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  1. Fate/Grand Order

    There is no way to increase "Star" level but you can GRAIL servants. star just really means your lvl cap, so 5star is capped at 90, 4 at 80, 3 at 70, 2 at 65, 1 at 60? i think. So of course their stats are lower if they have lower star level, but stats don't really mean too much. It's all about skills and NP. This is why people like Cu, Hans, Hassan, are GREAT as they have amazing skills and/or NP abilities despite having lower "stats" and level "cap" However by Grailing servants (once they reach max cap level you can use a Holy Grail to increase their level cap (before 90 it goes up by 5 so, 60 -> 65 -> 70 -> 75 -> 80 -> 85 -> 90, 90 goes up by 2 to 100 so 90 -> 92 -> 94 etc to 100 which is THE level CAP) you can get lower stars to be on relatively better footing to compare to upper stars. However note that in this game GRAILS are limited, you will get more as time goes on but they are entirely limited resources so be careful on who you grail. It is recommended to grail the servants you REALLY like rather than for "stats" or "min/max"ing as the servants you really like are the ones you will most likely play with and therefore you will get the most out of grailing those. To get 5* servants it's rare even on rateup. Rateup just means that 5 star servants are 1% chance. if the game registers you as getting a 5 star it will then randomize WHICH 5 star you get, rateup just means when this RANDOMIZE process starts you will have a better chance at getting that servant. but this does not increase the 1% In saying that, if you want to remain free to play, just save up your quarts and tickets and don't go ham on spending them, spend every now and again, a multi here and multi there, a ticket every now and then. you may get lucky. I myself for instance spent 2 tickets randomly on the story gacha and got a 4 star AND a 5 star. I have spent a few multis on banners and got both the 4 star and 5 stars in a few multis...but at the same time I have gone over 1000sq without getting a single 5 star before and also over 500 without a single 4 star. and even THEN you aren't guaranteed the servant you wana roll for...so just appreciate everything you get, don't go ham, and have fun.
  2. Fate/Grand Order

    Herc gonna be your boy. Level him up and he will smash. Do you have any other servants? I personally don't really like D'eon but if you wana use ...it? him you can. David is pretty good but for archers I would go with Euyale or Robin Hood, for Riders go with Medusa/Ushi, personal opinion on who to use, BUT if you like those characters don't bother listening to me. You can pretty much clear everything with your favourites regardless of their rarirty so. For 3 and below level stars, Hans, Shakespear, Amadeus, Lu Bu, Cu, Caesar, Robin Hood, Euryale, Medusa, Ushi, Hassan, Kojiro are some REALLY good servants Especially Hans, Cu which are basically broke for 2 and 3 star respectively. Hassan is your Assassin (kojiro is good to but Hassan does what an Assassin should VERY well).
  3. Fate/Grand Order

    Many...insteresting things happened over the few weeks. I rolled a pack for an NP2 Gil and I gottem. Then I broke my phone breaking my streak 300$ repair sadly...but I got it back and the new banner came out so, i rolled a pack Got spooped... Then my partner rolled a few and got 3 Kiritsugu's...booo so I was like, fuck it and rolled 3 additional multis and wow... So wow...I mean I dono what I'm more shocked about, 3 4 star servants and 2 5 star servants in a few multis...or that I got spooped by 2 non rate up 4 stars before the 3'rd comes out as the rate up and my first 5 star is off rateup as well... But hey, 1 step away from NP5 altera and NP5 Lancelot acquired Good day, also smiles protected
  4. Fate/Grand Order

    700$ for jack, that's how much it took me to roll her and she was the only 5* i got. I would say take what you can get, I personally didn't want any of the avengers currently in NA, I rolled for CE and decided to stop when i didn't get anymore 4* servants and I got Jalter. Edmond threw a few tickets for shitz and got him. Granted in saying that, you can probably see my posts and see that for people like Cu Alter it took me 1000$ to roll him, and over 1000sq for people like Bryn and Okita...so yeah...
  5. Fate/Grand Order

    If you are looking for gameplay on the assassin area we have yet to have a 5* AOE assassin (or 4* for that matter). You've got 3 5* servants in this case, Shuten, Cleo, Semiramis. Semi is out WAY later so don't bother, but Shuten and Cleo are good picks for the AOE assassin. Swim Swam girls in summer. Past that I don't remember who comes out between then and Memelin.
  6. Fate/Grand Order

    congrats! I myself decided to roll...got a 4* and rolled until i didn't get a 4*....
  7. Post pics you like (Powered by Jun Inoue™)

    I would fucking die if their code was in fact amazing and it optimized everything well.
  8. Fate/Grand Order

    You know what day it is. It's how much did it take to get Cu Alter 10 packs total it took me, for the first 5 i got absolutely nothing, not even 5 star CE's, but in the next 5 I ended up rolling a random tam cat, Waver then 3 edisons and finally on my last multi, a Cu Alter.
  9. Fate/Grand Order

    First I heard of this :|
  10. Fate/Grand Order

    No idea, but it's good for me :| I spent 500$ getting fucking Helena, (Rama, NP2 Nightengale came BEFORE). Needless to say i wanted to roll some medb but i'll either wait for illya or see how I feel on last day of rate up. Rolling for Helena And then rolling on Medb...kinda salta but Mordred was the ONLY servant I didn't have on 5* excluding Medb so...I guess despite a rate up getting that 1/all other servants was still lucky... Especially since that was the 3 multis rolls after I got helena
  11. Fate/Grand Order

    Finally, after all this time
  12. Fate/Grand Order

    1pack all bare min. Can't tell if I want to roll after that lol.
  13. Fate/Grand Order

    Well, Dantes event had some good rolls considering I didn't want to roll at all. Put in probably 10 singles total over the event and got quite surprised with how BS my luck was. One day i threw a single down and got this spoop Another day I threw a ticket down and go this Decided since I got Dantes already on the last day I would throw a few into the Story gacha (3 total) and back to back i got this. in this order sever luck considering Jeanne was the only 5* i didn't have yet... and a smile protected Probably the best luck I've had during any event all things considered...threw down maybe a total of 30 free sq (single rolls) to get 3 5* (1 dupe) and a dupe 4* + a 2030 (3'rd)
  14. Fate/Grand Order

    @alden_0023 - You should roll what you want. I personally want shirou but with after how much shit luck i've had during okita and bryn banners (over 1000sq just for a 5* on each banner though the one 5* i got was them...) makes me very hesitant about spending for servants now. Smiles protected In saying that here are my most recent rolls which I think the game felt sorry for me... So after trying to roll CE for the KnK event... spooped kept rolling a few more and got this Then rolled a ticket later i didn't even want her... New banner, decided to roll the feww quartz i got, and i got With said luck i went fuck it, got a pack, and the next immediate roll i get
  15. Fate/Grand Order

    there are 1/2/3/4/5 star servants. And you can think of them more like "hype" because there are some bullshit good 1/2/3 star servants that kick 4 and 5 stars ass when it comes to using them. It isn't like "oh shit i only have 1-3 star servants i'll never win this game." Not so. the first roll is designed (tutorial) will guarantee you a 4* so that is basically your chance to get any 4* you want but the second roll you get is "free" and you now have a chance at getting both 4/5* It is a lottery game so yeah the rates are low. That still doesn't mean people aren't going to spent money at a chance to get them. Meanwhile you have people who get these 5* on tickets and less than 5 multirolls...As I said 1% does not mean you can't get the servant in 1 multiroll or even a ticket, it's just not likely.