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  1. its okay no worries, im thankfull alrdy for translation on the game alrdy more than enuf. if it in that case, can u tell me what software what u used to extract the music from the game n how to do it? only if u dont mind
  2. @flamepaladinbtw mr flamepaladin, can i ask ur help. i kinda like to hear 2 ost from this game. yet i tried to downlaod full ost but cant find it or manage to download it. from bgm in the game A B C 12 4 this from top to bottom in the bgm of music. can u tell me how to download it? since i tried to find in game file yet not able to get it. if u can extract it into solo mp3, ill be thankfull
  3. it alrdy finished. i did play n finish the game. it all english alrdy. just apply interface patch 1st u can get from vndb link, then apply flamepaladin patch, then all 100% english alrdy, i finished 2 route without any errors. tq mr paladin. hope can see new project soon from mr paladin
  4. yes correct that one seems good https://vndb.org/v23199 but these ones also nice : https://vndb.org/v18683 Sankai Ou no Yubiwa https://vndb.org/v14325 Kenseiki Alpha Ride https://vndb.org/v16629 Sengoku Hime 6 ~Tenka Kakusei, Shingetsu no Kirameki~ n series like dragoon, aswell bunnyblack 3 no one working on it yet it seems thanks so much to @flamepaladin for letting me enjoy 1 of best game from eushully. i enjoy the game from ur translation n able to finish 2 of endings. only sad because the story is not as wide as kamidori n i finish it faster than kamidori. kamidori has 3 route with 3 different story, as for kami no rhapsody, "no spoiler" only ones who alrdy finish it will know the difference
  5. can we have translation for other eushully games also ? after finishing this game feels empty without new good story games
  6. btw i think almost all contents alrdy translated right? what make it still not yet finished ?
  7. install interface patch then after that install newest patch from here, the game almost full translated alrdy
  8. u re good guy buddy ! dont worry. keep up ur passion !
  9. hi mr paladin. when u re gonna post the full patch on kami no rhapsody? i looking forward it :)

    1. flamepaladin


      First of all, you don't need to use 'mr' when addressing me XD.
      Secondly, it'll take a while before we can release the full patch, seeing that there are still a lot of images to be edited. But depending on how the recruitment for image editors go, I may release another partial patch without the images sometimes in the future.

  10. Thanks a lot mrpaladin <3 i did think about when this kind of game from eushully gonna get translated n now here it is i found it ! thanks a lot to u ! hopefully company like mangagamers or few others can recruit u to make lot of VN/eroge can be enjoyed by lot of ppls who cant read japanese like us! i wholeheartly thank u for ur hardwok !
  11. will do ! go for it mrpaladin. hope u will have time to do so n good luck !
  12. yes keep the passion ! n how is the progress any good news ? can we expecting any good news soon ? xD
  13. dont worry i still look up for mr paladin work of art n still cheking this site everyday. looking forward n hope it finish as soon as possible.
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