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  1. I think it's time I shed some light on the situation, shall I? First of all, I want to apologize for my lack of updating, let lone actually logging into the site. For those wanting an explanation as to why I have not updated even once since the project's annoucement, it's due to a situation and several changes that happened within the past month or so. When I initally announced the project, I had just completed college and I was all set to continue on with my education. I had taken the summer off from my previous job and was ready and willing to commit to the project as a full-time com
  2. I started my first full-time job shortly after the announcement of the project, so no decent amount of progress has been made. I had intended to start right away, but I got interviewed and hired a couple of days after I started the project. I'm focusing on creating a schedule so I can get used to the flow of work so I can work on the translation. Just wanted to update you guys on whats been going on on my end. I do intend to keep things updated, and I will post updates here as you guys requested. That being said, It's awesome that this thread has been listed in on of the TLstatus updates!
  3. I really hope Zero/Ao someday sees an english Translation, however XSeed has stated that it would be very difficult/near impossible to localize them. They have said that releasing games on the PSP, even digital, is just not practical given how long it would take to localize the games. The vita ports feature fully voiced scripts, and even if they didn't want to dub it themselves, getting the licsensing for the voice actors would be a nightmare. There is still hope. There are PC versions that have been released of both games. Hopefully we see those on Steam.
  4. Good call. Zero and Ao are the best in the series (in my opinion anyway). You're in for a real treat when you start those up! Same with me actually! I played the first game in English originally and played the rest in Japanese. I can't wait to replay it in English, as the translation for the first was really well done, so I'm excited to see the same quality in SC. Edit: my actual reaction to the news was exactly like the first 2 seconds of this video:
  5. Platform: PS3/Vita (Vita TV?) I'm more shocked than excited (well, I'm beyond excited) Apparently we are seeing the continuation for the Legend of Heroes series in the west. This is the 6th game in the series that The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky came from (on PSP and Steam, JRPG fans, play it.) I never even imagined that we would see this game in English. I thought this series would be over and done with in the US after Trails in the Sky SC, but upon reading some info about this, Falcom themselves went to XSeed games and pushed for a localization. Even more news... the
  6. That was my inital thought, but then I figured the project would turn out to be something like that, which a lot of projects with too much openness tend to turn into. I will however not turn anyone down and link them to the project if they wish to help out, which is why I will share the link to the project individually if they want to contribute. I do want the project to be open, but I will do my best to make sure the translation remains a quality one.
  7. I figure I'd make a new thread to start of fresh and say that I along with Jaysc, plan to continue the translation of Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai that was dropped last month. I know that a lot of people were dissappointed with the fact that this was dropped (me), so I wanted to make the completion of it a reality. However, I wanted to extend this to the community. Jaysc and I have created a share on my google drive account with the scripts that need to be translated, along with reference materials. If people wants to help out in any capacity, they should feel free to do so. Anyone with
  8. Alright! I've obatined the rest of the scripts (thank you, CryingWestern!). I will get started on it soon, but I'm in that "wonderful" phase of my life of trying to find a full-time job post college. So a lot of my time is being spent searching and going to interviews. In the near future I will have way more time to get it going full throttle, but that's not going to stop it from being started. Obviously it would help to have more people, I'm going to try and get some friends to help out, but if anyone knows anybody who is willing to help out at any capacity, feel free to refer them to thi
  9. @jaysc - I sent CryingWestern the file, didn't know if you had done it yet. I'm good with working with anyone on the project. I don't know how much time I have to work on it compared to others but I plan on devoting some time to it.
  10. I'm actually interested in picking up where the translator left off. Does anyone know if what he uploaded contained the entire script of the game, or is it just what he translated? if I can obtain the game's script, then I may have something to work with!
  11. I'm currently playing Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon. My friend loved awakening on 3DS, so I thought I would give the series a try. I played Fire Emblem 7 on GBA and thought it was great, and this one is pretty good as well. I tend to play this more carefully than other games because of the permanent death aspect. Totally makes it a different game compared to most I have played. I always hold my breath during the enemy phase...
  12. I was actually thinking of doing something similar to this for a long time, so I would love to contribute. I can be an editor/writer, or any of the roles that are needed!
  13. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! @MonMon - I have read Sharin no Kuni, and it is indeed AMAZING. Definitely in my top 3 VNs ever. As for my tastes, I don't have a particular affinity for anything really... I guess it all depends on the character!
  14. Hey guys! I've been using this site as my go to source for information regarding Visual Novels, so I thought I would join in on the community! I've been a huge fan of visual novels for many years, and this site is just so great and keeping up on news. It's nice to finally join in!
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