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    Erogamer got a reaction from HataVNI in Senmomo: A Billowing Bladestorm, A Persica Princess Translation Project   
    Well, that is good. However, the speed of this seems unrealistic. I have even seen discussions on r/visualnovels Reddit where it was actually labeled a machine TL. I am not here to start anything. Like I said, if it is legit then great. When it comes out I hope everyone is happy and can enjoy it. The funny thing is, in the last couple or few years I have seen fan translations that are better than many "official" translations.
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    Erogamer got a reaction from Fiddle in Quick opinion about DeepL by someone that reads in Japanese   
    I have used DeepL for a few visuals and some it gives a pretty good translation for, others not that great. I can't read Japanese, but I can understand some spoken. I am guessing the TL quality is due to the software at times, not having the right Hook, and other times because of how the writing is in the game. My main complaint with it is how bad it is with pronouns based on sex of the character referred to or just who it is talking about. Sometimes a lot of mental editing is required. However, I am thankful for DeepL as without it I would not have been able to read the masterpiece that is Sakura Moyu.
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    Erogamer reacted to Clephas in Anime Central 2022 Announcements   
    Irotoridori is the only surprise on that list... I'd more or less given up on seeing anymore Favorite games being translated.
    Hopefully, Sakura Moyu will come eventually (Favorite's best work).
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    Erogamer got a reaction from rimvydasm in [Studio Frisay] Imasugu Onii-chan ni Imouto datte Iitai! Translation Project [Released]   
    Interesting......there is a manga based on this focusing on Ayumu. Good luck with the project. It is nice to see more people take up games that have an actual story rather than all the nukige we see getting pumped out.
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    Erogamer reacted to Veshurik in Massive Sale on Fanza Games   
    Nice sale! I purchased "Royal Garden", played trial version long time ago, and it was interesting! Also, append DLC, woohoo!¬†ūüėÄ
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    Erogamer got a reaction from Fiddle in Massive Sale on Fanza Games   
    For any that are interested in buying visual novels, but can't afford the high price, Fanza Games is holding a large sale right now. Titles that are around up to $80+ normally are going for $5. Sales for $15, 50% off, and 96% off several titles. Apparently there are bundles that include multiple games as well. Link NSFW
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    Erogamer reacted to Stormwolf in Hello Good Bye English Release (January 25th)   
    I'm not sure how your brain managed to produce this sentence. There is a vast difference in being proficient in a language and knowing basic things you pick up from exposure, how else would languages be learned?
    Don't know why im replying, it was so stupid im assuming it was trolling.
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    Erogamer got a reaction from Zander in The korean war is over.   
    Well, this is a moderated forum that has the right to ban any content or discussions they wish to. They also includes silencing and banning users. That is a right they also have. Facebook is doing the same to some of it's users for a different opinion. While I  do not agree with it, they have that right as a private company. There are many sites and forums out there that ban political and religious discussions because of all the trolling and hate speech which gets out of hand. I think it is a good idea on a forum like this that has nothing to do with politics or religion.
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    Erogamer reacted to tymmur in The korean war is over.   
    I bash multiple countries once in a while, sometimes countries I have never been to. However it has to be based on facts and be justified. For instance Russia traffic laws are crazy and allows maniacs. You have to exceed 80 km/h (50 mph) in residential areas before you can get a speeding ticket. I consider that to be horrible from a safety point of view. I don't fear upsetting Russians with this bashing though because they generally agree and hate the laws regarding speed limits. If we truly live in "the free world", we should be free to speak up about stuff like this.
    According to The art of the deal, you have to be unpredictable or the opponent will predict your next move and counter it before you make the move. Trump is intentionally unpredictable in order to get a better position in negotiations. Trump is well prepared. He has armed forces in the area, lots of allies, UN support and trade embargo. He has said he is communicating with Russia and China about the issue in order to gain their support as well. Some democrats have stated that NK tricks the US each time they make a deal. Trump has stated this time will be different. Either it's a good deal for America or no deal.
    NK is in another position. All countries seems to have sided with America. They lack oil, weapons, food.... well basically everything. Failing to reach an agreement can be the reason America needs to justify an attack (NK refuse to stop being a threat). Trump can afford to not get an agreement, KJU can't and it would appear that Trump has planned that setup and possibly worked on it ever since he was elected. Considering how well Trump seems to have planned this, odds are that he will not screw up now that he succeeded and he knows he succeeded.
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    Erogamer got a reaction from mitchhamilton in The korean war is over.   
    Can we please stop stop bashing other member's countries and presidents. Just because you have an opinion of a country does not mean that is actually what is going on. Even more so if you do not live in said country. Discussing the end of the Korean war is fine, but please stop the bashing of countries besides this one. Besides that, it is not North Korea's citizens itself that is the problem, but their tyrannical ruler. If this is how it is going to be, then I think political discussions should be banned from the forums. I am from the USA and I do not appreciate those bashing my country.
