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  1. Do you find this version of the anime-style ok to watch?

    The commander in the middle was inspired by Jean Reno's character in Flyboys Fun fact: our artist is actually colour-blind
  2. I know there are different visual-styles of anime/manga. You got the Ghibli style and the semi-realistic one etc etc When we started development of the game for the picture seen below, we wanted to give it a unique look. Not just because we would (hopefully) gain more attention but also because I have never been a fan of something that is mainstream. But still, I am interested in hearing your opinion. If you were to play a 2D anime-game or watch an anime film with this style, would that be uncomfortable or ugly to look at in your opinion?
  3. How fanatic are you?

    Note that my reply here is not about the Anime-topic intended for this thread. This reply is about the focus on feedback as a game developer and how much you should "make the game you want to play"The last two nights i have been thinking hard and i have come to this conclusion: I have stopped caring about what other people like/dislike in my works. It is all too subjective and it became too exhausting, painful and confusing for me to try to adapt to. For my own health and creativity, i had to let go. Im done trying to please everyone and putting myself in last place always i don't think im the problem. I think the problem is that the world is not ready for my modus operandi. They are not ready because they have for several years been attached to a list of subjective criterias created by a person long ago, wich just happened to gain enough followers in order to become an "Industry Standard". Therefore, when someone like me comes along, someone who follows their heart and does not care about what people think of their work, someone who acknowledge one cannot please everyone, someone who realize the fact that either people like their game or they don't....... then people freak out. It breaks with their "Industry Standard" and they want to murder that person at once because he's a worthless unprofessional Phil Fish xD haha The problem isnt us, it is the world not being ready for a different subjective modus-operandi other than the "Inustry Standard". I sound like an asshole, but you need to think this through. Give it a thought. The fight for creating something objectively good.....is futile. It is impossible to accomplish. There will always be dislikes. Trying to adapt to subjective feedback and make a flawless gem is impossible. It is exhausting, and it is a prison for any creative person. It is a swelling cancer. I didnt make this decision because im intolerant of feedback or because im an asshole, but because it became too exhausting and confusing for me. It was, and it is, not healthy for me or anyone creative. I want to be free. I don't want to refrain from making the game i want out of fear from the Industry Standard waiting to attack me once the game comes out. It would be equivalent to letting fear control you, to let you be toyed with. That being sad, im not gonna disable comments, delete negative reviews or lash out on anyone for hating my game(s)......but i am not going to care very much. Why? Because it is all subjective and too confusing. Now if you have feedback on bugs, technical issues and such......THEN i do care of course . enough?
  4. I started a production-music library wich is exclusively under the Creative-Commons license. You can use my music for free in any non-commercial project. I decided to release it for free since i don't want money for it and i know how hard it is to get free HQ orchestral music and that iconic trailer-sound. Other composers have agreed to join the library soon. The music was created using HQ packages from 99Sounds, Sonatina, and strings from Mick Gordon (Doom). The music has also been featured on one of the biggest Epic Music-channels that excist on Youtube wich you can check out as a preview. for the full current library click here. NOTE: the first melody sucks
  5. How fanatic are you?

    I care. Because i prefer to be realistic on many parts even in fiction
  6. How fanatic are you?

    no, that is a Scottish Claymore Zweihanders were much much mucha bigger!
  7. How fanatic are you?

    yes yes, i always try to be as original as possible but not because people demand it.......but because i personally feel indescribably uncomfortable with making things wich have been standards or cliches About the feedback thing. I welcome all feedback ergo i don't disable comments and threads. I don't claim my work to be a masterpiece. I don't lash out on reviews and go Phil Fish on them. But i just don't care very much, because i realize how subjective everything is. Therefore, just like Thomas Bergersen, i stopped caring. Not because im an asshole, i don't intend to be an asshole, but i dont care because the subjectivity is exhausting to understand. As said, if there is feedback on vital parts like technical issues, grammar and bugs, THEN i care.
  8. How fanatic are you?

    as game developers we are taught to care much about feedback/opinions. I have an interesting view there. If it is feedback on something like bugs, tech problems and grammar, THEN i do care But feedback on something extremely subjective like story or gameplay, then.......eeeeh.....i don't care that much to be honest. If 50% of humanity hates your story and the other half loves it, WTF are you supposed to do? It is impossible to know what to do! Whatever you do, someone will like and dislike it. Therefore i dare to say that i don't really care that much to be honest. I know that sounds very controversial, but think about it, it makes some sense. It is too subjective. Here is a golden quote from composer Thomas Bergersen from trailer-music company Two Steps From Hell. This quote is a big shield for my statement "I think I stopped caring about what people do and enjoy a long time ago. If something works for someone, but not for me, I’m happy for them, and I’ll just move on. I try to ignore the fact that I’m working in a narrow-minded industry, and just focus on what I like to do"
  9. How fanatic are you?

    Sakura games sells well because.......let's be humble and honest here.......because the people that buy those games are hormonial, too hormonial for their own good. No one buys a Sakura game for the story or gameplay. They buy them simply because of boops XD i made a vow to myself to never make hormonial fetish Anime-games like that. I want to make honourable, serious anime-games with respectable characters and a respectable tone......not a sexual one. I would like to follow my heart, meaning making games being western in style since the western world is the one i was raised in ergo: knows best. But i also want to include some Japanese elements. I was unsure if people would tolerate western elements in Anime-games but luckely, judging from the replies here, it is acceptable. Time to go!
  10. How fanatic are you?

    I am a videogame writer & designer and in 2014, i decided to specialize in Japanese-styled games and Anime-games. This would require me to firstly, get an artist to make proper Anime-visuals and not the cheap copycat style that is often done by non-Asian artists. There are particularly very skilled and authentic artists from Spain. The second thing i had to make sure of, was to include the same weirdness and character stereotypes. Though there are some things i might have to drop since i don't handle them very well. For example girls with megaton tits.......im not mentally capable of doing that xD. Wich brings me to this question: would you as a player, hate a VN/Anime-game if it went a liiiiiittle bit Western on some parts and dropped some of the Japanese things? In other words: how fanatic are you? xD btw, here is a character from our upcoming videogame http://pre01.deviantart.net/9f05/th/pre/f/2016/320/7/0/706abd5a8d4b71d3b00563e5fcff3f50-daonlwm.jpg