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  1. I was mostly talking about Little Busters in that post. Like I said, I never finished Clannad the VN, though I did quite like the anime, and it was the primary reason why I even started reading VNs. Though, Yukine's episodes in the anime felt a bit weird. Not sure if her route was handled better in the VN. As for LB, of course what I wrote is only my personal opinion, but I generally notice that some routes in that game (Haruka, Kanata, Kud, and I'd personally add Mio to this list) get criticized a lot more than the others. And even if we don't talk about quality there, I'm pretty sure that some routes, such as Mio and Kud, have enough unique moments to make them feel like they are quite obviously written by different writers.
  2. Worst VN of The Decade?

    Well, I could say it was this one for me, but there are two problems with that: 1) The original version of the game was released in 2007, so it doesn't really count. 2) Recently I started to think that maybe the game wasn't really as bad as I remember. I mean, there are some really bad moments that completely broke the whole experience for me, but there also were some nice moments too. The second half of the 2048 chapter wasn't too bad. So, as for my choice, if we include obscure games nobody cares about and in the language that most people here don't even understand, it's Spektr. It's one of these self-made games with repurposed art that should've never left the creator's computer. If we only focus on popular games that I personally just don't understand, than my choice will go to Phenomeno. For some reason, it just didn't work for me and felt more like a comedy rather than horror.
  3. MangaGamer 2020 Licensing Survey

    I don't know if it's any good, but I'm personally quite interested in Koezaru wa Akai Hana. As for me, the most obvious choice is Iwaihime, but other than that I'm not really sure what I should vote for.
  4. I'm not 100% sure that I remember the exact meaning of his words, but I think Maeda once said in an interview that Key writers have quite a lot of creative control about routes they write. The others may reject their routes, but they don't really discuss fine details about the plot with each other. I believe, this may be the reason why the routes are always so inconsistent in quality and thematically. I personally never played Clannad VN, but I always thought that the idea behind the route was pretty cool. It's rare to see a path in a VN that isn't focused on getting a girl. It's a shame if the route is bad, but, well, it was skipped in the anime, so it probably was.
  5. @Tay @Nayleen Looks like the SSL certificate has expired. You probably need to renew it.
  6. What are you playing?

    Exactly. That's why I say that in the end Planetarian has the best writing in a Key VN. It just singlehandedly shows that the whole Key formula (typical for VNs in general, actually) that you need to start with lots and lots of SOL to make the later "serious" scenes more impactful is simply wrong. Not that I dislike SOL, I actually like it a lot if it's done well. The problem is that I'm almost never satisfied with it in most VNs (and Key VNs are actually a nice exception).
  7. To be honest, recently I mostly prefer to avoid the usual type of VNs set in high-schools. It's not like I dislike romance in these VNs in particular (I'm generally okay with younger characters), but as a setting it's just so overused that I can't take it seriously anymore.
  8. Birthday thread

    Belated happy birthday to @Clephas-sama!
  9. Birthday thread

    Happy Birthday to @Silvz!
  10. Most Graphically demanding vn game?

    I mean, usually the problems aren't that big. The picture just constantly keeps freezing, so it's pretty annoying, but not game breaking. The biggest problem was when I was recently playing fault milestone 2. The game just kept crashing during animated scenes, and it was extremely annoying and experience breaking. Actually, since none of that happened with fault 1, which is in 4K, I suspect this has something to do with my 4K display. Most likely, the hardware just isn't good enough to constantly upscale moving images. Well, I'm pretty disappointed with laptops anyway. And since now I finally have a place where I can put it, I'm thinking about buying a proper desktop PC. My last one lasted for almost 10 years, before the power module stopped working and most likely fried other components too, unlike all of my laptops which either fall apart or stop working after about 3 years. I don't know, most likely I just don't treat them carefully enough, but I'm not going to do that anyway.
  11. Most Graphically demanding vn game?

