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  1. He taught me about the awesomeness of mahou sensou. Ah, and he helps me when I run out off new animes
  2. Okay it's official, I fucking HATE this song. I need two freaking gems so I can do a 10+1 and I just WON'T GET THEM GRR
  3. FCd Nico Puri And Diamond Princess, one miss on Susume tomorrow, AGAIN.
  4. Forever one miss. (Or maybe even two, too mad to remember)
  5. I don't like Honoka I just want a single UR (that isn't the pure Nozomi), is that too much to ask?
  6. I'd trade all my thousand Nico SRs for one f*cking UR lol
  7. Okay now I wanna see everyone's teams As for myself:
  8. Rina! <3 Welcome~ Me and my friend did a 10+1 while trying that trick with first getting a R from FP and then scouting. He got a UR and I three SRs. Coincidence? ;_;
  9. 17k FP, one new R And thousand old Rs (especially pure Maki). Fml.
  10. My day. First I got to idolize the event Maki. Then I used my scouting ticket... I'm happy.
  11. Sorry for the double Post But kafkenkdkebr FINALLY And a sad message.
  12. Oh I am, but a UR would be even better NothingagainstyouRinchan
  13. I still hate you for that Nozomi UR, seriously I just wanna be happy Q_Q
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