, and ruined it.
  2. It's not exactly as I understood it. Finally, there is an interesting thing told explicitely by Suzuha, in the start of Chapter 11: So, wrapping things up...
  3. I just finished the VN, I enjoyed every bit of it. Well, this one is heavy spoiler weighted, so... you've been warned. From now on, every attempt to see things you should not see, will be your own responsability. What do you think, guys? Is the true end conceptually a mistake?
  4. I don't fully agree in there. There are points to be taken in consideration.
  5. The thread name kinda implies it'll have Rewrite spoilers though Exactly, but I edited so curious readers don't get ahead of themselves haha. Thanks for understanding though.
  6. That sucks, man. Now I know Shizuru's "good" ending is even more tragic that Terra's Route Hidden Content
  7. That sucks, man. Now I know Shizuru's "good" ending is even more tragic that Terra's Route
  8. Chihaya/Kotori have continuation on Harvest Festa. The others don't.
  9. LMFAO these gags outsmart Kotori for sure hahaha xD
  10. According to the Wikia, Harvest Festa uses the Oppai Alternate World as reference for Shizuru's Route, ergo, it can't be. Not sure about that though, since I found the lore of Rewrite to be a little hard to follow. Well, "in paper", it should be possible for familiar to have reproductive abilities, since their source of power is based in Aurora (Life) and they still hold part of their DNA when created (If part of Kotarou in its tree form were used to create a Humanoid Familiar, this part should contain Kotarou's DNA). Now, that's pure speculation. It only confuses me .
  11. Hello, just a friendly player passing by. I just finished Rewrite (100%, all CG, quests, friends and monsters GET). I quite enjoyed everything. ...the problem I found is in the Wikia, actually, so you might close this thread if you feel like I'm wasting your time. Anyways, for those interested, there is something that bugs me... The "Trivia" section speaks about Shizuru's future with Kotarou. ...the Trivia states that years after this event, Shizuru marries Kotarou and have two kids. I didn't find this in the game... did I miss something important? o_O
  12. As far as I understand, the Moon Route acts as a bridge between possibilities of an ensured apocalypse and a single ray of hope, and Terra Route (The true end) implements this ray of hope.
  13. Why don't I see "Evenicle" in the list? I'd love see that one translated, fresh from this year. It's kinda tiring reading only through a VNR, and also there is only a half-baked english interface patch.
  14. ...It seems something bad happened back in there. That's the reason of why I'm asking for the tools you used instead of trying joining your team. I don't mean any harm, and I don't want to be a freeloader in your ranks. Therefore, I only asked for the tools and then I would be learning on my own, so I could prepare myself to give you a hand in the following projects. Now, that's only if you want to. If you don't, that's also fine.
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