    For some weird reason, even though I'm running VNs on a relatively expensive laptop, I often have problems with Ren'Py games, especially during heavily animated scenes. I've no idea what's causing it.
  12. Fuwanovel Confessions

    Now that I think about it, my brain probably "borrowed" this twist from the prologue in Aselia the Eternal, because that's exactly that happened there. And in Aselia this twist is indeed done pretty well, and if someone decides to go into that VN completely blind, it would probably subvert their expectations pretty well. In my dream, however, I knew that pre-isekai part of the story was extremely long, and I just instantly knew that the story was terrible because everything that happened after the twist was completely disconnected from what happened before. Not that I had actually seen the story after the twist, but what would you expect from a dream... Actually, I've been into anime-style stuff since 2012, but dreams like that are still extremely rare. I used to dream a lot of cartoon-style and 8-bit game style dreams in my early adolescence, but recently most of my dreams were pretty realistic.
  13. Fuwanovel Confessions

    Thankfully, not OP at all. Actually, I don't really remember that dream that well. I just recall that it was a typical VN style common route that introduced several anime girls, and then after it ended I just randomly got isekaied, and I think the dream ended right after that. I think the girls introduced in the first half weren't even the heroines in the end. Still, that was a very strange dream.
  14. Fuwanovel Confessions

    Confession: today I dreamed that I was a protagonist in a terrible isekai visual novel. I guess, I'm actually far too gone at this point. Or I just shouldn't read bad Chinese web-comics in the evening.
  15. Unlimited Chat Works - Random Talk

    Steam recommendations are as accurate as ever.
  16. So, looks like it changed publisher again. Looks like from now on all Muv-Luv games will be published by developers themselves. Well, I guess, it's kind of a good sign?
  17. What are you playing?

    So, I finally decided to clean up my VN library and read all those VNs that I got on sales or in bundles ages ago and never played. As a result, I finally got to Alice in Dissonance titles. fault milestone one was one of the first VNs I bought on Steam, back in 2016, and while I liked the first 20 minutes of the game that I saw during my play test back then, but for some reason I never finished the game till now. Overall, the fault series was pretty different from what I expected judging by these first twenty minutes. If I had to describe this series in a few words, I'd say, it's an episodic fantasy with heavy focus on characters and drama. What I personally found rather impressive about these games is how well they use CGs and visual effects in certain scenes to make them look really dynamic. In my opinion, it's really impressive that a doujin VN manages to use its graphics a lot more consistently and more creatively than many high-profile titles. The quality of the art itself, however, is a bit inconsistent. Overall it's pretty standard anime-style drawings, and there are some minor characters who look a bit strange, but, overall, it's pretty detailed, and there are some pictures that look really beautiful. Also, the first game got a major graphics update in 2018, so now it's one of the few VNs in 4K resolution. However, if we exclude the graphics, there are some minor flaws that I would expect from a doujin game. First of all, there are no voices. I personally don't consider it a major flaw and believe that some VNs actually work better without voices, but it may be crucial for some people. Secondly, while I personally didn't dislike the music, its usage in the game wasn't ideal. Some songs were looping with very small interval and it was very irritating. Also, there are some melodies that may sound well on their own, but, I believe, don't fit well in a visual novel because they distract from reading. Finally, it's not very important, but the opening song is kind of... meh, if you ask me. As for the story, the first half of milestone one is mostly focused on