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  4. Did you try changing your screen resolution via registry? Forcing a game to downscale is bad as it can cause some graphic artifacts (imo) , changing the screen resolution is less error-prone since it doesnt "force" the game.
  5. Boku No hero was awesome. I was kinda expecting the generic Fairy tail bollocks. But damn that ending of episode 2 was full of feels, (had a tear on my eye) and kinda badass at the same time.
  6. I think we read VN's solely for the fact that we enjoy reading it. I think this also applies to other forms of medium too. Why do we love movies/books/tv shows? Simple: Because we enjoy them
  7. Putang Ina raming Pinoy dito ah! Anyways I find it surprising that a lot of SEA people play VNs.... I mean it takes hours and hours to download 2 gb where I am from! Glad to see the dedication
  8. Just saw the website and the drawing looks good! But a suggestion though: Ermmm how do I say this but you have to keep the art style " similar ".
  9. Sorry I late but Happy Birthday @Dergonu
  10. Yeah, I am reading it right now. Arts ok but slowly getting used to it . Musics good imo
  11. Heh cool man. Thanks for reminding me that people have their own opinions too Best VN eh, SURE ill read it! Its on my next-to read list
  12. Yeah, im getting to Eden once I finish Symphonic rain. Im just worried about the mixed reviews in vndb.
  13. Translated, it'll be heaven if I could read Japanese. Eden Huh, I guess I could try. I mean its only 5 hours.
  14. Yeah Utsuge makes me depressed af Yeah putting Shinikiss on my list (:
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