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  1. Look in a hex editor and make sure the first two bytes are "FF" "FE"
  2. Make sure you are using UTF16LE with BOM
  3. Use KrkrExtract to extract XP3 file: https://github.com/xmoeproject/KrkrExtract
  4. .SFD is softdec audio/video format. You can play with mpv, VLC, or Windows Media Player with LAVFilters installed.
  5. Help regarding .noa archives

    Try using wildcards .¥noa32c.exe /p /d /raw *.eri out.noa
  6. Help regarding .noa archives

    Try putting the ERI image files on the root level and specifying them on the command line (instead of "E:¥yosuga¥edit", try placing image files in the same directory as noa32c.exe and specifying "image1.eri" "image2.eri") Tip: you can copy and paste using RIGHT CLICK (CTRL-C and CTRL-V do not work) List file method may also work.
  7. Help regarding .noa archives

    Check the file extensions. If they are hidden, show them.
  8. Help regarding .noa archives

    Put a space between the arguments "E:\yosuga\edit" and "E:\yosuga\data1.noa"
  9. Help regarding .noa archives

    As I said, try getting rid of the spaces in the directory name ("yosuga no sora" -> "yosuga_no_sora"). You can also quote the arguments like so: .¥noa32.exe /p /d /raw "E:¥yosuga no sora¥edit" "E:¥yosuga no sora¥data1.noa" Don't forget to put a space between the arguments (like .¥noa32.exe and /p )
  10. Help regarding .noa archives

    Try getting rid of the spaces in the file path.
  11. How can I compile tjs2?

    Did you try to use KrkrExtract to decompile the script?
  12. Help regarding .noa archives

    .¥noa32c.exe /p /d /raw C:¥path¥to¥input¥file¥or¥directory C:¥path¥to¥archive¥file.noa Alternatively, if you have a list file formatted like the following: file1.dat file2.dat file3.dat dir1/file1.dat dir2/file1.dat you can also do .¥noa32c.exe /p /d /raw /l C:¥path¥to¥list¥file.txt C:¥path¥to¥archive¥file.noa By the way, paths can be formatted as absolute (S:¥uch¥as¥this) or relative to the current directory (.¥like¥this).
  13. How can I compile tjs2?

    Is it a half width to full width conversion error? If so, save the script in UTF-16 with BOM.
  14. PAK repacking

    Can GARbro extract the archives? If so, source code is available, and the file format seems simple enough, so you may be able to write a packer from GARbro's extraction code: https://github.com/morkt/GARbro/blob/e384ec2ef7542fa3e8a5489a98b5ea127cd7e1a2/ArcFormats/Ipac/ArcIPAC.cs