introducing the setting and important characters. Which leads me to the biggest complaint I have with this game - the first half is basically just one massive infodump. I mean, I understand that it's necessary evil because of the episodic nature of the series, and they tried to include the infodumps more naturally in the dialogues, but I still can't help but think it could be done even more subtly. There were some occasional small details in the story that, I felt, either didn't make much sense or could be done a bit better. Other than that, I don't really have any complaints about the story at all. As it shifted from the worldbuilding more toward character drama in the second half of the game, it got a lot more interesting. The last quarter is especially cool. All the little details actually come together in the final reveal, and overall the conclusion felt pretty emotional to me, just like it was supposed to feel. Overall, I'd give this game a solid 7/10. fault milestone two (side: above) is pretty similar to the first game that there's little to add. Still, many small details were definitely improved. There's no problems with the music. Actually, I can say that I liked the soundtrack in this VN. In my opinion, the general quality of writing also improved. There are no infodumps, and all the new information is introduced naturally in the story. The visual effects are used even better than in the first VN, especially since there's a bit more action (though it's still not the focus). The overall pacing of the story is also pretty great. Though, I suspect it may be a problem on my side, but I personally had some annoying stability issues in the second half of the VN. It really didn't help the emotional impact of the final scene that I had to replay the whole scene four or five times simply because it was constantly crashing. Still, I don't think I've seen anyone complain about having any similar problems with this VN, so most likely I just finally need to buy a proper desktop PC instead of my three-year-old laptop. The only major complaint I have with the game is that, well, it's incomplete. As you can probably guess from the title, this game is something like a half of the second episode in the story rather than a proper episode. Excluding the overarching story that started in fms1 and will probably continue before the last episode assuming that we actually get to the last episode eventually, there are two major plot threads that started in this episode, and while one of these threads comes to the proper emotional conclusion, the other is completely left hanging. Well, it's a pretty obvious thing to expect from an episodic release. Still, I can't really give it anything higher than 7.5/10 for now. I will probably raise it after side: below is released. Though, it seems like they are going to release the prequel to the first game first, and, after massive delays, it will probably come out this year, so I'm not really expecting the continuation for another two or three years. Just for the record, the trailer to fstp looks pretty amazing! Mhakna Gramura and Fairy Bell is quite an interesting... experience. It's written more like a children's story book, though there is a bit of a twist in the last quarter of the VN. It's also fairly short: it took me just two hours to finish the whole VN. Overall, you can definitely read it even if you didn't read the main fault series since it's pretty standalone. Well, it's interesting example that VN format works even for something so vastly different from the usual galge and otomege. I gave it 8/10 on VNDB, but, honestly, due to the nature of this VN, I don't think like rating it even makes much sense. Anyway, I'm really looking forward to the later fault titles. I can't really say this was the most impressive VN series I've read at this point, but it has good potential, and I still enjoyed it a lot. ~~~~ Now, let's see what Kindred Spirits of the Roof is about. PS. Also, I stalled Baldr Sky for now. I don't know, I just can't make myself enjoy this VN for some reason. I'll return to it eventually and at least force myself to finish the first route, but I don't know when it will happen.
  18. Birthday thread

