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  1. Thank you, YomiPlays and... Gracias, Black99. Both of you helped me. Now I understand that is hard to control that file... Thank you! Thank you! The only way is hitomi.la That hentai site (that include Game CG wih some sprites if the creator can...)
  2. Aokana Release by Nekonyan [UPDATED]

    In the page 'hitomi.la', there's a lot of Games CG, but in the case of Aokana, only Background Images, and not characters.
  3. Aokana Release by Nekonyan [UPDATED]

    Hey guys! What's up? I'm here for ask. Anyone knows how to extract ".DAT" files from this visual novel? There's a folder named "Aokana_data", and inside, all the BGM, sprites, etc from the game in ".DAT" extension. I want to know how to extract the "sprite.dat" because I need the character images. I tried GARbro, DATtool, Watch Dog extractor and FTL_unpacker and all of them get me error... Please, help.
  4. He intentado con Sankaku Renai Love, que usa ".xp3" y sí es capaz de extraer archivos, pero cuando los extrae, no se pueden abrir ni las imágenes ni los audios. El "encrypt" del juego no está en la lista, y lo que hice fue seleccionar otra novela visual que use ".xp3", pero no funciona.
  5. YomiPlays I didn't notice that program. I downloaded it and... I don't know but... When I try to open the "sprite.dat" it says: "sprite.dat file could not be opened as resource file." I tried to extract it too, but the program says error. Probably I'm a little silly ._.'
  6. I want to get the sprites images from this visual novel, but I don't know how to extract these files and the others (like "bgm.dat") I tried DATtool, Watch Dog Extractor and FTL_Unpacker and the three get me errors.