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  1. @Danywar Ah, that may have been me? I'm not currently translating it however, since a friend asked for help on another project as I was going to start it. So if you guys want to do it, please go right ahead! And if you guys ever need help with it, feel free to hit me up. Anyway, congratulations on the project! More Eushully is always welcome!
  2. They were in the bottom of the data1 folder all along, dang, am I stupid. Thank you all for the help!
  3. That's too bad. My files don't have all those .bins and I have no idea where they are hiding
  4. @AnonSkittles A dialogue.zip? Also, do you happen to have these files in japanese? I guess I could just use a text hooker for them, but that would be way easier
  5. Does anybody happens to know how nekohen edited the files in the game? Like which tool they used? Any help would be much appreciated!
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