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  1. Darcs lineart and base color!!! Not finished!!!!
  2. This is the line art and base color for Darc, Not finished yet *-*
  3. These are the concept sketches for the first obtainable character Darc. Isn't he sexy ;D
  4. Hello! I am working on an otome visual novel game right now. It is a fantasy game with elves and i have a cg artist for all the cutesy fluff stuff lol but there are a few scenes that lean toward the creepy side, also for bad endings there might be some blood. So anyone that is good at doing creepy slightly gorey art I'd really appreciate if you contacted me. It's not going to be super gorey with intestines hang out and stuff, just some blood. And in regards to payment, once i have more to show for my project i plan to run a campaign to fund the project (because i am paying out of pocket and i
  5. Haha thank you! Those will not be the real words in the game. My game designer is forein lol xD and I hope the writing aspect will be up to par with your expectations. My storyline, I feel, is amazing and original, but that's just my opinion lol. But I do have someone who works for an actual visual novel production company and does translation, proofreading, and editing so he will be doing the proofreading and editing, which means that it will at least have proper grammar and spelling lol.
  6. More design samples! History(reading what you've already read!) What the save and load screen will look like
  7. Hi i wanted to see if you can make me a banner similar to my logo which is below and turn my main character of my game into a nice avatar pic
  8. Haha thank you, i was originally going to adapt it from Quenya but I got frustrated with that and decided on just creating my own lol. So that is what i'm going to do And thanka to everyone else whos said nice things lol
  9. Also have Syphethia's second outfit finished and a sneak peak of the design of the text box and quickmenu etc.
  10. PLOT Once upon a time, in a fairytale land, a beautiful ethereal being watched over the living beings that inhabited this realm. Some referred to her as a goddess, others as mother nature. One thing was certain about this being; she cared for and nurtured this world. The creatures that had the most potential for greatness were the elves. They were elegant, tall, blonde, magical, and intelligent. She saw these beings that lived docile lives of blandness. It hurt her to see such wonderful creature neglecting their full potential. She wanted to add some diversity to help them. She borrowed t
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