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  1. Developing passion for mosaics is unnatural... Nope. 5pb. has nothing whatsoever to do with Root Double. Developer is Regista, publisher is Yeti.
  2. It's definitely the former. I don't know if any of you have ever heard of this, but dovac used to be an active member in the visual novel translation scene. He was mostly known for hosting several VN translation-related sites (for example, everything on the moelicious.be domain, including at that time the site of Amaterasu Translations; pretty sure he also hosted TLWiki). However, over time the fanbase got more and more ungrateful, both towards fan translators and towards original creators. Notable incidents that probably further soured dovac's opinion of the community were the Amaterasu-M
  3. Quoting a /jp/ post about the poll: I'm pretty sure the biggest reason MG wins in that poll is because all the voters hate Sekai Project. /vg/'s poll is more divided despite strong anti-SP sentiment existing there as well.
  4. To explain the relations between the group of games that's generally referred to as 'infinity-related games': (tl;dr at bottom of post) It all starts with the infinity series (that is, Never7, Ever17 and Remember11). There are two relevant persons and one relevant group in this: - Takumi Nakazawa - Koutarou Uchikoshi - Other KID staff (including Takeshi Abo and Hayashi Naotaka) Takumi Nakazawa was the director of all three infinity games. Furthermore, he was the main writer of Remember11. He was also a writer for the other two games. Koutarou Uchikoshi was the main writer
  5. As usual, live blogging will be at http://bayoab.info/live/live2.php. Except the version of Nekopara that made the biggest splash was the all-ages version (45k sales on Steam back in April). What else can you call it than a moege?
  6. This used to be the case, but I'm pretty sure the massive success of recent games like Princess Evangile and Nekopara was enough to prove the potential of such games to localizers.
  7. It's less 'expecting completion' and more 'expecting any kind of progress at all'. Saying you'll translate something is easily done, actually making some progress is another thing. (And then there's the real challenge which is keeping up the progress until the game's finished.) There are tons of 'translation projects' that never get beyond the initial announcement, so with the project members having apparently no previous experience it only makes sense to be skeptical.
  8. Probably the extremely subtle Sayumi Ureshino from Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai. It's a damn shame her route didn't really do anything with the whole "invitation to hell" thing and was just a rather generic romance story.
  9. The fan translators doing the localizations also have the tools (and sometimes also damn good hackers far better than the original programmers). The Japanese companies just want their own tools to be used, by their own people. It would be much more efficient if it were done by the people who can do it most quickly, but the Japanese side has a lot of negotiating power - if they insist on doing it themselves, there's not much the people doing the localization can do about it.
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