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  1. All the h-scenes are restored which was the initial goal of the patch and was achieved, but only Yuuki's are translated. Unfortunately, there is currently no translator active on the project. Anyone who wishes to help with translation is welcome to contact me or anyone else on the team, but until then the project will remain stalled.
  2. Awesome, it's been such a long journey getting there! Congratulations on the milestone!
  3. Ah, that's unfortunate, but if you don't like it then you don't like it. Best of luck on seeing the project through to the end!
  4. Probably jumping the gun here, but do you plan on doing the sequel as well?
  5. Happy New Year flamepaladin! Look forward to the finished and polished final patch!
  6. I'm not a partial patch kinda guy, but I look forward to the complete release! Keep it up!
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