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  1. Pretty sure there are little to no restrictions over here on advertising your own game. We've had VN devs in the past loading this place with discussion about their VNs. I remember blacksands entertainment in particular making a thread every week or so at some point about their game.

    But that's really what a lot of us are here for: To talk about VNs. As long as you're not overspamming the forums, any advertising from your part will be more than welcome. I'm sure I'm speaking for a lot of us here when I say we'd like to see you talk a bit more about your games Inverse. I think you only post about your games when they release/ are near release. 

    Questions like: What inspired you to make this particular VN? Are ones I'd be very interested to have you and other developers answer, even if it may seem like ya'll are just promoting yourselves when you do.

    It could just be that I'm a fan of yours and that I have no qualms with shamelessly promoting my own stuff :P

  2. 1 hour ago, Kaguya said:

    The Best Eroge Ever. 5 minutes of shitty references to games that no longer exist. I'd like to imagine it'd be an internet mystery, something which no one could quite make sense of. 

    My favorite suggestion thus far


    1 hour ago, iamnoob said:

    That's a very roundabout way of asking what's your favorite VN......

    Nah, it's pretty different. Removing all VNs but on efrom existence will have a profound impact on everything, from the dominating country producing VNs to the very nature and culture of the medium. Your choice would affect the past, present and future you want to live in, not just your favorite fap material at any given moment.

  3. Yo. You might recognize me as one of your old followers. I was really looking forward to this VN, and I recall you being quite active over here, sharing the development of your characters and everything. When you suddenly disappeared for a while I feared the worst, that this project had failed that you abandoned it all together. I'm glad to see that you managed to salvage something from all your work, and I hope you find success in your new endeavor. After hardship comes ease friend :)

  4. Yo, it's been quite a while since I last posted anything here... But hey, good to show up every now and then :sachi:

    Me and my buds at FuwaFM just had a long podcast about this topic, and I am interested in hearing what ya'll would pick.

    If it were left with me and me alone, I'd probably pick Rewrite. Imo it's not only one of the best VNs out there, it's a very good example of how to use the medium right. The way all of its routes tie into one another and how the plot is different yet connected to every other route really shows how unique of a story a VN can tell.

    The podcast itself was more of a game, with a long list of all of the VNs the four of us are at least somewhat familiar with. We get to remove VNs from that list one by one, and the last VN standing is the winner. We also added the shield mechanic, which allows a member to stop a VN from dying, permanently halting the killer's ability to attack that particular VN again, although others can still kill it.

  5. I'll second the languages thing.

    You also might want to consider something like "VN dev position"?

    Something like "VN developer", "VN artist", "VN music composer" or something. Or maybe just give it to the devs cuz who cares about the rest of the team amiright.

    Feels a little over the top, and people do sometimes put it in their "rank". But it would be helpful for those who want to ask questions directly to professionals or ask for help in creating their own VN.

    This way devs (like say, InvertMouse) don't have to remind everyone that they're VN devs every time they want to post something relevant.

    It would also be pretty cool B) 

  6. 3 hours ago, sanahtlig said:

    What will be the value-added aspect of the game database over what's currently available on VNDB?

    I'm expecting it's just gonna look better. One thing I'd like to see is to have our own community scores

    But yeah, this sounds interesting. Looking forward to the final product

  7. I'm... Kind of sad my thread was merged with all these other threads. Honestly, who the hell decided it was a good idea to merge every single thread that even mentioned Trump? Mine was titled "Trump is America", and was about an article that mainly pointed out how Trump's attitude and personality mirrored your average oppressive dictator, dictators that America has supported to keep it's foreign interests intact. It had little to nothing to do with Trump's election, which is what this thread has become. Just because multiple threads are talking about the same person, doesn't mean they're all the same topic. This move was done in poor taste, and I hope it doesn't happen again. I'm now reluctant to make any new thread related the US politics, in fear that it's just going to be awkwardly buried here...

  8. 5 hours ago, sanahtlig said:

    Even if he won, Trump wouldn't have the power to make himself a dictator.  He's a fringe lunatic and the slightest hint of corruption would immediately get him impeached, possibly by his own party.  And even if he somehow managed to overcome the checks and balances and do what he says he'll do, the world would suffer for it.  Anyone cheering on Trump as "what America deserves" is cheering for a disintegration of the order that has kept our world mostly at peace since the 1940's--and that's just foolish.