    Happy birthday!
  19. Proper way to play Umineko?

    Yep, most likely it's abandoned. Just play the Steam version with this patch. Edit. Here's the patch for the answer arcs.
  20. So, if they are using Sekai's translation for Dracuriot, why didn't Sekai just release it themselves, lol. Edit. I mean, I understand that it has something to do with with partnership and contracts, but it's still stupid that it came to this point.
  21. What Light Novel are you reading right now?

    It's been a while since I updated my progress on this thread. Here are a few things I read recently and consider worth talking about. Not in any particular order. Official releases: Kumo desu ga (volume 7). Not posting the cover for the 7th volume because it's full of spoilers. I was afraid that the quality might start going downhill after the big reveal at the end of Volume 5, and I'm so glad that it didn't happen. The newest volume managed to impress me quite a lot, even if it was almost completely action-focused. The new plot twists are just as amazing as the ones in volume 5. I want more! Honzuki (part 2 volumes 1 and 2). Well, I finally caught up with what I read in the WN version, and it looks like this book is steadily getting better and better. The worldbuilding is getting more and more detailed. In these volumes we get some glimpses of how the magic and noble society function in this world. At the end of the second volume it started going in a bit weird direction, and it makes me extremely cautions that it seemingly decided to play straight some annoying isekai tropes that it was avoiding before that, but I'm pretty sure everything will be fine. At least, the epilogue was actually pretty emotional. For some reason, while it was good, I never really felt as much emotional connection with the anime as I do with the books. Also, speaking about the anime, the first scene of the first episode was finally shown, and I think like it was mistranslated there. Actually, I still have no idea why the anime even decided to spoil this scene if the way it was shown makes the viewer to get some wrong ideas. ~ So, I caught up with Arifureta (volumes 5-10). Well, just as expected it's still just the same trashy trash as the first four volumes were, but it's also very entertaining to read. Honestly, I still don't understand why I even like this LN. There are so many things that I would normally expect to hate. At the same time, It somehow manages to always remain interesting. I guess, the main strong point in this book is that the pacing is actually pretty good. Unlike in most LNs, you can more or less always tell what the end goal of the story is, and there's nothing that feels like filler. Actually, I think I like the last two volumes the most in the LN so far. I totally didn't see the plot twist in volume 10 coming, even if now I understand that it was pretty obvious from the start. Also, come on, man, stop growing your harem. It's way too disturbing at this point. Average Abilities (volume 8 ). Well, this volume disappointed me a bit. The comedy is getting a bit old and repetative (I think, many of the jokes were already used in the author's earlier works), and the story is getting nowhere. You know, this is a good example of how light novels that start very starong often run out of steam if they continue for too long. Fan-translations. 「Omae Gotoki ga Maou ni Kateru to Omou na」 to Yuusha Party wo Tsuihou Sareta no de, Outo de Kimama ni Kurashitai (I Was Told That I Wouldn’t Be Able To Defeat The Demon Lord And Kicked Out Of The Hero’s Party, So Now I Just Want An Ordinary Life In The Capital) (volumes 1-3) is amazing. It starts with a pretty usual WN fantasy trope where the MC with seemingly useless ability suddenly turns out to be pretty strong, but there's much more in the story than just that. Quite definitely deserves an official release. First of all, it's yuri with decent plot, interesting itrigue, ineresting characters and good action scenes. Secondly, it's literally the first time when I found horror in an LN so disturbing. I don't know, for some reason the body horror gets to me a lot better than the stuff about ghost or zombies. Definitely going to follow this one! Apotheosis of a Demon – A Monster Evolution Story. (The whole story - the translation is finished). Well, another decent WN that for some weird reason never got an official release. (yet?) Overall, I wouldn't call it particularly deep or novel, but the story is immensely entertaining. It has a rather interesting and, to my knowledge, unique twist on the "reincarnated in the game world" genre, where unaware players are used by the governments and the corporation for getting resources from a real parallel world. Also, I'm pretty surprised in which direction Shedy's character developed, since I expected something different. I Decided to Not Compete and Quietly Create Dolls Instead. Well, as it often happens in the WN world, it has an interesting idea, but rather mediocre realization and not so great translation. I'm only mentioning it here because of a certain twist from the still untranslated chapters which I spoiled for myself. I definitely didn't expect this type of mindfuck from an otome villainess LN. Other than this one, there are a few more shoujo LNs/WNs that I started, but all of them are either pretty bad or still don't have enough translated chapters to judge.
  22. Birthday thread

    Happy birthday to @r0xm2n!
  23. What are you playing?

    Memory's Dogma Code:01. And, honestly, the story is such a mess. The ideas behind the story are actually pretty cool, even if it quite clearly has a lot of inspirations from the SciAdv series, but the problem is that the story just feels completely random and is going nowhere. Well, at least the character art is pretty good.
  24. That's pretty unrealistic right now, but yeah, it would be great if something like that was made in our lifetime. I tried a modern VR headset once, and it was cool, but it's yet way too far from the point where I'd even consider it a proper VR. As for VNs, I just hope that plotge don't completely die out (I don't particularly care about moege), and we still have enough new games to keep us entertained.
  25. Survey by âge (Creators of Muv Luv)

    I voted for KimiNozo because I wanted to remind them that there are still people waiting for this localization after years of radio silence. Though I'd probably buy any of these games instantly if they were released. Though I'm not really sure if I should wait for Total Eclipse. The anime is extremely crappy, and I'm not sure if that's the fault of how it was adapted. In the case of Schwarzesmarken anime it's at least pretty obvious by how rushed it is that the adaptation is pretty far from ideal.