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  1. social media sites are superior to older chat services and forums since every newcomer feels to have an equal start, with all real-world friends and familly members, rather than dealing with older decorated members, possibly arrogant and even hostile, though most naturally you can't expect them to babysit lots of people. also you get your own personal page, rather than dealing with petty dictators in shape of moderators. if you want to put time in writing lengthy articles, your personal blog in a most likely enduring host is a better choice. you are causing doubts that maybe on 2021-01-17
  2. well, i see this place as personal blog of Clephas, with occasionally not boring comments of others private circles of like-minded people is a better place to spend time, than suffering hundred tons of morality and irrelevant rules
  3. my count is 19 read, dropped, or no intention of reading 1 jinxed title(rance 10), every time i want to play it, i start something else 1 jinxed developer(eushully), never finished any of their games
  4. just search... in japanese eg: アニメ site:Reddit.com
  5. nothing has changed, even my travels. vns i still finish 2 in a month; same speed.
  6. i mean if there is an urge, i simply minimize the vn and turn to real porn-star. of course i'm aware my black-listing is not a big deal to the big names, but this includes all the small sub-communities under them, all the small not interested in adult-contents developers. again not a big deal to them, but that's my answer to any gamer community that i don't like. bye bye.
  7. ok, i give a (dis)graceful report: yesterday i finished this: https://vndb.org/v1096 since mc is voiced i didn't skip non-h parts as i usually do. i didn't fap to it, i prefer porns with real actors for that. why it had a good end? i'd still play the sequel. english communities don't like it? their loss of influence and customer. eg, i've black-listed steam for even non-adult contents. well, i didn't feel any shame, mata.
  8. eradication of censorship, introduction of white space in japanese, seeing last ep of one piece and last book of aSoIaF
  9. bxg is preferred , almost anything is ok, just bxb should be side characters. (b or g) x non humans is fine too.
  10. be warned that evenicle has a scene i think should be tagged as gore
  11. i maybe wrong but i think: you are unlucky. if you pass some trials, like extracting and decrypting it, and of course it's binary scripts, so you need to demystify it, after editing and repacking it's going to show garbage or crash. you need demons to patch the exe file, or gods to port it to something else.
  12. who talks in third person in english? i don't care about honorifics or obsolete measurement systems one way or other, but this one feels bizarre to my ear. instead of endearing effect of japanese, sounds like a medieval servant in english.
  13. interesting game play is vague littlewitch romanesque (raising sim), dungeons & dolls , other rances (dungeon crawlers), dungeon of lulu farea(a puzzle game, not a rpg), monster girls quest (since it's nscripter, but paradox doesn't count here because it's rpg maker)
  14. now it's a deal, not pirating. i'll never ever buy anything on steam. but actual reading... who knows
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