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  1. VN (and maybe anime) fan art from Ioruko

    Thank you for the wait! I have an update, it's a fan art of Saya no Uta! My first vn, how nostalgic If you want a bigger version, you can download it here: in_bloom_by_ioruko-d9zss6r.jpg It's 4000 x 2509 !
  2. VN (and maybe anime) fan art from Ioruko

    I really appreciate your comments, thank you! Kara no Kyoukai is a dark and beautiful creation based on Nasu Kinoko's novels. There is a lot of blood, some gore scenes and Nasu magic, so be prepared Also, I recommend not to dwell too deeply on the philosophical and metaphysical questions and themes of the movie series, I myself did not understand everything (and still I enjoyed it).
  3. VN (and maybe anime) fan art from Ioruko

    Thank you! I will try to make some colored digital art too, the thing is digital is still more time consuming for me, even when it comes to simple figure drawings. I hope the speed will come with practice eventually. The girl on the second drawing is Touko Aozaki (all three of them are Touko, in fact). I wanted to depict her life stages as a student, a young woman and a mature kickass mage . She is one of the characters from Mahoutsukai no yoru, also from an animation movie series Kara no Kyoukai.
  4. VN (and maybe anime) fan art from Ioruko

    Thank you I am currently developing original characters, so there will be no new fan art for a while. But I will eventually get back to it Have a school girl pencil drawing and Aozaki Touko's (high school student - Mahoyo - Kara no Kyoukai) while waiting: (a school girl drawing was referenced from Roa Kusunoki's photoshoot)
  5. I think there's too little context to decide on who is the leader and why he will be in trouble. We can only assume that it is connected with the girl A not studying properly. The other possibility is that they are not talking about a person, but rather about a school subject: )リーダー【名詞】1reader読み方を学ぶ学生用の一連のテキストの1つ(one of a series of texts for studentslearning to read)
  6. best visual novel osts?

    I'm sorry, I just read best visual novel oats? I guess I am just tired I like Rewrite OST and Subarashiki Hibi is my current fav. Umineko is very complex and SUPER HOT D: Just listen to this!
  7. Hello, fellow interpreter, I work at a car company too and I can relate to most of what you have said. It is absolutely true, that the main stress on the job is when people argue and try to force their opinion during meetings. The rest of the day is at most busy, but as I work on a project contract basis, I don't sit at the office, but rather support Japanese team on site (I work for press shop die maintenance mostly). And it is very interesting and there is a lot of spare time that you can use for Japanese studies or even book reading (mobile phones use is not allowed at genba, but nobody pays attention when and how I use it, since I am just an interpreter). I've been working like this for approx. 2 years, but it is not easy to find a job when you just graduated. It took me 5 months to get my first contract, and it was for a logistics company.
  8. Very nice art, CG looks great and animation of special effects is so shiny Looks like an interesting setting, although reminds me of other titles like Fate (a war between mages for a sacred item etc.) but I hope your project will develop into something completely unique!
  9. VN (and maybe anime) fan art from Ioruko

    Hello again, I decided to show some more fan art I haven't posted here yet! The first one is a pic from January with Rin (digital). The second one is form last week with Saber Lily (traditional) drawing. I hope you'll like them! P.s. I have one pretty big digital drawing in process. Can you guess the title and character?
  10. Hello, fellow VN readers!

    Aw, thank you, everyone! Thank you, she's a cute (^ν^)
  11. VN (and maybe anime) fan art from Ioruko

    Thank you! I haven't yet played a lot of vn, but I will get to it eventually
  12. VN (and maybe anime) fan art from Ioruko

    Thanks! You still have time and everything is possible ...
  13. VN (and maybe anime) fan art from Ioruko

    Thanks! Glad you liked it I'm still learning and trying different things, trial and error Archer and Rin pic kind of got out of hand because I spent too much time on it >_<