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  1. Hello fellow Visual Novel fans! I'm trying to read the Fandisk Wagamama High Spec OC by using the Visual Novel Reader. But there is a huge Problem: the translated text is shown as some kind of garbage and it's unreadable. I tried several text settings but nothing would work. The garbage I'm talking about looks like this: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1bezVTy5VcGvW0LNelXAC-GbZEKkAzk7_ If you can help me to make it work please reply to this post. I will be really greateful!
  2. So I'm finally finished with the files. I've only finished the D.C.4 excluded versions for now because the game doesn't give much Information about the character's and their timeline so I will wait for potential Fan Discs which probably will be released in the near future. I think it's needless to say but there are MASSIVE spoilers ahead! I don't recommend reading the files if you're planning on reading the non-english D.C. games yourself! I uploaded them to Google Drive: Timeline: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1RuYQuVN0nRDC-cg_oAs6JC7QUwCEnejGU7YWl_T2Bnk/edit?usp=sharing Family Tree: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Zo9vv3zCUY0VnlPsVcCN_FaS2-nr2RXC_JjLUTAm4go/edit?usp=sharing If you have any questions regarding these and the entire D.C. series please don't hesitate to ask, I'm Pretty confident that I can answer them.
  3. Lover Able TL

    So I have a little question: is this project still ongoing? It has been over a whole year since the last update so I'm getting kinda worried about this. Please don't disappoint me...
  4. I don't think it's possible to upload these here because I'm designing them with a free software called LibreOffice (you might know this software). Furthermore the files might get pretty big because of images I'm going to insert in these. With the option "insert other media" you only can attach pictures to a post if you have the corresponding URL (or am I wrong?). If you know how to upload the whole files right here please let me know so that I can make them visible for every fan who visits this site.
  5. Hello fellow D.C. Fans, after over a year of reading I finally finished the Da Capo Series! I will now begin to collect the information I got from reading. Right after that I will design the family trees and the timeline like I promised you seven months ago. To all people who are interested: send me your mail address by private message (or under this comment) and I will send you my work once it's finished. If you have any questions up to this point don't hesitate to ask!
  6. Sorry that I kept you waiting for half a year before posting an update about my progress. It just takes a lot of time to read through so many VNs with some of them having over 30 hours of reading time. I have a little question: do you prefer English or German text in the family trees and timeline? No problem! I'm enjoying to read through these great VNs and to collect a lot of interersting facts about the D.C. characters and timeline and I'm happy that people are interested in this kind of stuff like me! If you want to I could send the family trees and the timeline to you too once I'm finished but I will need a method to contact you by mail or something. PS: I read the four main VNs in order (D.C., D.C.II, D.C.III, D.C.4)
  7. Are you still there? I really appreciate your patience. I wanted to let you know that I didn't forget about you I'm about 90% done with reading the VNs. Unfortunately I couldn't get my hands on every single D.C. game so the family trees and the timeline might lack some facts from minor Fandiscs. I'm planning on finishing the reading part by the end of this month. Afterwards I will collect the informations and begin to design the trees and the timeline within one or two more weeks so stay tuned I will need a method to contact you by mail or something so that I can send you the work when it's finished. Regards from Germany!
  8. There is no soecific link to a family tree of the D.C. series. But I'm currently working on a tree by myself because I'm very interested in this topic. It might take some more time until I'm finished because I'm reading through nearly all D.C. VNs to gather information and references. If you're interested I can send you the finished family trees from here. I will also make a timeline which will contain some inportant events from the storyline of the whole D.C. series. I can tell you that it won't be possible to integrate all known D.C. characters into a single tree and some won't fit in any family tree just like Suginami. So I will create several different ones. Did I arouse your interest?