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  1. All looking like great suggestions, this will keep me busy for a long time
  2. I have read a lot of vn's this past year and I think my favorite types are mystery/detective or otherwise strong storied visual novels with preferably a strong or smart protagonist. The last part is just a bonus and not really important as long as he/she is not a pushover/wimp (which a lot of vn's have ) I am only looking for English translated games so that shortens the list a bit I guess. Vn's I have read and fall mostly in that category: -Grisaia series. I don't think I need to elaborate since about everyone knows them. -Cartagra. Detective/mystery but pretty dark (did not like the sequels that much) -Master Magistrate. Just finished it and I really enjoyed the interactive part where you have to put together clues and think for yourself. -Sharin no kuni. Great protagonist, overall great vn. -Baldr Sky. Awesome story and likeable characters mostly. -Nanairo reincarnation. Not a very strong mystery title but mostly lighthearted and very likeable characters. And probably others I cannot think of right now. If you have any suggestions please let me know
  3. I played evenicle and both baldr sky dives, baldr sky was especially enjoyable! Galaxy angel looks a bit outdated but I will give it a try. Thanks for the suggestion!
  4. I did play Tears to Tiara 1 but the sequel is playstation exclusive I played Kamidori alchemy and enjoyed it a lot, some guy here at fuwanovel translated another one recently but imo the game sucked but thanks for the suggestion!
  5. I just finished utawarerumono and it sequels and hope to find more games like this. While I did enjoy the battle mechanics I understand that limits the options severely so that's not a must. The great story and fantasy setting is what I enjoyed most, I hope you guys have some suggestions!
  6. Edelweiss has a teacher route, pretty funny and lighthearted game.
  7. Started with Grisaia no Kajitsu, although very different I like it so far. Still in the happy part of the story, heard there are some pretty dark paths coming up but so far really liking it!. Will try Sharin no Kuni after this but it would appear it will take a loooot of hours to finish this! Thanks for the recommendations and please keep em coming :)
  8. I really like the underworld setting and the clever protagonist with his scheming. I only play translated ones so I know that really limits it but please let me know if you know of something similar
  9. As long as the suggestions keep coming I am open to anything you could share! It seems you know my preferences pretty well
  10. Recently started with VN's and I got totally hooked after playing the rance series. I'm looking for some more in the same genre, preferably some humor mixed in. There are only two things that I really need to be in it.. Some sort of player interaction (really liked the strategy part in sengoku rance) and it has to be translated! I will list below which I have played and enjoyed very much for example. -Kamidori Alchemy Master -Rance series -Eiyuu Senki: The world conquest -Tears to Tiara Not a big list so far but hoping you guys can recommend some more based on these games. Many thanks in advance!
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