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  1. @alpacaman Just wanted to give an update. Started playing Little Busters yesterday and i am enjoying a lot! So thanks again for help!
  2. @alpacamanIf i really think about it and i don't think it would ruin my experience that much. Thanks. I'll probably start it next week and just see for myself. Btw how does it compare lenght-wise to clannad?
  3. Hi, not a long time ago i got Little Busters spoiled for me and just wanted someone to talk about this. This year i want to play through the Key catalog. The only Key game that i have played so far was clannad and i really enjoyed it. I heard a lot of good things about Little Busters (Contrary to other Key titles that i hear a lot of different opinions, LB is usually regarded as an amazing VN). However one day i am browsing twitter and BAM! i stumble across a LB big spoiler. MAJOR LITTLE BUSTERS REFRAIN SPOILERS AHEAD (You have been warned). Normally i wouldn't even read such a post, bu
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