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  1. Fate/Grand Order

    Does this need to be said? Oh...then there's the waifu factor of course. Of course this is NA speaking... I should iterate that I'm not saying Jalter is better than Squirtoria (i assume that's the servant you were talking about?) But of course the downside to Squirtoria is you can't really put her in ALL teams. Jalter has a wider range of applications if only for the fact she has less servants she is bad against. This game is one of my favourites purely because, as much as I can state how good or great some servants are...you don't EVER need to use them. I can still dick around with my Amakusa, or Li Shuwen, or hell, my Cursed Arm Hassan and still have a blast.
  2. JAST BLUE New Announcements

    I'm glad, now all those fujoshi I know can stop bothering me
  3. Fate/Grand Order

    Possibly email support? Kintoki Rider is pretty boss so getting him to NP4 at lvl 80 is awesome. on rerun you can get the NP5 version. Herc is amazing and will carry you hard. One of the, if not arguably THE, best 4 stars in the game and give a lot of 5 stars a run for their money.
  4. Fate/Grand Order

    I meant the free choosing of a 4 star not the welfare one but yeah.
  5. Fate/Grand Order

    Considering we got a free 4star not too long ago we probably won't get more than some apples and quartz.
  6. Safe to buy from Denpasoft?

    I usually use some fake stuff for specifics unless i trust the site. Stuff like Real Name and Physical Address I usually end up putting in fakes for if i am not shipping anything and if i am I never use my actual home address. For security I use malwarebytes (although the latest version is not giving me the same security and awesomeness it used to) and Kaspersky (Used to use norton, and hate it, ESET for awhile which was nice but I heard good things from Kaspersky so I decided to try it for a few years and besides the backup being finicky, it is pretty alright. I'll probably switch back to ESET to try out the newest version as I was using it almost a decade ago and dono the new version.
  7. Fate/Grand Order

    oooo I forgot you are forced to use the required servants. In that case :| I think you are having to choose between a lancer/rider/assassin... So in regards to ushi, don't use her against the assassin, try using the assassin against them and bring any caster you have. I would also bring liz if she is decent level as she has gutz
  8. That is actually some good stuff right there, especially the last two. Chat :D? Also Tay, will this year be the year you respond to my donation :D?
  9. Fate/Grand Order

    No problem! Take your time with the story. If possible try to complete the Event. You have quite a bit of time and just blasting through the story should be fine with a carry (try my berserker slot, I have Raikou up which, alone, should have +100% attack for being an event servant in addition to a +50% attack to all units with the CE (my Jalter has the Sumo CE Max limit broken so it's +200% to attack which is also viable as well) Just pair them up with Mash for the defense and let the support carry you. I say this because the free servant you get Kintoki Rider, is an amazing Rider/Quick servant. You may not be able to get NP5 as that will require farming of currency to exchange for those pieces but at the very least you can get the unit itself. Also with the Gatcha, the Simulation is a lot better and sometimes worse than practice. As you can see 700$ just to get waver, but that also got you Lancelot, Li Shuwen (the best arts lancer atm, very good) NP2, Nursery Rhyme (a great buster crit caster) NP2, Cu Chulainn Alter (One of THE best servants in the game), Nightingale NP3 (not really good imho but a 5* none the less), Tituria (lancer altria) another GREAT lancer at NP2. Drake which is a GREAT rider, and Vlad who is a great arts berserker (if needing some serious baby sitting he can turn into a beast and with the right team totally OP and arguably part of the best team comp in the game). And of course Waver, arguably the best support in the game PERIOD and a servant i myself constantly abuse. Which means in 700$ you just got 7 5 stars and 7 4 stars. That's some BS luck if i say so. Put this into perspective. I have randomly launched a ticket at the story gacha for giggles because, at the time, the only servant I didn't have was Jeanne and there has (at the time) been no rate up for her. The chances of getting a 5 star in general is 1%, the chances of getting the ONE SERVANT i didn't have, even lower. And guess who came out of the gacha with a ticket on a random night? Jeanne...yeah lucky On the opposite scale I have on multiple occasions spent a shitload for a servant. Cu Alter in particular took me 10 packs (about 1100$ CAD) to pull and it was in my LAST multi, LAST slot and I didn't get a single OTHER 5 star. I had about 4-5 4 star servants, but those only started popping up AFTER the 550$ point (which means I went 550$ without a single 5 or 4 star servant). This is why I say unless you have a lot of disposable income don't pay or whale for a servant...you could end up at the 1000$ point without the servant. On the other hand you could magically pull that servant later at a random pull.
  10. Fate/Grand Order