    Seems to me like the writer was more interested in taking a swipe at the US than providing any useful policy insight.

    Well, I do have to admit that the writer exaggerated quite a bit on what Trump would do if he became president. I do highly doubt things would get that bad before he's stopped. But I wonder how much he can get away with without getting kicked out of the white house. He has already broken most lows when it comes to the front runners for the presidency.

    And I do agree that America falling apart would have implications on the entire world- And probably the end of the current peace. But then, what would happen? Would another super power become the world's "police"? Or would nuclear world war break out?  Well, America falling apart won't happen over night, so I assume I probably won't know the answer to those questions anytime soon... But all empires and states must come to an end : >

  9. An article about how Trump is, to Americans, what America has been to the rest of the world

    Mainly posting this here because I know politics interests quite a few people around Fuwa. I found this article to be ironically true, well written and rather unnerving. I particularly loved the small paragraph about Hitler. Here are a few quotes:


    Trump is every single Arab general or dictator the US has befriended and kept in power.


    Liberal America is now scared that Trump will do to America what America has done to the world. It was just "foreign policy" when America set up lunatic puppet dictators just like Trump to torture, maim, and murder their own people around the globe to protect its "national security interest".


  10. Great replies! I'm happy so see this much discussion. I hope Fuwanovel continues to be a welcoming place for EVN devs. Here's a list of (most) of the good EVNs we mentioned in our podcast, if you're looking for some good stuff:-



    One Thousand Lies

    Cursed Sight (or anything made by the great @InvertMouse sama)

    Always the Same Blue Sky


    Katawa Shoujo



    When you add up all the other good EVNs that were mentioned in the thread, you have quite a lot of good stuff out there. I think that we, as a visual novel community, often fail to recognize how far EVNs have come, in contrast to how we don't skip a beat in calling out any garbage that comes our way. This gives the false impression that we somehow generally dislike EVNs, which horribly discourages actual EVN devs, many of whom browse this very site.

    So to all those devs (or future devs) that happen to see this: Keep doing what you're doing man. I personally want to see the rest of Lucid9, longer versions of Cursed Sight and nanolife, a squeal to SC2VN, the release of Black Sands. Just from looking at the poll I can tell that a lot of us also want to see more from you guys. I don't really need to tell you to git gud, because ya'll are already steadily getting better. So just keep it up and don't let them haters get to you :sachi: 


  11. So me and my buds at FuwaFM had a chat about OELVNs (Original English Language Visual Novels), and I'd like to bring some of that discussion over here. These are the main questions that were asked:

    What's your favourite OELVN?

    Will OELVNs ever be as good as Japanese VNs?

    Why are OELVNs generally considered worse than Japanese VNs?

    What are the attributes that make OELVNs stand out (in a positive way) from their Japanese counterparts?

    Recommend a random (relatively unknown) OELVN

    Is Undertale an OELVN? And of so has it already made VNs popular in the west?... And if so has Fuwanovel lost its purpose of existence?!


  12. With the introduction of Take Two (this game's arena basically), I've been crazy addicted to this game. Arena is extremely fun, hard to play, and rewarding. Just getting 5 wins can get you up to 350 gold.

    I've been slowly moving away from hearthstone and settling on shadowverse. At this point it just feels like an objectively better game to me; better art, more balanced and interesting gameplay, and little to no RNG. I really wish more people would try this game tho, it's gotten little to no attention in the gaming world, other than the occasional dismissal of "weebstone".

  13. Although I must say, I find it rather odd that you of all people would quit -even partially- considering what Fuwa has done for you. Recall that this place use to have torrents, and you were the loudest voice demanding their removal. Recall that you've said things other people would be banned for that were overlooked. Not saying you never got banned, but some would say the mods have been relatively lenient. I've seen many people come and go and haven't raised an eyebrow, but you honestly seem to me the least justified to do so. All I can think of is us Key fans calling BS on your reviews, but I don't think that's enough to make you dis mad, especially considering how old your LB review is. I assume there's something behind the scenes going on that's bothering you, possibly even unrelated to fuwa in praticular, maybe a twitter VN squabble? 

    But meh, either way it doesn't really matter. Taking a break from a partner is a key (kek) part of good relationships, so by all means take a break. But I'll miss having one of the few rich salt mines Fuwa possessed :P

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