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    Erogamer reacted to solidbatman in The korean war is over.   
    yeah the original vision of an agrarian empire with slavery from coast to coast? or the original vision of a commercial elite with the disinterested best men of society running the show? 
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    Erogamer reacted to mitchhamilton in Why doesn't Sekai Project sell hardcopies outside of kickstarters?   
    the same reason they use ks for just about all their tl projects. they dont actually want to invest their own money into funding it.
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    Erogamer reacted to Soulless Watcher in On h-scenes in VNs   
    I will make no effort in grandstanding by trying to defend my position by conjuring up some elaborate excuse, I simply like h-scenes because I'm a horny bastard. 
    I've recently gotten allot of shit for rating some eroge higher than story centric visual novels on vndb. No, I don't think Funbag Fantasy has a better story than Kara no Shoujo, but they weren't aiming for the same goals. You can't rate a comedy on the same grounds as a action film, just as you can't yell at Stephen Hawking for being shit at baseball. I know that isn't what this topic is about, but I wanted to preemptively explain that before getting to the meat of the matter. 
    The real question is how to feel about sex scenes in story focused visual novels. Well personally I like them, I'm the type of person that after becoming a fan of characters in fiction I look up fanfiction and doujin about them fucking. Having the porn in the source material beforehand is something I find incredibly convenient and a major time saver. Do I expect people to be fine with this? Absolutely not and I completely understand why people would dislike these elements in visual novels. Not everyone has a masturbation addiction to help deal with the condition known as "living", some people drink alcohol instead...... or they just like a great story to distract them from life. 
    I find the question of whether "sex" can be used effectively as a narrative tool to be an interesting one. It's pretty common for people to cry out that an H-scene is "unrealistic", which always baffled me. We don't cry fowl when a FPS doesn't include a 40+ hour rehabilitation simulator after the player character is shot and no one complains that half of rom-coms don't end with a sloppy divorce. Fiction will always contradict reality on some level. I have never believed that a sex scene in any medium was "realistic" aside from Harry Turtledove books and quite frankly it kinda sucks. Realistic depictions of sex without dramatic flourishes are no different from depicting eating a meal or getting over a cold, it's just another boring part of life. 
    Would I like more story centric visual novels with sex scenes integrated better in their plots? Absolutely, but as I stated before it's not that easy. Sex is a relatively boring act as a plot device, without going into FSN territory and inviting contrived reasons sex is required, it can only be used as a plot device in stories of youthful indiscretion, Romeo/Juliet rip-offs, and stories of jealously. In all three instances sex isn't even necessarily required and could be substituted with something else. Sex isn't as big as a deal as society makes it. Oddly enough I think the horrible act of rape is a much better plot device and something that society needs to be better and handling. This act of abject evil opens the door to a menagerie of storytelling opportunities, however if the writer isn't incredibly skilled and knowledgeable it will come across as a cheap shock tactic that is "trying too hard". 
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    Erogamer reacted to NowItsAngeTime in On h-scenes in VNs   
    I will be the sole defender of H-scenes for fap purposes if necessary.
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    Erogamer reacted to ChaosRaven in Saku Saku Weird Translation?   
    I'm really tolerant if it comes to translations and barely complain about them, but even I think the translation of Chrono Clock was a mess, or at least certain parts of it.
    The top offender is D.D's translation. She's a supposedly British girl who constantly throws English words in when she speaks Japanese. The translator therefore thought it would be a great idea to give the English readers the same 'feeling' by inverting the whole language and let her constantly throw in Japanese words when she speaks English. Too bad that an English speaking girl that constantly uses Japanese words will appear JAPANESE and not British!!! And since its clear from the whole context that she's British her whole dialog doesn't make sense anymore. It's beyond me how a translator could loose his complete common sense in such a way and come up with such a dumb idea.
    Besides that, I disliked the crude translation of the protagonists narrative. He used the F-word so often that you could almost got the idea that the protagonist did grow up in the slums. Granted, I can't prove that the original Japanese text wasn't that way either, and I'm too lazy to look it up, but I highly doubt it since he was more of a spoiled rich-kid.
    The rest was okay though, it's just the protagonist and D.D. that really got on my nerves.
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    Erogamer reacted to novurdim in Saku Saku Weird Translation?   
    To me it seems like you just have very different ideas of what a good translation is, no real need to bite people.

    Though maybe I'm even on your side, I didn't play SakuSaku or ChCl but I did get annoyed at times when Himawari's translation straight up added literal wordy interpretations of the simple japanese phrases that I didn't even agree with when I looked at the immediate context.
