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  1. On h-scenes in VNs

    Which is why I'm an advocate of tell and not show in these cases. It's far easier to allude to the fact sex happened which actually feels more naturally than dictating the scene itself. I am a person who hates almost every VN that doesn't have H-Scenes. But I never read them, why? Because yes they are bad but they, imho, serve a purpose of grounding a story in reality. There are few exceptions to these. Steins;Gate being one of those times, but in most VN's where the MC's and MH's are in there teens, it is completely natural to fuck. In fact a scene where people don't has me questioning wtf is going on. Take Eien no Aselia for instance, All Ages version has multiple times where it builds up builds up and then "We hug and then sleep." This is not what happens to adults, this is not what happens to teenagers. They would fuck. Does the scene itself turn out awful? Yes but because of this all you need to allude to as the writer is shit went down, not HOW it went down. Sex is a building block of a relationship and also the transition of a person and in a story where leaving sex out feels unnatural kills it for me than a story with sex that feels terribly written.
  2. Fate/Grand Order

    It isn't too bad honestly, you get like...how much stam? i'm at around 120 that's 3x40 AP quests about twice a day. If you can't run AP 40, grind until you can as that's really the only thing you want to be running. (unless you are getting QP or ascension material.
  3. Fate/Grand Order

    Do whats more fun, if you are REALLY into the story then do it. If you are getting bored or wana experiment with characters/ascend them, take a break and get materials and exp to do so.
  4. Fate/Grand Order

    I dedicate this to all those who pulled Okita on Yolo or few summons. I took all your bad luck, 650 quartz 0 okitas, 0 5*s, and in my 23 rolls in a row, I got the BARE min. Best roll was my last.
  5. Fate/Grand Order

    300 quarts in, 2 emiya and 1 anne. Got a random Marie on a ticket though. Gonna try another 150 later and stop, I don't need Okita, would be nice though.
  6. t japan vs SakuraGame

    Pretty much this. I will never buy anything I can't enjoy and honestly I can't enjoy something I don't understand. The only JP thing I bought that wasn't in english was Fate/Unlimited Codes and that was because I wanted to play the fighting game before the english came out and couldn't wait. It's sad but this is the case for me. I have cash to spare and want to give them money, but I ain't giving money for a game I can't play and this really goes for anything. I'm not going to spent money on a AAA game that was gutted nor a game that is not in the language I prefer to play it in. I've bought tons of VN's back in the day (still currently) for the pure reason that they had fan TLs and I could play them eventually. I should also state that his decision to not go along with sakuragames is, in fact, a good one. Putting out the above it at least seemed like he was all for an english version coming out and that's something I can get behind but SakuraGames and the way they do business is extremely unprofessional. He should absolutely be protecting his property and take it seriously. Good for him on this matter.
  7. Fate/Grand Order

    Unless Kiyohime is in the other halloween events then yeah they were talking about the NA first halloween event. I fairly enjoyed this event as well, especially Elisa. Almost every scene with her makes me enjoy her more and more and she has quickly become one of my favourites (sadly her interlude sucked compared to almost every scene she is outside of it). I saw the current JP Halloween event and I must say I'm very excited for that to come to NA and for myself to get a Mecha Elisa. I did get Tamamo after a lot of whaling but currently I'm only missing Jeanne D'ark and Sakata from my 4/5 star roster. Got everyone else.
  8. Inferior releases.

    Again, main issue here is Licensing. Sometimes it's just impossible to get all the rights necessary to have this accomplished. And if you can't get the rights you are liable to be sued. Do remember that these official companies are profiting of these releases and as such the original companies that put in work are able to sue if proper steps are not taken. Fans on the other hand don't have this handicap and can literally, LITERALLY, do whatever the fuck they want. I could, theoretically, add in Linkin Park music as the OST or add in functionality to the game that wasn't there before. And not only do I need not get the rights to either the company who made the game, I don't even need to bother with music licensing. And in regards to ALL of this, if you are going to sit there and go "well I'm not going to spend money because there is a free, better, version out there" then do just that. I personally have bought many visual novels and never opened them purely because I played the fan translated releases when they came out but I do in fact want to support the developers. Just like games I used to pirate long ago I all have in either a digital or physical paid copy. If content is so important to you, get the fan translated edition, play the fan translated edition. But if you want to support the sales of a game you enjoy, go purchase it, regardless of which version you play. Add to this is a person didn't even know of everything you are talking about they would still purchase the game, play it, and that's that. It's not like the company is going "Hey everyone buying this product, look there is a fan version out there that has a shitload more content then the one we put out...just saying." If the customer doesn't know, the customer won't care. So you might give a crap because you know, but many others who actually buy the game might not know this and therefore don't care.
  9. Fate/Grand Order

    From my experiences fucking around in NA. I believe Ushi is good stuff along with Medusa. Lubu is also great. Cu Chu is good as well and so is Sasaki. I would recommend for Saber, Caesar instead of Gilles. Just wait until you roll him, you probably will eventually and from what I hear he is by far the better saber. Funny enough in terms of NP I actually hear people like Lu Bu and Caesar even give 5 stars a run for their money so I would recommend them highy for damage dealers (Lubu can't survive shit though so he would be the person you put last in the team). However in this stage in the game focusing on 1 person isn't going to do you much, I would instead focus on 2+support. that means people like LuBu + anyone + support. Support being Hans if you manage to roll him, he is by far one of the best casters at this moment. He will increase serviceability by a lot. The problem at this moment is really that you are starting so Eliz would be capped at 40 and Cu at 30, despite Cu's survivability the damage puts Eliz ahead so I would work on both of them if you get a chance as this would make your archer-counter team great. My teams mainly consist of Counter-Berserker-Support though. Support being anyone needed to support the Counter (In cu's case this is hans, in cases like Caesar this is Shakespear/Mozart (i think) or even people like Hassan for crit stars (for caesar). And Counter being of course whatever you need to REALLY kill. Although my experiences at this moment are only limited to saber/archer/lancer i have yet to really delve into my rider/assassin servants. For caster though Medusa is great for damage dealing and NP spamming, Hans is great for support. but i would highly suggest playing the halloween even right now as I hear Caster Eliz (who is free if you play event and you can even, for free, NP5 her) is a GREAT caster for farming.
  10. Fate/Grand Order

    Well after a...lot of whaling, I got a Tamamo...probably good for a long while.
  11. Fate/Grand Order

    Dat man is my Hero. But give Bathory love. As for tips, you can beat the game with any servant so don't get hung up on stars and who is "Best" just get the ones you want and have fun.
  12. Fate/Grand Order

    I'll wait until the weekend to try again.
  13. Fate/Grand Order

    Spent probably much more than I should have, no Tamamo no Mae, and instead I got like...6 Tamamo Cats (I already had NP3), 2 Camillas, and a god damn Waver (Already have a NP2 Waver).such a waste.
  14. Fate/Grand Order

    One more day until Tamamo Whale.