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  1. The title basically says it all. What are your favorite funny moments/scenes in visual novels? I think my own top 3 are: 1. A certain music video in Rewrite. This masterpiece made me laugh so hard, I cried a little. 2. During Kappei's route in Clannad, when 3. During Yumiko's after story in Grisaia no Meikyuu, when
  2. I'm getting seriously fed up with Himeo, to the point where I'm considering dropping her route, which I'm currently on. I've never done that in any VN before, so that should say something about how awful I think she is. I get that she's "good at heart" or whatever and that she'll probably start acting kinder eventually, but I find it hard to believe that anything she can do at this point will redeem the fact that she's been acting like a total bitch, especially towards Osamu, for the entirety of the game so far.
  3. What manga are you currently reading?

    Just finished Ciguatera, and I think the ending was quite disappointing.
  4. I'm five chapters in and so far I'd say Kaya has made the best impression on me. I find it very hard to like Mitoko. She's constantly being condecending towards Osamu and brushing it off as jokes (despite him obviously finding it more hurtful than funny due to his life situation), she's violent, extremely jealous and has a tendency to meddle in affairs that are none of her business. She reminds me a lot of Chisato from Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate, who is one of the most dislikeable VN heroines I have ever encountered. I'm sure my opinion will change over the course of the story, but as of this moment, I'd rate the heroines as follows: Kaya - No issues Asami - Tolerable Mitoko - Almost intolerable Himeo - Just plain awful
  5. What are you playing?

    Just finished Lise's ending in Symphonic Rain, and I'm a little bit confused.
  6. Angel Beats VN or anime?

    I'm interested in either reading the VN or watching the anime, but I don't know which I should pick. I could watch the anime right away if I choose to do so, but I've heard that people generally think it's too short, with lack of backstories and whatnot. Is that issue addressed in the VN? I heard it has new content, but I didn't find much information about what that content actually is. I also read that the story in the VN only goes up to episode 9 of the anime series, which means that the last 30-or-so percent of the main story is missing? Since it's called "1st beat", I'm guessing they plan to follow it up with "2nd beat" later on, but it's already been four years since 1st beat was released and it seems like they haven't made any announcements regarding a sequel yet. Another downside to choosing the VN would be the fact that I'd have to wait until either my Japanese has improved to the point where I can read it in the original language, or until the English version is released sometime in the future. Should I just go ahead and watch the anime now, or would I have a better experience if I wait and read the VN when I am able to do so?
  7. What are you playing?

    Finished Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai today. All in all, it feels like it would have benefited from being a shorter, more focused experience. There were way too many h-scenes, and the story itself was a bit dragged out and repetitive, with a lot of scenes being similar to scenes in other routes. Basically, a lot of time was spent on not much happening. What little drama was in the VN was utterly uninteresting, to the point where I think I actually enjoyed Hatsukoi more, despite the protagonist being annoying more often than not. They probably decided to play it a bit more safe in Hoshi Ori, but it ends up kinda tame as a result. I don't regret reading it, but I doubt I'll ever reread it. Anyway, I have now moved on to Symphonic Rain. My first impressions, a few hours into it, are that the UI is ugly, the music is amazing, and the overall atmosphere reminds me of Katawa Shoujo, although I'm not quite sure why. I think I'm going to enjoy this.
  8. Should I wait for the utawarerumono remake?

    There aren't any h-scenes in the Japanese version of the remake either, so there won't be any cut content unless Sony demands censorship due to Sony reasons.
  9. HoshiOri Discussion

    This made me wish they had added some more elaborate easter eggs. It would have been pretty funny if Kyou herself actually showed up at some point to deliver pizza, and maybe the Hoshi Ori characters would start comparing her and Natsuki, since they're pretty similar in both character design and attitude. Yeah, a few scenes with different positions would have been much better than a whole bunch of h scenes with one position and a ton of filler text. I might have agreed with you if it wasn't for the fact that Fureraba's protagonist is waaay too hyper and annoys me to no end because of that. He needs to get some treatment for that ADHD and chill out.
  10. Anyone who knows japanese culture a bit better

    One thing I find even more annoying than open endings is when you reach the end of a long story and they wrap everything up with marriage, time leap and whatnot in like a single chapter. This problem is especially apparent in manga, where it can take years to reach the conclusion. If they spend so much time building up towards that ending, why can't they put some more effort into it and make it more memorable by showing more of what happens later? I've lost count of the amount of manga that I liked at first but was ultimately disappointed by because the ending felt rushed.
  11. HoshiOri Discussion

    Went into Misa's route today, and I'm finding it kinda hard to enjoy it. It sounds like she's deliberately speaking in an unnaturally high voice (as in high-pitched, not loud), which is pretty annoying to listen to. I've been able to tolerate it until now since she didn't talk that much during the common route or any of the other heroine routes I've done, but having to hear it so much in her own route is a completely different experience. I can only imagine the horrific banshee wails she's going to make during h scenes.
  12. Living in Japan as a foreigner - AMA

    I appreciate the input! I've been in Japan two times before, but I didn't understand the language at all back then and thus never interacted with people in Japanese. On my next trip, I'm expecting my Japanese to be at a level where everyday conversation is actually possible, so I'm looking forward to seeing what that's like!
  13. Living in Japan as a foreigner - AMA

    I'm just pulling this out of my ass, but I imagine one of the reasons Japanese people are generally bad at English could be because it's probably almost as hard for them to learn as Japanese is for English speakers. I'm guessing most Japanese people aren't very interested in consuming English media or in living abroad, and it might feel like a waste of time to put so much effort into further developing their English if all they're going to use it for is the occasional vacation. That's pretty much how I see the French language nowadays, after studying it for four years. I never have any use for it in my home country, and that has ultimately made me forget most of what I've learned. I now wish I'd spent those four years studying Japanese instead, since that is such a big part of my life today. Anyway, here's a question for you: Do you, as a foreigner, make sure to use the appropriate level of politeness in terms of bowing, using name suffixes and whatnot? I've heard that Japanese people generally are more accepting of casual speak from foreigners, but I have no idea to what degree. I imagine casual speak wouldn't be very well received in job interviews and such, even if you're a foreigner.
  14. What are you playing?

    I'm pretty sure you've got the Amaterasu translation, then. It's supposed to be the least awful one, as far as I know. It's most likely the version I'll end up reading when I'm done with all the VNs that interest me more, unless a fourth, better translation is released for whatever reason. Either that, or I'll wait until my Japanese is at a good enough level to read it in the original language, but that'll probably take quite a while if Cross Channel is actually as hard to read as they say in the text you quoted.