    Updated my post, you should see a link above the support image. You would be surprised at how OP some lower level servants are, and some even being able to compete with 4 and 5* The main thing you will understand is it becomes less about attack/HP (which is where the rarity allows the cap of stats at unless you are grailing) and more about what your NP does and what your skills do.
  11. Fate/Grand Order

    Lovely! First, enjoy and have fun, this game is, imho, built around having fun, not having the best servants and that stuff. In saying that here is my 2 cents First, daily missions, I would pay attention to them only in that you want to be able to hit the 40ap consistently as fast as possible if you want any chance at levelling servants up at any decent rate. I would highly use support servants for this and paying attention to attributes (example on a saber day use a 90 (or high) level servant) as they do double damage and take half as much, making the farming for you much easier. Gold embers are what you want for levelling up. Other than that they are just their to get you quartz fragments to give you free quartz Second, This game is designed so that you can complete it using non rare servants. In saying that, take a look at G&A Reviews for a good breakdown on ANY rare servants you get as they give you the pros/cons and what craft essences work well for them, how you can use them with various servants, and it honestly makes using servants much easier as they give you a good look at even lower level ones. In saying all that, especially take a look at their video on the 3star and below best servants for each class. Servants such as Hans, Hassan, Cu, etc are notable but most people don't know that servants such as the fat Caesar are actually pretty damn good. (although this was done at the early start of the NA and doesn't tell you about all the new 3star servants that came out. Third, Liz is a great unit imho for lancers and Marie is a fantastic tank and meme lord. Mash becomes amazing later as a fantastic tank/stall unit with 0 cost (later in the game this becomes MORE important than rare servants). Fourth, My code and ID is here, add me, i'm in a battle atm but i'll accept or add you when i can. My CE aren't usefull for farming as I'm currently doing the Onigashima event...but my servants themselves should prove useful for you. Fifth, Limited gacha, roll only if you REALLY want that character, otherwise look up a review and see if they are worth rolling for. Lastly, Play with all the characters you want, and appreciate all that you got. You would be surprised at how utterly amazing some 1,2, and 3 star servants are even beating out 4 and 5 star (i really wana grail hassan to 100...) P.S. Remember you CAN move the Support unit around in your party.
  12. Fate/Grand Order

    He gets his shirt back later ;D
  13. Fate/Grand Order

    Oh? What happened with "Koreans" and being offended by FGO? Okita Alter is okay, I want Ryoma more.
  14. Fate/Grand Order

    Yeah the difficulty spike into 30 and then 40 is pretty big, but once you can start farming 40 you will be in the clear. I'll add you after I'm done my meetings. And it's fine...I have every servant so I don't even use supports much. Most of my friends are lower level players anyways. Yeah I ended up playing quite a while with support servants and ended up being annoyed because I wanted to make a team of, say, arts team based but friend servants didn't fit what I wanted. Then after watching a G&A Review video I saw them switch servants around and I went "AWW HELL NAW WHY DID I NOT KNOW THIS!" Almost know one I knew knew this either lol. I played during launch so...my servants were usually the OP ones on the NA server, but I kept them in the back so that I could play with who I wanted, and if I was close to losing I would have that clutch servant in the back. Also, work on Cu when you get him, dude is a beast.
  15. Fate/Grand Order

    Congrats, Drake is a fantastic Rider, waifu material and a bro. Couldn't ask for a better rider honestly. Her skills are fantastic and her NP is great as well. Aside from the lack of single target NP she is a fantastic Rider. Herc is pretty much a 5* in disguise so having him will pretty much make you set for the game, he can continuously smash through everything. I would recommend Ascending him first to get his skills ASAP. Don't worry about the cost, you will get enough easily later. Did I already add you? Leader position does nothing really, currently you ONLY need a support servant, the Leader is just the first servant in the slot you have. I honestly would have preferred being able to use only my own servants and at that being able to only use 1 specifically (would love soloing the game without the stupid gimmicks now needed to do it). If you didn't already know (as it took me time for me to find out) you can move the support servant to the back row and rearrange servants around allowing you to have your first 3 servants being your own.