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  1. Okay, I did look into this (quite briefly) and saw some abberations. First, "PACK" may begin on 16n + 8 offsets sometimes. Second, files only begin on 16n + 8 offsets sometimes. I did modify the tool to switch between classic (16) and abberate (8) version. Try 1.1 version of PsyhedelicaPCKTool. So you could extract any (I hope) archive from 16 or 8 version (try 16 first, if it's not working, then switch to 8). And pack to either 16 or 8 (pick the one with which game doesn't crash). Unpack version and pack version doesn't need to be the same. (Theoretically there could
  2. Hmm, interesting. Could you post here some of that unsupported archives? I could modify the tool if I'll have time. No, only with this kind of PCK, maybe on the same engine, and all. I did not write any sophisticated structure analyzers algorithms in this one, the tool is very basic. Maybe Rio Reincarnation uses the same engine... Oh, it's a compiled binary script. Fully edit them would be quite a hassle, because you'd need to diasssemple/decompile them, and hacking engine languages is such a pain... But in case of this format it's possible, I think, to write a relatively eas
  3. I think it won't be the case. You see, GIGA's most commonly used engine is NeXaS. But the topicstarter said this game is on Artemis. And it uses pfs archives and .asb, .lua and .AST scripts, so this engine is most likely Artemis. So even if people know about working with Artemis games, they could work with only few games of GIGA. But I have worked with Artemis at some point, so I'll post here a method (do note, there are some other methods as well). 1) Extract archives with GARbro (there are some other tools, but GARbro is the most supporting, for there are some types of pfs archives
  4. I don't know any tools for this kind of archive or engine, but the format did seem somewhat easy, so I decided to hack it myself. Well, here you are, try PsyhedelicaPCKTool, latest of my "fast tools". It does need Python 3, maybe latest version. It has a CLI interface. First enter mode (0 for unpack and 1 for pack), next enter the pck archive name (with extension!), next enter the directory name. Theoretically it can extract and repack all of this kind of .pck archives. Test it with other archives and post results here.
  5. Well, truth be told, there is no need to use the method in case of English language. It's necessary (it's not the only possible method. but still) to translate games to languages, which uses not only the letters, that on Shift-JIS are or does not exist, or fill-width only. I'll be brief. 1. You need to create a monpspaced "crutchy font" based on some Japanese font, and take some other monospaces non-Japanese font (Cyrillic in case of Russian language, for example). 2. Next you need to replace some half-width letters with other letters you need to support. 3. Next you need to HEX-edi
  6. On which language, for instance, are you planning to translate that game?
  7. Well, if it's .ks and it's of open format, then it's likely a script of the standart KiriKiri. Just recode it in UCS-2LE (if I remember correctly) and have fun with scripts. You can change an encoding with Notepad++, for example.
  8. Well, I have one conjecture: settings file may be generated after the first game launch, which wasn't done here correctly, because... And, seeing the error, I can presume you did try to launch Japanese demo version. Well, you see, there is often one problem then launching random Japanese game, at least visual novel: it may not running (at least correctly) on any locales which aren't Japanese. You may try to launch the main exe while emulating the Japanese locale with Locale Emulator. If needed, use deep emulation. Well, launching the exe in a debugger won't be so easy with this
  9. Translation from Japanese: Settings file abnormality (error). The settings file is not present.
  10. Hmmm... AIRNovel (list is by no means complete), I guess? At least I didn't hear about any attempts to reverse it and did not try it myself, but did hear about some localizers complain about it. There are also many engines, which was partially reversed. For example, only archives and maybe sometimes images, but not scripts. For example, in case of Lucifen (list is by no means complete) archives was hacked, but there are keys from the just few games extracted, so people without knowing about reversing (there is no keyfinding tool or instruction) can't find a key (from other games). There w
  11. I have created a new GUI tool SLGSystemDataTool for quite obscure for hackers or coders engine — SLG System. Legendary series Sengoku Hime and Sangoku Hime are on this engine (probably all Gesen 18 games are on it, but it'll need some testing). Unlike of my previous tools, this one does not support scripts (I did manage to decompile Sengoku Hime 1's scripts, but they are rather tricky, and there was some complications, so I did not release it). What can it do? - Extract all types of archives (szs, and SFP (SPD+SPL). - Repack all archives. - Convert all types of images (tig, tic,
  12. I guess the game on Yuka System. also known as Yuka Script. Try this or that.
  13. Now I did develop a better tool for Stuff Script Engine's script format .msc: mscScriptTool. Most of the propeller games, such as Bullet Butlers, Chrono Belt, Evolimit and Sougeki no Jaeger, are on this engine. There are two version of this scripts, first and second. First is, for instance, in Bullet Butlers and Chrono Belt, while second on later games. Sougeki no Jaeger, the latest propeller's game, has some unique commands, so it's like latest subversion of second version. Scripts of first version are commonly encrypted. My tool does support both version, encryption/decryption, key
  14. Here thou are... Точнее, нет, лучше так. Вот небольшой извлекатель строк из сих скриптов (но не запаковщик строк, ибо лень разбирать формат). Его, судя по описанию проблемы, должно хватить: Here is simple string extractor for this scripts (but, do note, this tool can not pack strings back). This tool, as I see from the description, ought to be enough. The tool is dual languaged/Средство двуязычно: ADVWin32StringExtractor. И да, работает на третьем Питоне. And yes, it's on Python 3.
  15. Well, it'll be better if top post would be updated. Now I did develop a better tool for Silky Egnine's Script: https://github.com/TesterTesterov/mesScriptAsseAndDisassembler mesScriptAsseAndDisassembler, Now thou wouldn't need to use rather restricted tool such as mestool. With new tool thou can fully edit code and freely make line/message breaks. So if text can't get in the message box fully, thou can just add a new message.
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