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  1. Fate/Grand Order

    Fuck we just got servants I wanted to roll for and now this.
  2. Fate/Grand Order

    Not gonna lie, Glad that the santa is Quetz because I'm just not as interested in normal Quetz. This new one however looks fun and interests me and the NP looks fantastic. Now back to Babylon.
  3. A question about Aselia the Eternal

    Loved the game, played every route. My recommendation is to play the game with whatever heroine you want (I did Lesteena for instance first and foremost). There are a few heroines that you can only do after NG+ but otherwise if the battles are an issue for you, you can just use a trainer to get through the "gameplay" aspect of it. Most of the game is pretty linear with maybe 2ish hours worth of content related to heroines in specific, otherwise many share similar "routes" and only minor changes come from choosing them. The recommended route is mainly just due to related plots diverging from the main heroine. Aselia->Esperia->Orpha->Uruka->Lesteena->Kyouko->Tokimi. Aselia is the main heroine and relates to Esperia, Orpha, Uruka, the later three slightly diverge and maybe Orpha only having a bit more additional content related to her specific plot. Lesteena is pretty separate from the above 4 so there isn't really a lose in playing hers (and after playing all the routes I personally still enjoyed hers the most but that's personal opinion). Kyouko and Tokimi are NG+, the later was a good route and probably my second favourite next to lesteena. Then there is of course the failed-to-get-heroines route and the bad route... tl;dr choose whichever YOU personally like, you won't miss much, then if you want to go back and do the rest and if you dislike/annoyed by the gameplay, trainer it. Don't care what anyone says Eien no Aselia is one of my favs.
  4. f/sn Realta Nua content question

    From my memories it is the porn that's gone, added Voice Acting, added scenes and CG's. I don't remember if anything was "censored" The references to porn are all cut and instead replaced with additional scenes to replace and fill in the "gap." Also additional content, content, and CG were added
  5. I would like to buy Japanese VNs from DLsite, have questions

    I have a DLSite account that i use, from the various times playing it have separate DRM software that you login with using the DLSite account which checks if you have access to run whatever software you are running. It's not difficult to use but can be annoying at times.
  6. At that point then, easiest thing to do it just play them when you have time but if the topic gets brought up (say like if you are talking about or referencing say, Fate/Stay Night or Steins;Gate) you can go a bit more into the source material which is a VN. I myself on many occassions have gone into F/S N and the VN only stuff a LOT. And then if she asks about the source material bring up that it originally was a visual novel. And if she asks what a VN is just say what it is, an interactive novel in game form. (If people remember the goosebumps books that allow you to make choices and jump pages this is a prime example). You can just clearly say "It's a game that focuses almost entirely on the story and less on the "gameplay." There is no need to hide the fact they have porn anymore than saying your reading a book that happens to have erotic scenes in it. And if you are playing a porn game just bring up 50 shades of grey. Some books, like visual novels, have porn in them and some have them as their main focus. Drip feed her only if she asks, and if she ever talks about hiding it or not telling her merely bring up the fact that 1) You weren't hiding it it's just a type of thing you need to be immersed into reading (like a book) and 2) You didn't tell her whatever because she never asked. Hell later on you can even bring up stuff like "Daibanchou" which has a LOT of gameplay, but has sex and bring up how people play it for the gameplay but it happens to have sex stuff in it. tl;dr, if she asks, answer the question directly, but also make references to media today such as books (the best example as it has more porn/erotic scenes than really anything else) or movies in that, those mediums contain sex/porn but you read them for the plot and such. The main thing is that this needs to come out eventually and you can't lie, something like this with lying will always end up in your face and they will, among other things, find you untrustworthy and that's the worst.
  7. This pretty much all relates to how she feels about it. It's like porn, honestly (assuming you are playing the porn type VN's and not, say, Steins;Gate). Some women are okay with it as long as it doesn't detract from them, hell because it's a VN it might be "better." Others are completely against it. So you got to ask yourself, does she like anime/manga and understand what a VN is. The whole "I learned Japanese because of those games" is a point that isn't needed to make you can easily just be like "yeah i thought it would be fun to learn" kinda thing. But if you want to play VN's, she has to know, and if she has to know, she has to be okay with it. ESPECIALLY if you are doing something "sneaky sneaky" behind her back. You can just tell her "look VN's are like reading a book, I can't do them with you around because I get distracted from the immersion required to fully enjoy it. So like reading a book it is best to have some seclusion/privacy while doing it. Hell you could even do something like watch a movie or whatever you do in the mean time" My wife loves VN's especially the yaoi ones from Nitro+, So yeah I get the jab every now and then about the VN porn games but I never hide it from her, If i'm playing those kinds of games she just goes and plays something/watches something/does something else. Now taking all this into account, if she IS the type to go ape shit over this stuff, then yeah you gotta either break it if VN's are more important to you or resign yourself to the fact you gotta give it up. If she REALLY does not like VN's then it's just going to put a strain on the relationship.
  8. What are you listening to right now?

  9. What are you listening to right now?

    Let's do this
  10. JAST USA RPG sale

    >Not having the superior Eien no Aselia Also want more nitroplus as well
  11. JAST USA RPG sale

    Nice, been waiting to get my hands on Yumina the Ethereal. Unfortunately I can't buy anymore copies of EnA, pretty much bought them everywhere and for most people i know that will play it. Sequel as well. The rest of the games I either had or, in Raidy case, didn't quite interest me.
  12. Fate/Grand Order

    Does this need to be said? Oh...then there's the waifu factor of course. Of course this is NA speaking... I should iterate that I'm not saying Jalter is better than Squirtoria (i assume that's the servant you were talking about?) But of course the downside to Squirtoria is you can't really put her in ALL teams. Jalter has a wider range of applications if only for the fact she has less servants she is bad against. This game is one of my favourites purely because, as much as I can state how good or great some servants are...you don't EVER need to use them. I can still dick around with my Amakusa, or Li Shuwen, or hell, my Cursed Arm Hassan and still have a blast.
  13. JAST BLUE New Announcements

    I'm glad, now all those fujoshi I know can stop bothering me
  14. Fate/Grand Order

    Possibly email support? Kintoki Rider is pretty boss so getting him to NP4 at lvl 80 is awesome. on rerun you can get the NP5 version. Herc is amazing and will carry you hard. One of the, if not arguably THE, best 4 stars in the game and give a lot of 5 stars a run for their money.
  15. Fate/Grand Order

    I meant the free choosing of a 4 star not the welfare one but yeah.