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  1. I already translated the KAG3, TJS2, and Kirikiri Z documentation. It was translated mostly using Google Translate, with some accuracy and grammar corrections by myself. https://ghpages.uyjulian.pw/kag3-documents/e/contents/index.html https://ghpages.uyjulian.pw/krkrz-documents/e/contents/index.html https://ghpages.uyjulian.pw/tjs2-documents/e/contents/index.html https://ghpages.uyjulian.pw/multi_platform_design/apiref/ As others has mentioned, Kirikiri is poorly documented and has a poor ease of use. As such, I don't recommend using it for new proje
  2. Make a post here. They might be able to assist: https://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/8229 Also, try repacking with no encryption and make sure the script file encoding is UTF-16LE with BOM.
  3. My port of Kirikiri is getting to a point where other people can use it to create games on it, and publish it on a web server. On this thread on the /news4vip/ board on 5ch, xyx0no646 is requesting assistance with creating a template for my new engine, so I would appreciate it if you took a look. https://hebi.5ch.net/test/read.cgi/news4vip/1595505275/l50
  4. Look for the "title" tag in the scenario. https://krkrz.github.io/krkr2doc/kag3doc/contents/Tags.html#title If that doesn't help, find other instances of "System.title" or accesses to the "caption" member of the "Window" class
  5. I just added support for Firefox and Safari, so please try it out again.
  6. Kirikiri has been ported to HTML5. Please take a look. https://ghpages.uyjulian.pw/krkrsdl2/
  7. Check the "color" argument of tag "font" in the KAG scenario file.
  8. You may want to also change "defaultShadowColor" and "defaultEdgeColor" in "Config.tjs". Also, check the "color" argument of tag "font" in the KAG script.
  9. You need to restart the game from the beginning, as the current text color is saved in the savefile. "drawText" is a member of "Layer" class. "Layer" class may be extended by other classes.
  10. Look for "defaultChColor" in "Config.tjs" If you can't find that, backtrace the 4th argument of Layer.drawText
  11. You need to pay in order to post on 5ch from overseas IP. If you have domestic IP and provider is not blacklisted (that means no VPNs) you can post for free. You can find more information about the premium service here: https://premium.5ch.net/ Make sure to call your bank to ensure that overseas transaction won't be rejected. Forums, blogs, etc have been dying, in preference to modern social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook... and chat applications like LINE, Discord...
  12. CN patch link is broken. To find an alternate link for the patch and win10 fixed version, try searching google for "新补丁对应win10魔法使之夜"
  13. It is possible to override a TJS2 class with the same name, but you must follow the following rules: 1. Use a unique identifier when declaring a class Example of this wrong usage: global.ClassToOverride_original = global.ClassToOverride; class ClassToOverride extends global.ClassToOverride_original { } When instantiating the class, this will cause a segmentation fault. 2. Do not use an identifier that has been deleted Example of this wrong usage: global.ClassToOverride_original = global.ClassToOverride; delete global.ClassToOverride; class ClassToOverride exten
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