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  1. Favorite Romance Pairing

    bxg is preferred , almost anything is ok, just bxb should be side characters. (b or g) x non humans is fine too.
  2. Alice Soft 30th Anniversary

    be warned that evenicle has a scene i think should be tagged as gore
  3. i maybe wrong but i think: you are unlucky. if you pass some trials, like extracting and decrypting it, and of course it's binary scripts, so you need to demystify it, after editing and repacking it's going to show garbage or crash. you need demons to patch the exe file, or gods to port it to something else.
  4. who talks in third person in english? i don't care about honorifics or obsolete measurement systems one way or other, but this one feels bizarre to my ear. instead of endearing effect of japanese, sounds like a medieval servant in english.
  5. Come for Eroge, Stay for Gameplay

    interesting game play is vague littlewitch romanesque (raising sim), dungeons & dolls , other rances (dungeon crawlers), dungeon of lulu farea(a puzzle game, not a rpg), monster girls quest (since it's nscripter, but paradox doesn't count here because it's rpg maker)
  6. now it's a deal, not pirating. i'll never ever buy anything on steam. but actual reading... who knows
  7. so is it 'majo koi-nikki' or 'majokoi nikki' ?
  8. what kind of game? is it a so called game-play one? bad news. how complex is the branching of routes? are the sprites animated? what engine? some of them use plain text scripts which is great. then what is publicly available, just extraction/decryption? not even that? so you need a programmer, and maybe a special tasks programmer.
  9. i'm not a native english speaker, but i believe that editors should be natives, or highly good. they should also be... open-minded. translating to english is special, it's globalization rather than localization. we don't want to cute girls sound like jijis lamenting old age. editing academic papers on the other hand is different. it's highly formal, and standard, needs someone with knowledge of field. it can be done by non natives.
  10. Fuwanovel Logo Contest 4

    i don't feel artisty
  11. i guess you should tell them it's kirikiriz... a naughty looking one, probably a custom encryption in a tpm
  12. What Anime are you watching now?

    40 episodes of one piece to watch... that's going to add to my boredom...
  13. google pc-98 emulator
  14. Data extraction thread

    it's the same engine as the original Trample on Schatten which is translated by porting to unity. now if you want to edit the scripts, they are binary files, notepad++ isn't the right tool. they are also encrypted, Garbro can remove that shit, but only if your game is in its database. any way it's an easy one: minus to encrypt, plus to decrypt.