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    Erogamer reacted to ittaku in To Heart 2 Sound and Music Skipping   
    You're welcome - that was Fred telling you how to do what I suggested
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    Erogamer reacted to Fred the Barber in To Heart 2 Sound and Music Skipping   
    The way you would do that would be:
    open Task Manger click the "Details" tab Find TOHEART2.exe Right-click it, and select "Set affinity" uncheck all boxes except one and click "Ok" Not saying it'll necessarily help either, but worth a try.
    Edit: Also, I don't think you need any kind of compatibility mode, so I'd try turning that off. I've always run the game on Win10 without any compatibility mode on, and not had the problem described.
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    Erogamer got a reaction from Suzu Fanatic in D.S. Dal Segno (Now Available)   
    Da Capo 3 was not that great at all. I was expecting something far superior in story, drama, and humor compared to DC 2. Boy, was a let down. I am curious if this will be better.
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    Erogamer reacted to littleshogun in What did you expect from the upcoming AX 2017 later? - Once again VN only   
    Well, no problem there in regard of your curiousity there. As for Marriage, the setting was still focused in school so better don't expect too much there.
    Anyway, apparently Sekai was announced many thing while I was sleeping here lol. My comment for now is that only two of those were interesting to me, because the rest was either still in development or already did had translation available. In fact, I wasn't as surprised as last year when I did read that Dracu Riot was announced (Granted, last year I watch the announcement but still) because it already had translation available, if only the way to got that was a little bit controversial. Well, if I may comment here is that it's Decay's team right to do partnership with Sekai imo. As for Senren Banka and Nanairo, I was quite interested with those two especially Senren in which it had good number of CG so much that it exceed Gin'iro Haruka CG number. As for the rest, well no interested for now although Rewrite+ might be good though.
    I'll keep my eyes on both of Denpasoft and JAST later.
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    Erogamer reacted to Narcosis in [Poll] Deciding between two visual novels.   
    Where's a choice for neither?
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    Erogamer reacted to yelsha57 in What did you expect from the upcoming AX 2017 later? - Once again VN only   
    For Mangagamer I hope they will announce that their new partner is Sprite,August,or Saga Planets .I also would like an update on Bokuten .
    For Sekai Project info on Baldr Sky and Clockwork trilogy and maybe announce Secret Game .
    For Frontwing update on Island or maybe a surprise title.
    For Degica Muv-Luv Alternative and Rumbling Hearts news and more Age titles would be nice.
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    Erogamer reacted to L^3 in Golden Marriage TL Project(Planning)   
    As seen in the title, I'm planning to translate Golden Marriage, a VN by Ensemble. However, due to my lack of knowledge and experience, I'm looking for any advice for TLs. I've read https://forums.fuwanovel.net/topic/2254-how-to-translate-a-vn/ before, but I would like to see a detailed step-by-step explanation. Golden Marriage uses .arc files(Like If My Heart Had Wings) and I have successfully extracted the files(I think). Extracting Rio.arc gave me what I think is the script. But, I can't comprehend it.
    Example:„ÉĽ ŚĺÄ ¬†}MA9 1eI}=II ŚĺÄ
     I would greatly appreciate it if anyone can explain.
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    Erogamer reacted to Vargas in Hatsukoi 1/1 Walkthrough?   
    This one works, I'm almost done with 2 routes already
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    Erogamer reacted to Fred the Barber in ChronoClock Review Discussion   
    No. As I also mentioned in the review, there's nothing per se wrong with it, but that doesn't keep it from annoying me. I literally didn't understand quite a bit of the slang used in the translation, and that got in the way of my enjoying reading it at times. To be clear, it wouldn't bother me in the slightest if it was just using British spellings for words common to both dialects, but when it's frequently throwing in phrases like "taking the Mickey out of [x]" which I have to deduce the meaning of from context, it hurts the reading experience.
    For the most part, it's a small annoyance compared to the actual problem of crappy writing which we had in pretty much every VN TL until a few years ago, and still have rampant in fan translations, so I'm mostly willing to take that trade, but I'd still much rather have something without all the British slang. In some ways, it's exactly the same problem as an unnaturally stilted translation: it doesn't sound like the way people actually talk, in the language I see everywhere, hear everywhere, and speak, and which I've come to expect as the standard for stuff I'm reading. It's arguably not as bad ideologically as a stilted translation, in that literally nobody actually talks the way a stilted translation reads, but from the perspective of somebody who's reading occasional bouts of near-nonsense, it's not practically that different. I've read a lot of world literature, a lot of genre fiction, and a lot of VNs; none of the rest of them have had characters periodically taking the Mickey out of each other.
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