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  1. Honestly, I can feel my blood pressure reducing as I type
  2. The first three Spyro games, now I think about it. Really great platformers with beautiful polygons, questionable voice acting and frustratingly hard to 100%. The music is absolutely wonderful in them too. It's sad to see how far they've sunk.
  3. It's not my favourite game, but I'd really recommend people play The Talos Principle due to its interesting take on the puzzle genre. The main puzzles themselves are difficult, but then you've got puzzles between puzzles, and puzzles to get to more puzzles... all wrapped up in a pseudo-philosophical storyline based around a robot fella that may or may not have a god. And it's really, really nice to look at. I'd recommend Football Manager as I've played it pathologically for years, but... I've played it pathologically for years. Don't do FM, kids.
  4. As adorable as Nana is, Louise not being next to your name confuses me even now.
  5. False - though if ones like Lucid9 continue to be made it's giving me something to think about. Next person can speak Korean.
  6. Holy shit, did not expect to see some Inferi love on here <3 Been jamming these beautiful bastards this past few days
  7. This utter shit. Higurashi spoilers innit:
  8. I'd say it can only be used to point out a difference in taste. Not being able to 'get' something, in my opinion, is only worthwhile when there's something to 'get' in the first place. If something is awfully written, or drawn in such a way that if a child brought it home their mother would burn it, then there's really nothing to 'get'. However, if the writing is good, or at least satisfactory, or the art obviously has some skill in it (whether or not it's an art style you particularly like), then more of it is going to be on the reader clicking with it, or 'getting' it, as 't'were. Therefore, I'd say that while 'you don't get it' is kind of valid, it's only valid in being a descriptive statement. As a response to criticism, constructive or otherwise, it's kinda daft.
  9. The Katawa Shoujo forums were my first forum and I stayed there for about a year, till I had literally nothing of any worth left to offer. I've been part of Sputnikmusic for about two-and-a-half years now, probably my most active. Community is... acerbic sometimes, but I can't seem to leave it alone. And here. Obviously.
  10. Everyone's all miserable and shit, but certain people try to help them by getting inside their head and fannying about with what's inside. --- Russian fella undergoes some timey-wimey stuff and spoopy shit occurs at camp.
  11. I didn't get an emoji on my tag Brb, ending it all
  12. I don't enjoy nukige at all really, and to be honest I find many H-scenes a bit of a chore to get through. Even when it comes to H-manga I find myself way more interested in the set-up and interaction between characters (which is why I like drawn out vanilla over anything). So yeah, give me a decent story any day.
  13. Heh, nice. I'd probably get torn apart by my brother and his girlfriend if I even uttered the words 'body pillow' I've got a hard copy of Sekien no Inganock, though I'm still yet to finish it. @Asonn is Noel the grill or the dinosaur?
  14. Might slightly have fallen in love with New Game. Really is just excellent cute-girls-doing-cute-things SoL, and if there's one thing that's gonna make me binge watch a series, it's excellent cute-girls-doing-cute-things SoL. Being pretty damn funny helps too.
  15. I'd say so. Everyone's subject to the capping but you're the only one being outright denied. That's really bizarre. Tried a different browser I assume?
  16. So I went to invade the chat room a few minutes ago and got the message What's weird is that there are only 5 people in there (or so my computer says), and I'm 99.9% sure it used to be able to hold more than that (that 0.1% is pure insurance). This has only really come about in the last couple of days if it's a new thing, so I was wondering if there's a technical error? Knowing my luck it'd be right as rain soon and I'll look a right twat, but I figured I should post it here anyway.
  17. Well, it was a half-size one for a start, plus I got it from a catalogue (it was my 6th birthday, so I think my parents wanted to just get me something to see if I'd stick it). Still, you should probably, if you don't wanna pay for a Yamaha (which aren't too bad but I don't know your financial situation), be able to pick one up for ~$70-80 that'll be fit enough for purpose, I'd have thought
  18. No problem In all honesty, until you start getting to ~£800 (about $1500 I believe) then you kinda get what you pay for in terms of quality, but for starting out you definitely don't need that. My first one was £20 (so just short of $40) and did me fine until I saved up for another - I play it now though and think it's a shitbox . I've heard good things about the Admira Alba and Yamaha classical guitars, but I don't know how much you're looking to spend (both are around ~£100/$180 I believe). If you've got a music shop near you, then you can look at the guitar before you buy it which is a major +1. Check it sounds alright, has got no splits (particularly check the sides and the join between the body and the neck) and the neck doesn't bend too much. Look down the neck like you would a rifle - a little downward bend is fine, but if it's bending sideways steer clear of it.
  19. Oh, one other thing now I think about it. Do fingering exercises when you're starting out (... heh.) A good one to do is fret the 1st fret with your index finger and then play it, 2nd fret with your middle finger (and then play it), 3rd fret with your ring finger (play that too) and 4th fret with little finger (play that as well). DON'T CHEAT, cos otherwise you end up like me, 10 years down the line, with a little finger far weaker than the other three.
  20. My biggest pieces of advice I can give you with the guitar are be prepared for it to hurt, possibly a fair bit. When you try basic chords you'll find your fingers having to stretch in ways that aren't familiar, so your fingers will either ache like crazy or just not do it. Persevere with it, it gets easier! Additionally, the strings will likely chew up your fingertips to start with (which is one of the reasons it's best to start of with a nylon-stringed or classical guitar, as opposed to a steel-string one), but again stick with it, as harder skin will form on your fingertips. Another benefit of classical/nylon-string is it requires you to fret properly, which is useful when you're starting out. It's easier to fudge it when you move into the electric world. When you fret the strings, try to do with more with the tip of your finger than your pad. This will, once the strength builds up in your fingers, help you to push down the string better and cleaner, and doesn't mute the other strings. If you've got any more questions then feel free to ask, I'll only be too happy to help
  21. ...daft question, but what's the difference between a cupcake and a muffin? I thought they both contained allergenic ingredients. Always good to have a cool nickname like that though Hope to see you about! Which VNs have you read?
  22. If you buy crap rice it's awful. Spend a little bit more on it and it becomes a beautiful thing. How many flavours are there?!
  23. Looking good so far! But if you pass, does it mean you never watch Re:Zero again?
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