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  1. Aside from continuing the Grisaia series, the biggest one for me is Pigeon Blood, which I stumbled across one day playing the random VN game on vndb I so frequently play. It's yaoi horror with fine-as art and, supposedly, some really messed up ends.
  2. True, though I've not baked for pleasure in ages ;-; Next person likes the smell of wet dog.
  3. I-i-i-i-in what?! Next person is sat within 5 metres (or 16 feet and a bit ) from something that needs washing up.
  4. False. Powdered milk?! Next person has worn a yukata.
  5. But you can be First episode is promising! The concept seems like it could... actually work, which is surprising.
  6. A'ight, here's my take on it. I'D PREFER IT IF YOU DROPPED THE JAPANESE THINGS Honestly, I think originality and cultural differences explored in VNs can only help to expand the medium. Why set something in Japan (or incorporate Japanese thingmies) when there's a wealth of things to be explored on your home turf? Basically, go for it
  7. Does Teekyuu count? If this counts I'm so seconding. It's like someone spiked a Turkish coffee then filmed the results.
  8. Not particularly, although I do like Haganai more than I'm happy to readily admit
  9. False! Or true. What? Next person loves the sound of the lap steel guitar.
  10. True! Next person considers themselves to be a decent artist (indecent artists may also apply )
  11. Reading through Sweet Magic Syndrome, which may or may not be consuming large amounts of my free time right now. It's just... so cute. As an aside, I'm finding this way more enjoyable than watching an anime. I have difficulties staying in one place for any discernible amount of time without needing to move about, so anime are sometimes a bit of a pain; this however, I can blast through a chapter, have a wander/make tea/awkwardly shuffle about, and then return as I see fit. It's great \ /
  12. 7.5/10. Haven't got owt witty to say, but it's nice
  13. That's... impressive. I think you're right, that's not technically supposed to be the case.
  14. Dunno about you, but that's the only way I can really learn these things. I can be told the theory about certain things, but it rarely goes in unless I've experimented with it on my own accord. It's partially knowing when to do things, not just what to do. I'm still yet to beat Havencraft though, so perhaps you should play me if you wanna win a few easy games?
  15. That's such a fine margin that I wouldn't be surprised if they said 'sod it' and did neither
  16. Aw nice Really good to see the project taking shape now - last demo I played I think was a barebones introduction to characters and setting, so to actually play some routes is pretty exciting! I'll be sure to give this a full run through over the next few days.
  17. It's the first card game of this type that I've tried and ended up liking... and I like it a lot. Doesn't stop me getting fucking mauled every time someone plays a Havencraft deck though If anyone wants to add me, I'm 453 292 927, name Archelirion
  18. Cute as a damn cute thing. Looks a little squished, perhaps, but still cute. 8.5/10.
  19. Going on the premise that $30 is ~£25, give or take, the pricing seems fair from where I'm sat. If they're chucking in the H-scenes in there with it (as here seems to indicate) then that's great, but if they wind up not doing so then it's not the end of the world. Looking forward to this one coming out this way
  20. Tru-... fal-... Wait. What? Next person has waited anime on the toilet before.
  21. Dunno what you're talking about. I've always had this one.
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