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  1. Thanks and what they already full translation? I mean ini fuwa translation list say they just 90% or full with just lack qc and editing?
  2. Have someone try Wagamama High Spec English using kirikiroid2? I don't have that game so i can't test yet i have see they have a patch for Wagamama High Spec but i see ini one forum say that just for jap ver if someone have game can you test please?
  3. I been try a lot vn using a kirikiroid2 even my pc still broken so I just used a s7 root so can someone help me make list? Why not have list test game all i can find just found kirikiroid2 not popular ini English forum but they so popular ini japan and China you don't know how i been Google to find list all i can find just jap and i can jap i make list forum ini fuwa and then not much like just like i say kirikiroid2 not popular ini Eng but please can you if have a vn using a kirikiri like xp3 can you install kirikiroid2 and help me please just tell game work or not i wll gratitude who helped
  4. Have someone try Koi ga Saku Koro Sakura Doki or Dracu-Riot! Have they good? And about Dracu-Riot! Have they patch good because you know was leaked before having quality check and sakusaku have good?
  5. School day have good oh please i regret play that vn all about h not love and bastard protagonist maybe someone like but for someone like pure love they storyline are sick
  6. Or i just have vn strong ini storyline i know all vn have h but i don't say hate h but they have to good storyline that make protagonist love her heroine not just what h protagonist like school day or CROSS†CHANNEL
  7. all vn i have read now too much h or not have best storyline i what storyline where protagonist have to protect girl ini end or can have wafu like makina try make yuji calm or have like totaro have ready to stand to face world to protect when they force to out
  8. I mean saber in fate extra not a ori fate stay night saber ini fate stay night i not like much as a saber ini extra
  9. I have try little busters and g senjou no maou but ayakashibito and sharin no kuni i not have try yet but That good? They have good cara? and i mean personality and storyline like yuji protect makina and how kotaro protect akane
  10. I i need some vn like grisaia or rewrite I love someone like makina or Akane if you can recommend some vn have wafu like makina please tell me this been so long i not see good wafu as makina oh and i can't jap so just recommend a eng vn or have patch Ps i like saber ini fata extra too anime has so good too
  11. Do you know where to request patch? Like a forum maybe?
  12. Thanks i wll at to list but i just can find patch for vol 1 and 2 i can't find for patch vol 3 what vol 3 no need patch? And how vol 4 can't? What vol 4 need patch?
  13. My pc have broken so i can't try yet but from all you say have you try it? Because i make list for work game for kirikiroid2 If it's work i wll make to list
  14. I been make list vn that work with kirikiroid2 i know This list but they not updated again so i make list i hope someone can tell what game work and not because vn used a kirikiri is a lot What i been tested Fate/hollow ataraxia work just little lag Noble work good no lag full fps on my phone World End Economica episode 1 and 2 work good too but i not try ep 3 yet can someone test it work? Fate/stay night good work just lot patch Boob Wars: Big Boobs vs Flat C good playable Swan Song good too playable DRACU-RIOT! Good playable Tick! Tack! Playable
  15. Thanks i been try but with my pc broken just use old laptop and get error but i will try with my friend pc
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