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  1. Little Busters was translated, but I don't know if it's official... Yeah, I know it, that's why I'm confused xD
  2. Hello! I ve'been search for an english translation for Angel Beats 1st Beat and I didn't found it... It's exist? I'm really a fan of Key :'c
  3. Perdón pero por el momento queremos hacer nuestro propio fansub, por eso estamos buscando ayuda en ese tema... la traduccion no es problema, tan solo necesitamos un hacker
  4. Hi! We are a new fansub group and we are translating Deardrops... but we have a serious problem. I can compress the archives but when i put these in the game folder, the novel does not start. There are something i can do wrong? If is possible, we search a hacker who wants to help us or someone who can do that for us, please. If someone wants this, contact me in private. Thanks!! EDIT: We are translating the novel to Spanish.
  5. I want to compress a folder into a .xp3 archive, but i can't. I have xp3Tools, and i put the codes in the command line... somebody help me? Or someone tell me another program or form to compress it? (I work on translate a novel with kirikiri engine for first time). Thanks!
  6. I know english, but i don't know express myself xD I read a lot of novels in english, and i understand that it's better translate from the Japanese, unfortunately i don't know japanese. Most of the Spanish fansubs translates from the English patches. Only i asked which it's the process to translate (in the sense of the programming, the hack). Thank's for the info about Kirikiri and the Tools... It's complicated to me... I think I need some hacker to help me u-u
  7. Hi! I'm new in the forum! Sorry if i don't speak very well, i talk Spanish. I'm here because i want some information about how to translate visual novels. I search it in Internet but... help xD Somebody can explain me? About Kirikiri or others engines... I want translate visual novels in English (not Japanese!!) to Spanish Thank to everybody!
  8. Hi! I'm interested in translate Majikoi to Spanish, obviously i will give credits to your group. The question is: how i can decompress the files? Which programs? I don't find it on the Internet. Thanks and regards!

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