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Help me find this visual novel about incest:

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Hello me find this Visual Novel about incest!

So I've been scowering the internet trying to find this visual novel have a memory of playing way back like...five to four years ago.

Here's what I can remember:

There was three romancable girls, one of which was as you can tell by the title the characters sister. remember them tackling this topic/route with a lot of seriousness and it felt quite harrowing and emotional. remember there being a scene where right at the end he and his sister go to this cliff and I think in this like weird dissociated state are going to kill themselves together but I swear the protagonist sees a butterfly or something and snaps out of it and they don't? 

Then there's a scene where it's years later and obviously their relationship ended and she is getting married to a none family member.

A few other details recall is there being a scene where he and his sister are... getting intimate and swear he's like sleep deprived and starts hallucinating about what his friends would say if they knew? 

One of the other romancable girls may have had short pink hair and think the game opens up with a flashback of him in his hometown with a you g girl from his childhood who also believe was a possible romance. honestly can't find any sign of this game anywhere, thought l'd see if anyone else can help.

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