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  1. Found this, not sure how good it is https://pastebin.com/hCza2JeG
  2. https://github.com/jansonseth/Summer-Pockets-Tools/blob/d4812ddd6500c382b35b00763e4943fdbb0af61f/builds/siglusomv.exe
  3. I prefer Elite, though the artwork in the game is really good. It doesn't cut anything super important from the story either.
  4. For now, there is no way to deal with the alpha channel.
  5. https://github.com/jansonseth/Summer-Pockets-Tools use the siglusomv tool.
  6. Unpack the scene.pck and gameexe.dat with the tools you have. Paste this exe into your game directory (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1krWuIfXMtR8fcIFHLyJXTA1D9u3epQot/view?usp=sharing). Then modify the tools again with this encryption key (0x7E23BA0A4BA8299AF67CFD198834D177). Then pack the scene.pck and gameexe.dat with the tools you just modified.
  7. Although I'm only halfway through chapter 2, I can tell you that it keeps on getting better and better.
  8. Hmm... maybe try using the Harmonia version of the engine with word wrapping built in. You will need to change the encryption keys in the tools though once you unpack the scene and gameexe.
  9. Yep, use Marcus-beta's sigluspatcher https://github.com/marcussacana/SiglusSceneManager/releases/download/1.0.13/SiglusPatcher.zip Pretty sure it works with angel beats
  10. You probably didn’t follow the steps correctly.
  11. https://www93.zippyshare.com/v/pruia68j/file.html the tools won’t work right away. Follow that tutorial to modify them for angel beats.
  12. There are already tools available for angel beats.
  13. It's weird because I can't remember it either. Maybe it got overwritten in my memory with the amazing 2nd ending.
  14. I would say I like to play handheld more than on my computer, although if a vn has no handheld port I would probably just play on my computer.
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