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  1. Wow, I never thought anyone would translate this title due its content but I'm happy you're translating! I read it using machine translation, I'll gladly re-read the VN with your translation ❤
  2. Yeah I noticed that, none of my friends have watched the series but I really don't care if is popular or not on MAL or other page. I read before that this novel was the inspiration of Steins;Gate and that is enough to get my attention, I'll add the anime to Plan to watch, maybe someday I'll watch the anime.
  3. The anime adaptation is decent? Though I won't play this VN because I don't like VNs with gameplay.
  4. lol I just read 3 hours and I went to sleep, after I wake up with the scenes on my mind, holy shit. It's I what expected, loved it. It's rarely for me to be hyped to read a VN.
  5. I'm really hyped for the sequel and my hype is 2x with the anime adaptation! Yeah I know that the anime could be bad but I don't care, I don't expect so much but still I'm so happy.
  6. Tu única esperanza era Garbro pero el desarrollador ha estado desaparecido desde hace tiempo y no creo que lo volvamos a ver más. En cuanto Aokana, los archivos .dat son complicados de hackear debido a que casi siempre utilizan un encriptado único, por lo que el hacker tendría que hacer una herramienta desde 0, o al menos eso creo yo, no tengo conocimiento sobre el tema. Y sobre Sankaku, los archivos también tiene su propio encriptado, alguien tendría que hacer unos ajustes para que puedas desencriptar los archivos.
  7. Thanks for the recommendation guys. I really thinking to read SonoHana novels if you all recommends it.
  8. VNR doesn't have support anymore, try using Textractor, is up to date.
  9. I just finished Seven days with the Ghost and I loved the writing of the scenes, specially the context and the pervert characters, although the scenes weren't very extensive and had few scenes but was a good read. Too I liked VN like Rondo Duo, any good recommendation in English? If there's not in English I can read in Japanese MTL if you know a good one in Japanese.
  10. I wonder what would be the next Clockup title in English and agree, we need more games like this.
  11. I think I'm the only guy that enjoy the torture scenes, maybe I developed sadism over years of consuming hentai. I remember that I watched the OP for first time (2015 I think) when was released, it was "wow" and "wtf" for me, but now is Finally the waiting has ended.
  12. Holy fucking shit, Akane Maniax is an OVA series that is actually for Muv Luv fans like me, I was so hyped to see the characters in anime, the ending was lololol Meiya!! But unfortunately has spoilers of Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, haven't watched the anime yet but shit happens, maybe I'll watch Eien soon because it's on my list to watch.
  13. At chapter 9 of MLA. Sometimes I need to take a break of this novel, because It cause me some anxiety, even more on missions because I don't know what can happen. EDIT: I just finished the VN, I feel so fucking empty, god. The fucking PTSD. Reading the last chapter was so weird, weeeeiiiirrd. And so... took me 110 hours to finish the trilogy, I don't know what to do now, maybe I'll watch the Muv Luv Alternative Total Eclipse anime (why not?) and read Photonflowers. I really want to read Schwazarkarken, I liked the anime but no news about the translation.
  14. Ugh, this VN is so fucked up. The girl of my avatar is from a fucked up game but hey, but there are a difference a bondage game from one that has plot and you're attached to the characters, it's make me so sad bro. Well, I read 8 hours straight maybe I'll do something else to clear my mind haha.
  15. I don't know how it could be worse.
  16. Holy shit MLA, you're goddamn right about shocking by playing blind.
  17. Little Busters, oh boi, I remember the time I spent reading this novel. I can't tell so much because I don't remember about I felt in that then, but I have plans to re-read some routes. Also, I never played Kanata and Sasasegawa routes, only Saya's route with translator (because wasn't in English).
  18. This my first time posting in this thread but I just want a place where comment my thoughts... Just finished Muv Luv; Extra wasn't that bored like I read before in some places, it was so entertaining, I enjoyed the comedy and the slice of life, I really liked the relationship between the MC and Sumika, Meiya has the stereotype of ojou-sama without common sense and somewhat disliked her for that but I started to get more respect for her after reading the routes of the other heroines. I finished all routes, all what I'll say that are bored lol I skipped some text just to finish it. About Unlimited, I was surprised to learn that Muv Luv is an... isekai? what? I never read the sinopsis, just all blind, I know that Muv Luv is about mechas and aliens, I assumed that something happen in Extra to derive a war against aliens but I never thought it was an isekai, was hard to swallowing that, I expected more than that, a little disappointed but I let it go and kept reading, until I liked Unlimited's story. I just finished Meiya's ending and Yuuko-sensei ending. No motivation to finish other endings because people said it's all similar, I don't have motivation to spent more time on it and the H-scenes are meh. My motivation to read Muv Luv was ML Alternative, I've read very positives commentaries, is in the top VNs on VNDB and everyone says it's one of the best visual novels, I read Muv Luv with that in mind, otherwise I could never have finished or spent much time to Muv Luv Extra, I don't spent so much time reading a VN, unless it's good. All right, then, Muv Luv Extra and Unlimited was just the tip of the iceberg, probably I'll spent more time reading Alternative because the beginning is very interesting, and the only spoilers I've read are that very horrible things happen, don't know details but I'll find it myself. Sorry for the long post and sorry for my English grammar. lol
  19. LOL The prize for the worst announcements goes for... MG! Hey, sorry if you like Rance and Funbag but I was expecting new titles, not secuels.
  20. Good to see more AoKana. I remember watched the anime and I really liked the show, since then I wanted to read the VN and you know, the curse about the translation, now that curse is gone. Sadly I could say, joking, that the curse reached to the developers. lol
  21. I recommend read Umineko first because it's finished, meanwhile Higurashi ch 7 isn't released yet (Mangagamer ver.) and ch 8 is in progress, maybe 2020? btw I'm talking about the 07th mod patch ^^ The translation itself is finished but for better experience read with the patches. Both series are very good in mystery and fantasy.
  22. VNR isn't being update anymore, doesn't work well with new VNs, try using Textractor.
  23. Ugh, so many seiyuus that I couldn't remember now, but now I can say (from the list) my favorites one are Yukari Tamura, Saito Chiwa, Sawashiro Miyuki... I like Michiru's seiyuu from Grisaia, Beatrice from ReZero, Tsundere Queen, Rie Kugimiya I think... Oh, Horie Yui too! Uni's seiyuu from Neptunia, Araragi from Monogatari...
  24. Wow, great job guys for making Noratoto great again. I think I'll wait until the fanTL is done, I have so many VNs to read.
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