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Yuri nukige


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I just finished Seven days with the Ghost and I loved the writing of the scenes, specially the context and the pervert characters, although the scenes weren't very extensive and had few scenes but was a good read. Too I liked VN like Rondo Duo, any good recommendation in English? If there's not in English I can read in Japanese MTL if you know a good one in Japanese. 

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It's hard to point to anything with the same feel as Seven Days with a Ghost, but if you don't mind cutesy stuff, Lilium x Triangle and SonoHana games (you have Maidens of Michael and New Gen! on MangaGamer and a few other fan-translated) are there to grab, with a lot of porn.

If you can stand mediocre writing, Sakura Dungeon actually has an amazing variety of yuri hentai, along with decent game mechanics and an awesome soundtrack. Pretty much the only Winged Cloud game that is actually worth playing.

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Sisterly Bliss was pretty short, so I'd say slightly above average for the duration.

SonoHana games certainly qualify.

Demon Master Chris (No vndb entry) strikes the same chords as sakura dungeon, dungeon crawler with monster girls to subdue, with a lighthearted sexy tone.

Double Phase https://vndb.org/v1439 takes a serious nukige approach going borderline hardcore at times.

Kindred Spirits On The Roof https://vndb.org/v8508 has a more romance focused emotional tone, a lot of different pairings though, so you should at least get something good for your tastes out of it.

Menagerie https://vndb.org/v15137 and Mutiny https://vndb.org/v21120 don't have a ton of sex, but are very much about sex, kinda like its the bread and butter of their respective worlds, with openminded characters and relatively unique stories.

Ona-Ken International https://vndb.org/v16434 is not about yuri all the way through, but the rest is female masturbation and very much a nukige.

Yukkuri panic escalation https://vndb.org/v4905 has a SonoHana-like setting with a story that gets a bit rougher at times. (I guess that makes it the one that is most like seven days with a ghost, IMO)


Can't really recommend anything alike rondo duo, that kind of production quality on something that densely sexual and niche in respect to yuri and futa stuff is pretty unique.

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Like everyone said, Sono Hanabira here is the good recommendations. But if you want more, perhaps I can recommend Raidy trilogy (The first one is quite hard though, and beware that all trilogy have rape) along with Sacrament Sheep. I hope my recommendations here will be helpful to you.

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